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There are so many exciting and new things happening at Sid Dickens that we decided to dedicate an entire email to highlight them.

Crafted Decor has been carrying Sid tiles for almost 20 years and we certainly appreciate the loyalty of our Sid Dickens collectors. Being a top retailer, Crafted Decor has qualified for ONE shipment of tiles to be signed by Sid Dickens (limited quantity). If you would like to take advantage of this exclusive event, visit us in store to see the available selection ($130.00 + tax).

Sid Dickens is also releasing a new Fall collection as well as a Special Occasion collection which will be highlighted below. Also below is a NEW list of retiring tiles; for those of you who don't know - Sid breaks the mold on retired tiles - be sure to grab your favourite tiles before they are no longer being made.

About Sid Dickens...

Whether hung on a wall or placed on a stand, Sid Dickens tiles are a permanent sentiment always on display. Each tile is handmade in Canada (of plaster and wood) and painted by different artists before each tile is complete. You will notice that no two tiles are exactly the same because of this.

Start someone on a meaningful collection than with a special tile from Sid Dickens NEW Commemoration Collection or the NEW Special Occasion Collection. Any one of these tiles would make a wonderful gift. The entire collection features many personal messages that suite and mark different occasions or conjure a special memory that would make them ideal for your own collection.

Limited Edition Retailer Exclusive

Sid has decided to release a special collection of four Limited Edition Memory Blocks available exclusively to ALL retailers WORLD-WIDE. 
  • Once the 300 pieces of each style are sold, the design will be retired and will no longer be available to order.
  • These exclusive blocks will be signed by Sid and will be marked with a seal of authenticity. 
  • Please call the store (or come in) with a payment to secure your selection. At the time this email, the online auction has not occurred, therefore quantities of each tile are not yet known for Crafted Decor
  • MSRP $200+tax
Sid Dickens
Sid Dickens
Watch as tile T453 Jewel is being painted...

NEW this Fall...

With a fighting spirit,
be fearless in life's pursuits.
Cashew Apple
Unique natural beauty,
bearing fruits for all.
Respected and held in the highest esteem; 
the product of integrity and truth.
Creating memories with open doors and arms; 
offerings of friendship and hospitality.
Cosmopolitan Flower
Sophisticated and refined,
you are of glamorous character.
Expression without words, 
connecting the soul through music.
Opening the doors to endless possibilities,
you never know what will come next...
Calla Lily
White flower standing so elegantly, 
embracing the purity of nature's soul.
Through life's journey and all its trials,
you emerge strong and beautiful.
Grateful for all the goodness in the world,
appreciative of all the blessings in life.
Wise One
The revered lotions and potions,
we await her historical recipe for healing.
Until the end of time,
you will always be in my heart.
Hanukkah Menorah
Reviving tradition and faith,
may this miraculous flame light up our homes and hearts.
Pieces destined to fit together, 
making us one and complete.
We know... its too early to think about Christmas...BUT

We wanted to give our customers a chance to order a signed tile from the Christmas collection for that someone special, or even for yourself.

Psssst... these holiday tiles will also retire on November 30, 2018
(this is earlier in the holiday season than usual)

Father Christmas
Here he comes!
An annual tradition,
bringing good cheer and joy to all.
With the birth of Jesus,
they gazed down through the light
of humility and wisdom.
Shining red berries and evergreen leaves,
bringing good luck and protection
to the home.

November 30, 2018...


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