We are looking for servants to serve in several different ways and places. 
We are putting together a list of servants that would be able and willing to help serve in a variety of ways.  It might be in the form of "handyman" work around the building to helping lead a ministry.  It is really simple to let us know what and where you might be willing to serve.  Click the below "Serve" link and fill out the form.  This will let us know who we might contact to help serve when a need arises.

Non of these serve areas requires a "college degree," in fact, training can and will be provided for any area in which you are willing to serve, but might need a little direction and support.


Half-Time is a gathering for men to enjoy fellowship and discuss topics for Christian growth.  Our fall/winter discussions will be based on a short presentation by Eugene Peterson called,  "Perseverance: A Long Obedience in the Same Direction."  Facilitators will be Chuck Albers, Larry Gill, Mike Keller, and Harold Utley.  We will gather in rooms 9-11 at 8:15 for breakfast and discussion (plenty of room for social-distancing).  We try to dismiss at 9:30 am, and will usually make that goal.  Harold will lead the first gathering on Sept. 19.  

Schedule for upcoming months: 
October 3, 17, 31
November 14
December 5, 19 

Come and join us for food, fellowship, and a fun time as we grow our faith.

"Faith Cloud" - September 20

We don't live our lives alone but we have those that go before us. They enable us to be all that we can be and provide strength to endure whatever comes our way.

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This September we are collecting for Her Time Ministry! Her Time provides for the needs of homeless women and they are welcoming donations to widen their missions. Help transform your community and make a difference in the lives that need you the most.

Below are a few suggested items: (Travel or Sample Sizes ONLY)
  • shampoo
  • deodorant
  • soap
  • toothbrush kits
  • lotion
  • vaseline
  • flushable wipes
  • socks 
Check out our website for more information here: 
www.masonumc.org/hertime. You can always bring items by during our office hours as well: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9 am - 3 pm. 

  • Janet Hamilton's nephew, Chris Carpenter who is 46 years old and received two stents this past Friday. 
  • Sandi and Ed Michaels' son-in-law, Rick who broke his collarbone in 4 places over Labor Day weekend biking.  He will have surgery today.

  • Phil Oliver reports that he is now at home with in-home physical therapy. He is improving daily and is very grateful for our prayers!
  • Dave Eberhardt's father, Charlie, is now home and recuperating from open heart surgery.
  • Mary Ann Sanders' brother, Alton, waiting for a heart valve replacement.
  • Heidi Mori, a friend of Patty Sands who had brain surgery for a tumor confirmed glioblastoma.
  • Donna McBeath for Chelsie who is recuperating from a heart transplant and pneumonia.
  • Connie Smith's daughter, Betsy, diabetes.
  • Harold Utley 
  • Anthony McIlvenna, Tim's father, is awaiting medical diagnosis.
  • Ron Sellers with heart issues. 
  • Jim Roosa is regaining strength in his legs, however he is still having breathing issues. Please continue prayers for Jim and Letty. 
  • Tina Harris' niece, Jenna Elder (7 years old), who has Pilocytic Astrocytoma Low Grade.  

  • Barbara Fitzer's son Larry Holden is fighting a third round of cancer. 
  • Dorothy Russell's sister, Barbie, is in recovery from treatments and hopefully in remission. 
  • Dorothy Russell requested prayers for her niece, Caroline Fuchs.
  • Dee Schuessler requests prayer for Gary Cron.
  • Will Becker
  • Barbara Gibler's friend, Gail. 
  • Rosa's friends, Jim and Karen
  • Suriya Soundari requests prayer for her dad who is in India.  He Has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. 
Remember those who are no longer able to attend worship and their caregivers:
John Bamber; Judy Covert; Kathleen Fearing; Dorothy Gibson; Bill Katenkamp; Kathy Richardson, Jim Roosa, Jerry Wortham

For prayer requests: please email prayer@masonumc.org or call the church office. Thank you!

Mission: Worshipping, connecting, and serving so all may experience life in Christ.

Vision: Moving all people from receiving to also sharing life in Christ.