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October 2023 Newsletter

A Message from Matthew H. Maschler

Real Estate Broker

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Welcome to the October edition of the Real Estate Finder Newsletter.

October is one of my my favorite month of the year in South Florida. The weather is starting to cool off a little, and early morning walks are back without the heat and sweat of the Summer, yet it is not as busy or crowded as “Season” has not started yet.

Those of us in the real estate business are seeing an uptick in Buyers making showing appointments as people return to the area. The team here at Signature Real Estate Finder is excited to show available properties and highlight the unique opportunities this changing season brings to the real estate market. 

I am excited to announce that this October marks another exciting milestone. On October 10, 2023 we celebrate the 100th Episode of the Real Estate Finder Podcast and I would love for you to join us for Drinks, Light Bites and Networking:

Tuesday, October 10th

5:30-7:00 pm


295 SE Mizner Blvd. #44

Boca Raton, FL

I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter as much as I did creating it. We have lots of great information, links and events. I hope to see or hear from you soon.


Rachel & Robert Gleichenhaus

Robert and Rachel Gleichenhaus are the real estate "Power Couple" who truly embody the "We Live Here. Work Here. Play Here" lifestyle in sunny Boynton Beach, Florida.

Robert and Rachel are more than just licensed REALTORS; they are a dynamic duo with extensive marketing backgrounds spanning both digital and traditional realms. Their approach to selling homes is as unique as their backgrounds. In today's digital age, where everyone carries the Internet in their pocket, they craft tailor-made marketing strategies for each property, combining Robert's 17 years of Internet Marketing expertise with Rachel's 20+ years of traditional marketing experience. As buyers' agents, they form an unbeatable team, tirelessly working to secure the best price and terms for your real estate investments.

Beyond the real estate world, Robert and Rachel have called Boynton Beach their home for over 18 years. They are not just residents but active members of the community, raising two beautiful children who are deeply rooted in the local culture. From PTA meetings to cheering on young athletes on the baseball and softball fields, their involvement is both heartwarming and inspiring. Robert even serves on the East Boynton Beach Little League Board. They are proud members of the Signature Gives Back committee, the charitable arm of The Signature Real Estate Companies, reflecting their commitment to making Boynton Beach an even better place for all.

With a keen understanding of the diverse neighborhoods and lifestyles Boynton Beach has to offer, they are your ultimate guides to finding the home of your dreams, whether it's your first step into homeownership or your next adventure.  

Rachel & Robert Gleichenhaus

Signature International Premier Properties

9080 Kimberly Boulevard

Boca Raton, FL 33434

[email protected]

(561) 827-3982

[email protected]

(813) 789-8852



Robert & Rachel with their son Casey in Cooperstown, NY. Casey just hit his first HR!

Realtors and Coaches. Robert & Rachel show off their Signature jerseys before a game at East Boynton Beach Little League.

Preferred Partner Showcase

Stacey Fugere

Stacey is a highly sought after Travel Advisor and the marketing manager for Boca Express Travel.

Travel has always held a special place in Stacey’s heart. When her mother asked her to join their small but growing travel agency, Stacey jumped at the chance. She has helped grown the agency from 6 travel agents to 54!


Stacey and her husband, also in the travel industry, have made a niche for themselves leading group cruises and tours around the world. Her first group tour was a beer themed cruise through the Dutch and Belgian waterways. Her upcoming tour is a Christmas Markets cruise through Germany, France and Switzerland. 

She also specializes in family travel, a side-effect of traveling with her young children from the time they were born. Her kids especially love Caribbean cruises close to their home in South Florida.


Stacey has developed an annual Travel Expo that brings in Cruise, Tour and Hotel vendors from around the world. Clients and potential clients are invited to visit the three-hour whirlwind event to get ideas for future travel and learn more about different types of vacation experiences.


One of Stacey’s favorite things is receiving pictures from her (and the office’s) clients as they travel. It’s very rewarding to see her hard work translate to smiling faces and glowing comments. Call Stacey when you are ready to plan your next vacation. Her team at Boca Express travel are waiting for you.

Stacey Fugere

Boca Express Travel 

8177 Glades Road, Suite 14

Boca Raton, FL 33434 

(561) 451-4511 

[email protected] 


Stacey and Dan Fugere

Stacey and family

Ask Matt

Dear Matt, 

I just had the home inspected on a house that I am buying. How do I know if it passed?

