As the Synod of Bishops continues throughout the month of October, the lack of voting rights for women participating continues to be an elephant in the room. 

Even as the new guidelines for the Synod allow for two non-ordained religious brothers to vote, the religious sisters present are denied the same right. These qualified women are excluded simply on the basis of biological sex. 

There is no defensible reason for this. So we have partnered with Catholic Women Speak, FutureChurch, New Ways Ministry, Voices of Faith, Women's Ordination Worldwide along with other organizations to create a petition asking the bishops to change this sexist and indefensible practice. 

Will you add your name to our petition and show your support for voting rights for women at the Synod?

We will hand deliver the petition to bishops, cardinals, and all voting members attending the Synod in Rome, as well as to Cardinal Baldisseri, the Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops, beginning October 18th

Sign our petition today and share it with your friends. Women must have a voice and a vote in our Church -- and together, we can make it happen. 
For equality,

Kate McElwee
Executive Director 

P.S. Our #votesforcatholicwomen social media campaign is still going strong! Send us a photo holding your "Votes for Catholic Women" sign and we'll share it.
Our Gender Justice "Intervention" for the Synod

Watch the video: 
"Discerning Women: Voices Outside the Synod" 
Discerning Women panel discussion
Discerning Women panel discussion

The full video of our Oct. 4 "Discerning Women" panel held in Rome is now available online. Listen to the wisdom of panelists Jamie Manson, Paola Lazzarini, Zuzanna Radzik and Jacqueline Straub as they shared their vocations and insight that our bishops so desperately need to learn from. 
International Press Coverage of our Witness in Rome
Photo credit: ORF

Our protest demanding votes for women at the Vatican and our "Discerning Women" panel were widely covered by international press. Check out the round up of the coverage on our website!
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