Dear Friends and Colleagues,
We are delighted to announce our upcoming September 22-24, 2017: "Coda Parts Retreat" right here in the SF Bay Area, with 1.55 RID CEUs for Coda Interpreters!
"This is like a whole year of therapy!"
  Helen Young
Why now?
Due to popular demand to learn more about our Deaf, Hearing, and Coda Parts of our Coda identity, Coda lives, and sometimes our Coda struggle to balance all our worlds, I am bringing the best of 30 years of counseling experience and over 25 years of using "Parts Work" since I founded "Coda Parts" in 1991.

What will we do?
We start at 5pm Friday at a most beautiful Retreat Center north of SF and spend about 20 hours together in a serene and supportive program where we can enjoy six delicious homemade meals with our Coda Family!

I became a therapist to learn what the "counseling wizards" knew about how to be happier and more successful. I summarize a lot of information into this streamlined Coda Parts Program so Codas can feel more empowered with more information about the framework and foundation of Coda Parts development, balance or imbalance, and ways to use your "Coda Manager" who is like the football coach who manages your Coda Parts.

Coda Parts: Foundation and Toolkit?
Codas often feel so relieved once I explain the Developmental Model of how Coda Parts develop. Codas vary Coda to Coda because the Deaf, Hearing, and Coda Parts are similar to the Deaf, Hearing, and Coda people who influenced us in our daily life growing up. This creates the Coda Parts Foundation on which the rest of our life experiences with Deaf, Hearing, and Codas rests on like adding floors to our original Coda foundation of our specific Coda house.
I often describe that I teach "Coda Parts" like the Coda Kindergarten Teacher we all WISH we had when we left our Deaf family homes to start Hearing School but never "got the Coda memo"! We have discovered that Codas often fall into being more in their "Deaf Part", "Hearing Part", or "Coda Part" and can learn from each other ways to be successfully balanced in ALL 3 Parts so we each feel that our Coda "internal engine" is humming on ALL cylinders - what a GREAT feeling!
Also we use Drama Therapy tools to role play our times of internal conflict or turmoil, and by watching Codas act out the various roles, we can learn new ways to handle perpetually frustrating circumstances at home, school, or work.
Example: Dealing with both our Hearing spouses/partners and hearing kids and grandkids and our Deaf aging parents with complicated medical and social needs and lack of accessible services to choose from all at the same time with their deaf friends passing away, reducing their social world, putting more pressure on Codas in mid life yikes!
What is Our Hope for each Coda on this Retreat?
Do you feel you are actually living the life of your dreams? Or do you wonder if you are repeating old Coda patterns and can't seem to find your way to your own personal success at home, school, and work? Our Hope is that we can support each Coda with more  tools to have the Coda life of their dreams!
What is the value I will get from this weekend?
We can't easily find answers to our complicated lives at the library, on TV, or in grad school. It often is by talking to others who share our lifelong experiences, and the guidance of a Coda Counselor who has been working in the field for 30 years, that we can figure out, "Coda style" how to stop repeating dysfunctional patterns and what to do about it.

In addition, being with Codas from young adulthood to their 60s facing retirement, who have lived through so many stages of Coda life, gives everyone the opportunity to share, grow, and give back to each other and expand our collective Coda wisdom. You will each gain a new network of Coda support as you go home.


We are offering high value for 20 hours together which will save Codas a LOT of time and money! If you are trying, like so many Codas, to work with hearing counselors who have no Coda experience or training in all our Coda Parts and the complex situations we try to manage all of our lives, you can spend easily $150 per hour with a hearing counselor who will just listen as you explain the basics. How many Coda tools will you get for 3 hours of counseling? On the other hand, if you take that money and invest in your Coda Parts Weekend, you will receive a road map to Coda Success with a Coda Survival Toolkit that will be priceless!


What if I end up feeling I did NOT get the answers to my personal questions?
We will promise that if you don't get exactly what you are looking for at this Coda Retreat, we can follow up with additional face time coaching sessions to make sure you get on track to living your life happily ever after - Coda style!

Welcome home Codas!
We want you to feel you have arrived to a Coda Oasis designed just for YOU! Let us know how we can make this as easy as possible to register, fly here, and gather in our community of like minded souls and experiences. We want you to feel right at home- - Coda style!
Sheila Jacobs | Doublepride |