Yours Truly,

A Buyer

Dear Mr. Buyer, 

If you are using the Florida Realtor “As-Is” Contract, the most popular contract in Florida, the house does not pass or fail. Rather, the inspection is a time for the Buyer to take a detailed look at the house, really get to know it, and the condition, and decide if they want to buy it or not. Within the inspection period the Buyer can decide to either go through with the purchase…. or cancel the contract. A third alternative, the Buyer can use this time to negotiate a credit with the threat of cancelling the contract as leverage.  The house can be falling down, on fire, infested, and as long as the Buyer wants to buy it, the parties can move toward closing.






Rare One-Acre Waterfront Lot


Contact Barbara Lofaro

(561) 302-5420

[email protected]



Elegantly Remodeled Two Bedroom Plus Den with Sleek and Bright Finishes Seller is offering a $25,000 credit towards Boca Woods Golf Membership

2BR + Den/ 2BA

Contact Jill Glanzer

(561) 208-3334

[email protected]



Captivating Lake House w/ Breathtaking Views


Contact Sara Van Kirk

(954) 993-0042

[email protected]



Charming Corner Unit on First Floor

2BR / 2BA

Contact Sara Van Kirk

(954) 993-0042

[email protected]



Tastefully Updated 55+ Condo


Contact Michelle Martinez

(561) 901-5412

[email protected]

Barcelona Condo



Design-Ready Mixed- Use in Heart of Miami

2,537 SF

Contact Jill Glanzer

(561) 208-3334

[email protected]



Beautiful Two-Story Courtyard Estate Home

6BR / 6.1BA

Contact Nemid Schapira

(561) 702 - 8760 [email protected]



Contemporary & Tranquil Estate Home

5BR / 4.1BA

Contact Jill Glanzer

(561) 208-3334

[email protected]



The Signature Real Estate Finder team celebrating Preston Smith’s Birthday

Neil "The Heel" Glazier presenting an autographed Cruiser Weight Champion picture for Wendy Maschler's 50th Birthday

Matthew Maschler, Mark Long, Janessa and

Josh Cougler at Challenge Mania

Jamie Riley and Matthew Maschler at an inspection of a beautiful intercoastal home

Sara VanKirk crushed her 1,000th class at F45 East Boca

Preston Smith entertaining patrons at the Soulful Steep for the live recording for Deco Drive.

Neil "The Heel" Glazier, Brittany Glazier, Jakoby Ryan and his wife Katie Southwick at Boca’s Ballroom Battle 


Noah Kahan's dog Penny went on stage during the opener because she wanted people to play with her

   Upcoming Events 

Please join me Tuesday October 10, 2023 5:30 pm at Podpopuli

295 SE Mizner Blvd #44,

Boca Raton, FL 3343

As we celebrate the 100th episode of the Real Estate Finder Podcast

Discount Code: BDAY

Discount Code: Jericho

Check out the Real Estate Finder Podcast!

New agents AND experienced agents, I highly recommend listening to our podcast because we cover all sorts of topics that you will definitely find both interesting and entertaining, even when we weren’t trying to be funny or educational. Our experiences are extremely relatable and you might get insight into how to find your own solutions based on one of our episodes. Plus, we want to hear from you! Let us know what you want us to cover, explain, discuss or define. There are so many moving parts in real estate. It would take a decade to discuss everything. What do you find extremely rewarding in our industry? What is your pet peeve? Have you ever wanted to quit real estate? What kept you going? Let us know. Please join us for our 100th episode! And if you’re up for it, come on our show! We do have as much (probably more!) fun as it sounds like we are having. ~ Staci Garcia 

Visit www.RealEstateFinder.com/Podcast to get the latest insider information on market trends, and some of the tips, tricks, and techniques needed to make smart decisions and get the very best from this and any market!For additional questions or inquiries about the podcast please contact Staci Garcia at 561-239-1449 or [email protected]

We are hiring!

Looking for Licensed Agents and those interested in obtaining their Real Estate license.

Signature Real Estate Finder is looking for savvy, enthusiastic agents to join our team. If you know anyone who is interested in a career in Real Estate please let us know!

Want to get your Real Estate License? Check out www.SignatureRSVP.com and when asked "How did you hear about our Company/School” please select "Family/Friend" and enter my name "Matthew Maschler" when it asks "Who can we thank for the referral."

Already licensed? Please call or email 561-208-3334 or [email protected]

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Please join me Tuesday October 10, 2023 5:30 pm at Podpopuli

295 SE Mizner Blvd #44,

Boca Raton, FL 3343

As we celebrate the 100th episode of the Real Estate Finder Podcast

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