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Vol. 11, Issue 3 (November 20/14)
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Business, Labour & Community: Planning for Prosperity!

We need YOU to be a mentor with the Hamilton Immigrant Mentoring Partnership (HIMP) Program

himp logo HIMP is a program that matches internationally trained professionals (mentees) with established professionals (mentors) based on their professional background and work experiences.

We are looking for mentors in all professions and in particular people with experience in healthcare, mechanical and civil engineering, accounting and business administration.

Mentors are asked to make a commitment of a minimum of 18 hours over 3 consecutive months and will provide guidance to mentees to help them increase their understanding of the Canadian workplace, building networks, workplace language and cultural norms.

For more information on becoming a mentor please visit the HIMP.ca website. You can also contact Oliver Pryce, Program Manager at 905-521-5777 or by email at: oliver.pryce@himp.ca
Graduates from fields of study that are associated with lower employment rates are more likely to pursue further education

A recent Statistics Canada survey has released data on the profile, labour market outcomes and student debt of the class of 2009/2010, 2013.

In 2009/2010, 4 in 10 graduates chose to continue their post-secondary education after graduating from their program. A study based on data from the 2013 National Graduates Survey (class of 2009/2010) found that bachelor graduates (49%) were the most likely to have pursued further education, followed by college graduates (35%), master's graduates (32%) and earned doctorate graduates (16%).
Immigrants took the brunt of recession-year turn toward self-employment

Self-employment should be a choice and not a survival strategy for newcomers. It should not be a product of labour market exclusion and social safety net exclusion," said Navjeet Sidhu, a researcher of the study co-authored by Maya Roy and Beth Wilson.

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