From Tee to Green and Everything In Between
Volume 8, Issue 2 - June 2021
Golf Etiquette  -  Golf Carts
Some helpful tips for riding in golf carts. These are designed for your safety, and to protect the turf on the fairways and greens.
  • Do not operate golf carts or pull carts on critical play areas, such as aprons and green banks.
  • Rule of thumb: Riding carts should remain at least 30-feet from the greens in all directions, and never between the green and a greenside bunker. 
  • To help keep soil and turf in good condition, avoid rapid starts, stops, sharp turns and wet areas.

Denise's Corner
Hoping for rain... and planting flowers!

Boy, do we need rain! I know I need to be "careful what I wish for", but boy do we need rain. We are down at least 5.5-inches this year and it shows. The ground is just so hard it can't even absorb the half inch we got the other night, which means standing water everywhere! The irrigation system can't keep up with the demand and the 90-degree temps of late didn't help either. Remember if you are watering your lawn or plants, 20 minutes every other day is better than 10 minutes every day. The deeper the water, the deeper the roots!

Edgar & Emily hard at work planting!
We continue to work on the bunkers. So far we have added 103 tons of sand and fixed the drainage in several of them. You might notice a few bunkers have sand that is very soft, but as soon as we get some rain it will start to settle and firm up.

Flower planting is complete for 2021! It's always such a big task to get done before Memorial Day, but we did it! A very special thank you goes to full-time employee Edgar Portillo and newly hired seasonal Emily Peck for their hard work and perseverance planting the 262 flats this year! If you ever wonder what the name of any of the flowers planted just ask the Pro Shop staff, they have a list of flower names and locations.

See you on the course -- happy golfing!
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