Seaside's THIRD Annual PARK(ing) DAY is 9/22/18! Spaces are being reserved rapidly! Only a few remain!
(if you have signed up, THANKS and I will get back to you next week with more info!)
 This is a rare opportunity to be creative and fun! Reserve a parking space to join the fun and create a PARK-let. Your PARK-let should be fun and interactive! PARKing Day is an international event where participants take over on-street parking spaces and transform them into non-automotive uses.
Only a few spaces are remaining!
Remember, it's not a "information table" event, its an INTERACTIVE participation exercise. The photos are good examples of PARK-lets. Of course, you may provide information to your visitors along with an interactive activity.

The PARK-lets will be on the north side of the street, all participants will enter from Alhambra (south side) and park on the south side of Broadway.
Saturday, September 22, 2018 from
10AM - 2PM on Broadway
ADJACENT to the Seaside Certified Farmer's Market
LOCATION and map of site
NOTE : PARK(ing) Day will return to Broadway for 2018. The event area is CLOSED to traffic as we are directly adjacent to the Seaside Certified Farmer's Market and will be going on simultaneously . PARK-ing day will be held between Alhambra and Calaveras Streets.

Participants will be allowed to park ONE vehicle perpendicularly on the south side of the street.(Blue areas in map above). In most cases, this will be across the street from your PARK-let No vehicles will be allowed in a PARK-let unless special permission has been given. You MAY utilize the area from the curb to the middle of the street for your PARK-let.
PARK-let spaces are very limited . You MAY utilize the area from the curb to the middle of the street, so there is actually more room than a "standard" parking space for you to use in most cases. Please advise us if you want your PARKlet next to another participant. Spaces WILL be assigned.
Plan on setting up your PARKlet between 8am and 10 so that you will be ready to greet the public at 10am. Unlike previous PARK-ing Days, the street will be CLOSED to traffic. The Seaside Certified Farmer's Market will be setting up in the 600 block and running concurrently . You must enter the PARK-let area from Alhambra.
Parking is limited to ONE vehicle per PARK-let parked perpendicular to the curb on the south side of the street. Please note, it will be in the same block, but your vehicle will NOT be parked next to your PARK-let.
Remember to bring everything you will need to set up your PARKlet (props, table, chairs, etc). Vehicles will not be allowed in and out of the block during the event.

We invite you to visit our neighboring Broadway businesses while you are here and show a little of our world-famous #SeasideLove.
September 22, 2018 - 10 AM - 2 PM - 700 Block of Broadway, Seaside