City of Birmingham, MI
Signage Information for Businesses

For many years we have worked together with local businesses to help them thrive in our city. In an effort to help gain visibility while maintaining high standards, the City established specific requirements regarding size and types of window signage. It has come to our attention that many store's window signage may violate these requirements. Please review the standards below, which specify not only city regulations but also provide tips to help your store attract shoppers.


The current ordinance regulations for window signage: 

  • Businesses on Woodward Avenue can have a maximum area of 18 square feet per frontage;
  • All other businesses in the city get a maximum area of 12 square feet per frontage;
  • The above is true regardless of the width of the store (frontage);
  • There is no permit required for window signage;
  • "Open" signs and store addresses are not included in the area calculation;
  • There is no maximum height or width of the window signage;
  • Window signage may not be illuminated, except for "open" signs;
  • The word "open" may be illuminated. However, "closed" and/or hours of operation may not be illuminated.

In order to create a more appealing streetscape and image for customers/potential tenants, the following window signage guidelines are provided for your consideration: 

  • Solid signs which do not allow people on the street to see into the store are discouraged;
  • Signage should not be attached to the window with tape - affix with suction cups or other forms of non-visible adhesive;
  • Menus should not be posted in windows - put in a frame and display outside the establishment or suspend inside of window;
  • Do not post miscellaneous stickers i.e. AMEX, VISA, etc - everyone knows credit cards are accepted in every store;
  • Window signs should complement window displays and not detract from them - subtle is always better.

Please take the necessary steps to ensure your store meets city requirements. If you have questions regarding this matter, contact Matthew Baka in the Community Development Department at (248) 530-1848.

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