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November 19

Make today the day that you reach out and express your gratitude to someone. Share your story with us here at #EXPRESS.
Ring in the Holidays with ICF Georgia!
Wednesday, December 2, 2020
6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Members and Non-Members/Guests: FREE

As a guest of the ICF-GA Chapter, we invite you to join us at our annual holiday event as we welcome the holiday season and wave farewell to 2020.

Games, prizes, costumes, and food (yes, real food) await you as we gather our coaching community together to celebrate each other, the Chapter, and our resilience after a very interesting year.
Make sure to wear your most festive holiday gear and prepare to have an extravaganza of fun!
ICF Georgia Coaching Supervision Events
Virtual Monthly Sessions Nov. 2020 – Feb. 2021
Led by Ken Giglio, PCC 

Join us as Ken Giglio, PCC, Principal of Mindful Leadership Consulting, and a certified coach supervisor, leads supervision groups for coaches based on his Tri-Lens Coaching Supervision Model™.
In these experiential sessions, through a live supervision format, participants will have the opportunity to give and receive coaching supervision and experience, through a reflective dialog, and how to view their work through a more systemic lens.

The ICF recognizes coaching supervision as part of a coach’s continuing professional development, and CCEU’s will be counted toward Continuing Coach Education requirements. 
Free for ICF GA Members

Registration for each
individual session is required.

CCEU: 1.5 core
competency per session.

Note: Ongoing coaching supervision is a required practice by European and Australian coaching bodies, and it is also required by a growing number of corporations for coaches to obtain work.

Each session meets via Zoom from 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm.
Thursday, Dec 3, 2020 - - - - all ICF-GA members are welcome.

Tuesday, Jan 12, 2021 - - - - all ICF-GA members who hold a PCC or MCC credential are welcome.

Thursday, Feb 11, 2021 - - - - all ICF-GA members who hold a PCC or MCC credential are welcome.

Pre-work for Group Coaching Supervision:
Please come prepared to present to the group a coaching case or theme(s) from your coaching practice that you are curious about, have questions around, or may be struggling with. Reflect on how this coaching situation is impacting you and your relationship with your coaching client, and also how the system in which the client works might be impacting the coaching engagement.

Ask yourself: What am I noticing? What am I sensing in my body and my surroundings?
Ken Giglio, is principal of Mindful Leadership Consulting, LLC, a leadership consulting and executive coaching firm that partners with executives and teams in global organizations. Ken's executive coaching, consulting, and supervision are focused on "Mindful Leadership," the courage to confront and shift the self-limiting mindsets and behaviors that undermine personal, team, and organizational effectiveness. He develops leaders who are self-aware and agile in the moment -- leaders who are focused on business strategy, building effective relationships, and achieving sustainable performance and results.

Ken holds a degree in Psychology from Fordham University and obtained his Executive Coaching Certification from The Hudson Institute of Coaching. He is also a Certified Coaching Supervisor through the Coaching Supervision Academy (CSA), where he currently works with the faculty team. He is also certified in numerous leadership assessments. Visit Ken's Coaching Supervision Page.
ICF GA’s Virtual Fall Book Club
Emotional Agility by Susan David, Ph.D.

This is not your typical book club! We read books that are applicable to our profession!

Enjoy the opportunity to have biweekly, transformational conversations with a group of your peers. We engage in exercises and discussions; we learn new tools and perspectives, and we have fun doing it.

We want you to join us!

Zoom Meeting Day & Time
9:00 am to 10:00 am EST
Wednesday, December 2: Chapter 8 will be discussed.

Wednesday, December 16: Chapters 9 -11 will be discussed.
Marshall Goldsmith says about this work: “David proves that no one trait is more indicative of success than the ability to collaborate gracefully with your own emotions.”
Book Club Hosts: 
Barbara Davis and Bob Weinkle
Our PURPOSE: The ICF-GA book club exists to further the professional development and expertise of our coaches. Not only does this support our continuing education, but provides a forum for meaningful dialogue on topics important to developing coaching, leadership, and successful life skills.

Our FORMAT: The one hour, facilitated meeting will take place at the scheduled times. We will cover a specific amount of pages in each meeting (you are not required to read the entire book in advance, nor attend all of the meetings).

Simply read the designated pages PRIOR to each book club meeting and attend when you can prepare, discuss and engage.
Your Coaching Community Needs Your Leadership!
Join the 2021 ICF Georgia Board of Directors

ICF Georgia is excited to announce that we are looking for motivated and enthusiastic members to join our leadership team on the Board of Directors, and we invite you to apply for these important positions!
Here are the six (6) available positions.

Serve alongside current President as the successor for fulfilling the President's role in the following year. In this capacity, the President-Elect will acquire the knowledge, skills, and requirements needed to serve effectively in the role. Represent the President as requested.
Onsite Programs Director
The Onsite Programs Director works with Chapter leadership and closely with the Online Programs Director to develop robust onsite Monthly Coaching Programs and Activities. The role includes the review of speaker proposals and selection of qualified professional speakers and coordination of onsite meeting logistics.
Online Programs Director
The Online Programs Director works with Chapter leadership and closely with the Onsite Programs Director to develop a solid virtual curriculum for ongoing education and
state-wide chapter meetings. The role includes the review of speaker proposals, selection of qualified speakers, and facilitation of virtual meetings.

