featuring your favorite tunes from the 1950s thru '80s!

Performed by 'Dynamite' cast of 30!

Special appearance by


* Groovy costumes! *

* Awesome dances from each decade.*

*Audiences invited to wear far out threads and join us onstage 'Shaking your booty!'

So start brushing up on THE HUSTLE and The BUMP!

Lynne Jackson, beloved musical director of Neverland Theatre for over a decade, returns from California for

six weeks to musically direct our first musical revue with our new comedy troupe that highlights our passion for humor, creativity, and music.

Produced and Directed by

Andy Diskes


Musically Directed by

Lynne Jackson


Production held at

Peabody's Black Box Theater


Casting for Adults, Teens and Children over 9.

(We have a few spots open for well-focused children under 9.)

Here is our cast list so far. There's plenty of room for you!


Special appearance by the Doo-Wop Group, The Quintessentials 

Rina Cerulli

Paula Cohen

Judi Fox Davis

Diane DiSanto

Lou DiSanto

Deb Duratti

Sam Falchek

Susan Ferguson

Steve Gemma

Andria Jo

Barbara Lasovick

Susan Lorenz 

Joshua Madruga

Ethel Marino

Laurie McCracken

Jerri Mitchner

Betsy Nickless

Fritz Ritter

David Scannell

Peter Stewart 

Thinking about joining!:

Sam B.

Jamie C.

Elena R.

M. and K. Smith

Jeannie M.

(If you joined and your name is missing, please let Andy know. Also you will receive an email shortly with deposit/show fee updates.)



SIGN-UPS are underway for our Summer 2024 Musical Revue Production! We would be thrilled to have all levels join us:

Singers / Non-Singers who prefer to sing in group numbers and/or who like to free style dance, read lines when we do TV commercials/skits, hoola hoop or much more!)

Sign ups for: Adults, Teens, Children over 9. (We would have room for a well-focused child under 9. All children under 9 would require a chaperone present.)


Singin' and Dancin' thru the Decades: Music from the 1950's - 80's. (Featuring music from: Top 40 which will include some songs from TV, Movies and Broadway but it will be heavy on the Top 40/pop music of the day.)

Produced and Directed by Andrew Diskes 

Musical Direction by Lynne Jackson: 

Bi-Coastal musician and singer returning LIVE from California! 


There will be four segments featuring 30 minutes each from each decade. Each segment will highlight the more lighthearted songs, dances, fads, commercials and lingo from each decade.

(90 % if the content will be chosen by the third first rehearsal begins.)

We use a combination of high quality background tracks as well as live piano by our musical director, Lynne Jackson.

Signing Up:

If you are interested in signing up, contact Andy Diskes.

A $25 deposit will confirm you are committing to the show then we will know we can begin fitting you into the show. 

The remainder of show fee is due June 1. (If you need a little extra time let us know about that.) Deposit and show fee are non-refundable. 

Just as we did last summer, we hope people will sign up with the same spirit we had which was to look forward to working together to make new friends, working with old ones, putting on a high-quality show and worrying less about what solos/duets are assigned.

If you have been in one of Andy's shows before, most (if not all) will attest that there's usually lots for all to do on stage.

Once you sign up, we will begin considering you for musical numbers. If you have been in a show before and we know your voice, we may be able to assign things before rehearsal begins.

If you are new to us, you could send a video to show off your talents and if we can't assign ahead because we may need to hear you in person on a particular song, we will spend the first two rehearsals making sure to hear everyone on particular songs.

We may assign someone to a song but not able to say yet if it will be a solo or duet or trio/small group. This is all a big puzzle which is fun to put together with people who all have the same. goals in mind, which is to make everyone and the entire show look and sound great on stage.




Show Dates: 

July 12 - 14, 2024 at Peabody's Black Box Theater, 22 Foster St. 

Rehearsal Start Time: 

6pm - 6:15pm is our arrival span of time where everyone gets situated (sharpening pencils / organizing sheet music etc.) 

