Our Sunday worship schedule will be as follows:

  • 8:00am - Rite I spoken Holy Eucharist
If you have already attended a couple of 8:00am services, please consider waiting until later in the week to sign up so others are able to attend.

  •  10:00am - Outdoor Holy Eucharist with music from St. Cecilia Choir and Gathering Band
Unlimited capacity - but please RSVP!

  •  11:30am - Live-streamed Morning Prayer
Feeling unwell? Too hot outside? Someone sick in your household? This service is for you!

Here are important things to note for re-gathering:

  • RSVPs are required for everyone attending an in-person service. This includes musicians, ushers, and anyone else working at a service.

  • Plan to arrive 15-20 minutes prior to the service for check-in and to get situated. Your temperature will be taken upon arrival.

  • Masks are required for everyone 3 years old and over, (though there will not be ‘mask policing' of young children who are learning) including the outdoor service. For the safety of all members, we will not be able to admit you if you are not willing to wear a mask. However, we WILL have masks available if you forget yours!

  • If possible, please download the Service Bulletin to your device before arrival. The information will be in the Sunday Scoop. Bulletins will be available.

  • Send us a note or leave a message at the office voicemail if you need assistance. If you are unable to attend, please email the office so that we can remove you from the list.

  • Physical distancing means no hugging and touching - including “Passing the Peace” and greeting your clergy after services.

  • Seating inside the church will be assigned by an usher. Our capacity will be limited by the 6-foot distance rules. Inside we will have less than a quarter of current capacity. Members of the same family / household / “bubble” will be able to sit together.
Reminders for the 10:00am outdoor service:

  • Bring your own chair or blanket (if the ground is dry). We have about 40 bench seats and a few chairs out, but to minimize chair cleaning issues, please bring your own chair.

  • Please wear comfortable clothes. Shorts and sandals are completely acceptable!

  • If the weather is rainy or wet, the 10:00am service will be cancelled without replacement. There is not sufficient capacity inside nor enough time to do required cleaning.