Church Council met on January 12, 2020. To help keep you in the loop, here is a summary of what was discussed during the meeting:
Mark Smith, Church Council Chair welcomed the new 2020 Church Council and new members joining Church Council this year. Your 2020 Church Council list can be found here Rev. Josh Kilbourne provided a devotion focused on Church leadership and the important of discipleship as leaders of the church.  

Josh also updated Church Council on the upcoming February Sermon Series, “Get in the Game,” which will conclude with a ministry fair highlighting ways that everyone can get involved in ministry at Signal Crest, our community and world.  

Jeff Norwood, Treasurer , provided the Treasurer’s report. He highlighted that Signal Crest ended the year in good financial standing. We received $1,017,274 in unrestricted tithes and offerings which exceeded the 2019 budget by $10,363. During 2019, Signal Crest paid its full 10% apportionment payment of $101,727 to the Holston Conference as well as its required payments to the Scenic South District. In addition, Signal Crest was able to pay down our debt by $231,000 from the net proceeds of the sale of the Arrow Drive parsonage.   
On behalf of the Finance Committee, Marti Wayland provided an overview of the roles and responsibilities for the Finance Team and Finance Committee. The Finance Team is composed of the Finance Chair, Financial Secretary, Accounts Payable Manager and Treasurer. The team is assisted by certified public accountants in the congregation who have volunteered to lend their expertise. This team is responsible for money coming in, money going out, monthly disbursements and reporting. The Finance Committee is a broader scope of individuals tasked with stewardship of the church’s financial resources, creating policies and procedures, providing for an annual audit and creating and approving a general budget.  

On behalf of Staff Parish, Penny Selman updated Church Council on the open part-time Accountant position. At this time, Staff Parish is delaying hiring an Accountant for a 3- month period. This will allow time for the current financial team to work together to assess any potential gaps that the current financial team may have. If any gaps are identified at any point within the 3-month period, SPR has a plan to address the gaps. 

On behalf of Stewardship, Kirby Johnson reported that the stewardship campaign resulted in pledges of $668,604.32 for 2020 – approximately $20,000 more than in 2019. Stewardship noticed no discernible negative impact to moving the 2020 campaign back to the traditional fall timeline.  

On behalf of the Vision team, Colin Johnson reported that plans are underway to review the current vision and make any necessary adjustments. A group of individuals has been invited to an upcoming focus group to determine successes, gaps and where plans can be merged as we continually focus on ensuring the vision is on target to meet our objectives and in line with Signal Crest.  

On behalf of Trustees, Colin Johnson reported that Greg Cullum was elected Chair of Trustees for 2020. Trustees met before Church Council and discussed existing physical needs of the church. Work days will be scheduled soon to take care of some of the needs. In addition, Jeff Kelle is forming a temporary Endowment Committee to review our current endowment and look at how Signal Crest can better promote and utilize planned giving.  

On behalf of Preschool, David Tonahill reported that the state assessment is March 3 and the Preschool Board is working with Trustees to ensure an issue with the playground fence is addressed before the assessment.  

Rev. Josh Kilbourne provided an update regarding the upcoming General Conference for the United Methodist Church that will take place May 5-15. Josh is an alternate delegate and will be in attendance at General Conference. The United Methodist Church has recently been in the news due to a proposal to General Conference for a split of the denomination. No split has taken place yet and this proposal is just one of several being presented at General Conference. You can read more about that in an email from Pastor Josh and Bill to the congregation on January 3 here and you can follow United Methodist Communications here to stay up to date.  

In Partnership,
Mark A. Smith
Chair, Church Council
P.S. The next Church Council meeting will be February 23 at 6:30 pm in the Interpreter’s Room.  
The approved minutes from the November 3 meeting may be found by clicking here .

Church Council is the governing board for Signal Crest business and is made up of representatives from all ministry areas of the church, lay leaders, committee chairs, and at-large members. Your 2020 Church Council representatives can be found by clicking here .

To better understand the governance of both the United Methodist Church and Signal Crest UMC, please click here for more information.