Rehearsals Begin: 

Thursday, May 30

Rehearsal Days:

Monday and Thursdays 

(We will add a Tues, July 2 rehearsal to take the place of the Thurs, July 4 rehearsal.)

ENDING TIMES at rehearsals up until tech week: 

*Entire Cast until 9pm (Younger cast members can leave in 8pm range until tech week, or another time arranged with director.)

*9pm - 10pm for Solos/Small Groups

Rehearsal Location: 

Rehearsals will be split between The Black Box Theater, 22 Foster St., Peabody, MA and Middleton Senior Center, 38 Maple St., Middleton, MA. (Rehearsals will most likely be more in Middleton than Peabody. This location schedule will evolve as rehearsal begins. Cast members/Parents should feel comfortable traveling to both.) 


If your work prohibits you from arriving at our start time for rehearsals, let Andy know. We are flexible. The same for rehearsals. If you have conflicts (not counting Tech Week which is mandatory) as long as we have them by May 1, we most likely can work around them. Once we begin rehearsals there should be no new conflicts unless there is a family emergency.


If you really want to be in the show but perhaps work nights or can only come once a week for the first month (for example), please let us know your sked, and we will see what we can do.  

Tech Week Schedule at Black Box:

(This is when we put together the show by running in order with sound, lights, costumes, props. Mandatory for cast to be there.)

July Tech Week: 

(We encourage parents of younger children to come earlier than the official pick up time in case we are finished early. Our goal is to be finished with the run thru by 9:15pm and then work with individuals on their songs.)

Sunday, 7 from 4pm - 8:30pm

Monday, 8 from 6pm - 10pm

Tuesday, 9 from 6pm - 10pm

Wednesday, 10 from 6pm - 10pm

Thursday, 11 from 6pm - 10:30pm

Cast Call on Show Days: 

(Cast call 90 minutes before show. Children under 12 would arrive 60 minutes before show. All arrive in first outfit.) 

In between shows, the cast should be back in theater 50 minutes before the start of second show. (Children under 12 need a chaperone in between shows. Cast can eat at the theater and bring in own food, or go out to a neighboring establishment.)


July Show Dates:

Friday, 12 at 7:30pm

Saturday, 13 at 3pm and 7:30pm

Sunday, 14 at 3pm 

Cast Clean up / Strike / Cast Party (after clean up):

Mon, July 15 from 5pm - 8pm: 

Every cast member or one member of family should come to assist for at least an hour.



All funding for our production comes from show fees and ticket sales. A small portion comes from concessions, raffles, ads.

We thank you for participating and helping to support our local theater.  

*The show fee averages out to between $2 - $3 an hour to be involved in the show)

*$25 of each show fee is going to help pay for Lynne's plane ticket. We plan to pay for Lynne's other expenses / musical direction fee by selling approx 125 tix to the show. We also will invite people unable to come to the show to make a small donation if they wish.)

Each Cast Member is responsible for the following:

*For Adults: $125

*For Ages 13 - 17: $150

*For Ages 12 and Under: $200

TIMELINE for turning in Show Fee:

$25 upon signing up.

Remainder of Show Fee due June 1, 2024. 

10 % off of show fee total, if more than one immediate family member is signing up.

All Show Fees are Non-Refundable.


Although we don't have an official amount of tickets you have to purchase, we hope that each cast member can bring 10 audience members to the show, since the majority of the audience comes from the cast. (Tickets are non-refundable.)

We THANK YOU for your interest in helping to support Neverland Theatre!


Ways to Turn in Your Deposit / Show Fee or make a donation:

As we transition from our regular Neverland Theatre (from 1990 - 2023) to a more comedy and older teen/adult group, we are still working out adjusting all of our contact/social media names.

1. VENMO: @NeverlandTheatre30

(8832 is last 4 of phone # for verification)


[email protected] 



20 East St., Middleton, MA 01949

(Checks made out to Andy Diskes)


Email: [email protected] 

Text: 978 500-8832