March 15th, 2022 Vending Technology News
Retail vending has to change in the 2020s as consumers are expecting vending machines to be open 24-7 with the foods and beverages that they want, while accepting the payment methods that they have in their purse or wallet.

Thanks to Signifi Spark series vending machines, operators can offer their customers more than a vending machine that just accepts cash, card, or coin. These vending machines are an intelligent, and offer ‘customer-first’ solutions that will help you to create an awesome customer experience based on the location, product, and goals of the machine. 

A Signifi Spark Series vending machine is the closest that you will come to having an employee working for you 24-7 because the reliable elevator-based system will transform your entire customer experience. 

Having the right unattended payment application is essential. Consumers want to have the convenience of purchasing items 24-7, with cashless, touchless options. 

KioSoft is an ideal payment solution because it has an Ultra VX reader, and a MDB interface, plus it can also be integrated with standard vending machines, coin pulse, and non-vending environments including: car washes, parking, air & vac, amusement, micro markets and coffee service.

One of the keys to success with a micro-market is choosing the right cooler, and depending on the space where your micro-market is placed, you may be only able to place one cooler at that location.

With CoolBlu, you can place food or beverages in the cooler, while having peace of mind in knowing that those items will be able to stay fresh, and your customers will always be able to buy the products that they want. 

Easy To Use Cooler 
Built by Chicago-based Premium Product Group, this cooler also offers state of the art controls that can easily be used to program the correct temperature. The locking system incorporates Blutooth technology so that the number of door openings and length of time that the cooler has been without power can be tracked remotely.  

Searching for an unattended payment terminal for your vending or micro market business? If so, Castles Technology, a leading manufacturer in the global payment industry, offers the solutions that your business needs. 

Thanks to Castles Technology, unattended payments are easy because the company offers four different terminals to choose from that make it possible for consumers to swipe and go; regardless if you own a vending, micro market or another consumer-facing business.  

Since starting their company in 1993, Castles Technology has been a leader in the financial services industry and they’ve established a global footprint thanks to their offices in USA, China, Singapore, Japan, China, Italy, and Spain. 

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