Advertising/Sponsorships Director
The Advertising Sponsorships Director engages with advertisers, sponsors, and strategic alliance partners that align with the activities and interests of the chapter. The role includes close engagement with the Communications and Membership functions to communicate the value of partnering with the Chapter as an advertiser/sponsor.
Membership Director
The Membership Director serves as the conduit between the board and the members by acting as a voice for members. The role regularly engages with current members to build connections and share feedback, as well as increase membership retention and attract new members.
Community Manager
The Community Manager position lives within the Communications function and works closely with the Communications Director to create strategies to raise awareness about the activities and initiatives of the ICF Georgia Chapter to promote membership and community engagement.

Please note that all Board members must be members of both ICF Global and the ICF Georgia Chapter when they assume their board chair position.
Joining the ICF Georgia Board is a wonderful opportunity to engage in the Georgia coaching community, contribute to the education and growth of the profession, stay on the leading edge of upcoming news and events, and foster your own professional development.
Please complete the 2021 Board Application by November 30, 2020.
Don't miss this opportunity to join the leadership team to help expand the coaching profession throughout our community!
Questions? Contact Jennifer Earl, at jaearl66@gmail.com.
Fall Membership Special
SAVE 30%

Fall is here, and it’s time to resume our monthly Chapter meetings, and continue to maintain the connections to each other that are so important right now.
In celebration of the new season that lies ahead for ICF Georgia, we want to recognize just how important you are to the life and energy of this Chapter with a special opportunity.
When you join or renew your membership between September 1, 2020 and November 30, 2020, you will save 30% off the regular annual dues. Your membership doesn’t expire until next year? That’s great! You can still renew now and save 30%.

What this means:
ICF Georgia Members (or current ICF Global members)
Annual membership is reduced from $99/year to $69/year. Use promo code: Fall2020MBR at checkout.
ICF Georgia Affiliate Members (not a current ICF Global member): Annual membership is reduced from $139/year to $97/year. Use promo code: Fall2020AFF at checkout.
If you are not a member and want to join, click here. If you are a member and want to renew, click here.
For more information, please contact Claudia Rossi, Membership Director, at Claudia@RevolutionYouCoaching.com.

November Member Spotlight

Barbara Davis
My Whole Well Life
Describe your business. As a National Board Certified Wellness Coach, I explore well-being through embodied awareness, incorporating three levels of change: intellectual understanding, personal insight and embodied understanding. Personal well-being and growth form the essential foundation for a life of purpose, aligned with our deepest core values.
Who is your ideal client? My clients are people ready to explore integration of head, heart and body as drivers of emotional and physical well-being. We work somatically to explore what it means to live in a healthy, human body, to be emotionally resilient, and to build skills to navigate life’s challenges with grace and ease.
Why are you a member of ICF Georgia? I love having transformational conversations with people who are change agents in the world, committed to their own continuing education and delighted to share insights and perspectives. I have served on the programs committee and am currently host of the ICF book club, with co-host Bob Weinkle.
The word discipline can bring up huge resistance for freedom-loving entrepreneurs! What if discipline isn’t about whipping yourself into a frenzied pressure cooker of non-stop focus and productivity?

What if it looked more like Delightful Discipline? Where you embrace structure, daily rituals, new rhythms AND exquisite self-care.

Incorporating more Delightful Discipline into your day will help get things done in your business that will help expand your success. What you do in your business now – today – will plant seeds for 30, 60 and 90 days into the future.

One way to start adding Delightful Discipline into your day is to bookend your day with morning and evening rituals to help create some soul supporting structure.

Morning Rituals: Creating a morning ritual with your cup of coffee or tea and writing morning pages to help process all that is on your mind (which these days is probably a lot!) This helps free the brain clutter. Then, listen to a favorite podcast or read something inspirational to get the creative juices flowing. This will give you more creative energy to get things done.

Evening Rituals: Light a candle before you retire for the evening, put some calming sleep-inducing essential oils into a diffuser and write a gratitude list. Be appreciative for what is going well in your life, your business and in your day. As much as you might worry about the future possibilities, being grateful in this moment is good for your mind, body and spirit. Bookending with rituals will help trigger that you are beginning and ending your day. Aligning your energy sets the tone for a day filled with more flow and ease and a night filled with nourishing sleep.

Other ways you can add Delightful Discipline to your day -- 9-1-1 rituals: Create a list of things you can do in the moment when the anxiety, doubt or heartbreak gets the best of you. Post the list where you can refer to it when you get in the grip: take a walk, drink water, call a friend, text a lifeline, read something inspirational, look on Facebook for the positive stories that are everywhere. Breathe.

Daily Passion Project: What is the action you can take today to help move your business forward? Make sure you are clear about what projects you can work on, people to connect with, relationships to nurture, programs to design and get ready to market. If you don’t get clear on this then you’ll find yourself wondering what to do and you might default to too much news, falling into an abyss of stuckness and non-action.

Media Boundaries: What is your Healthy Discipline around reading and watching the news? We want to balance being informed, as this impacts the industries and people in the world by loading up our nervous system with more than it can handle. I check in the morning, lunch and the evening. At least that is my goal. On the weekends I am creating free time to not look for hours so I can just be and create… or clean!

Which of these Delightful Discipline ideas are you going to add to your day?

Laura West, CPCC, is a Business Success Coach and Founder of the Center for Joyful Business. She’s also been called, The Coach Whisperer by ICF GA members! She helps align your energy, discover your voice and authentic marketing style to create a meaningful and successful business. Sign up for more creative business success strategies here. Get your free ebook, Daily Flow Rituals here.
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