Signing Day

We are looking forward to beginning the 2021-2022 season with our Signing Day July 18th! We are honored & thankful for those returning to 360 Volleyball Club and extremely excited to welcome our new players and families to the club! 

If you and your player have accepted a position on a 360 Volleyball team, there is some important information we need to share regarding next steps. The steps below are needed to help solidify your team spot.

1. Signing will occur online only. You do not have to come in person to sign your team offers. Official Team Offers will be sent via email through the North Texas Region's Online Commitment System (OCS). You must accept your offer by 8am on Sunday, July 18th. If you have difficulty, please call 205-530-6145 or email

If you do not accept your offer OR we do not hear from you by 9am, we will assume you are trying out at another club and your spot may be forfeited to another player who would like to join the team.


1. Online Commitment System (OCS) – OCS will be used to ensure the offer and acceptance by both the Club & Athlete. The OCS will provide real-time status of athletes so that clubs can ensure they are not in violation of the Offer & Acceptance Policy.
A. If you are new to club volleyball OR new to our region you must "Add New Player" in the Online Commitment System (OCS). This must be done immediately. This is required by our Region.

B. If you are NOT new to club volleyball or NOT new to our region, you must "Verify" your email address. This needs to be the same email address listed in Sports Engine. If you’d prefer to use a different email please let us know by sending your player’s team name and email address to

2.  OCS Offer Emails - Sunday, July 18th after midnight each player’s parent will receive an email with an official team offer. You must accept the offer to solidify your affiliation with 360 Volleyball.  This must be signed by 9am, July 18.  If you do not receive an email please call or email us immediately so we can resolve the issue. If you do not accept your OCS offer OR we do not hear from you about any issues you are experiencing, we will assume you are trying out at another club and your spot may be forfeited to another player in search of a team.  

If you've received a verbal offer you do not have to appear in person. All documents can be signed electronically.
3.  Ground.Work is a team account management company which allows parents to make their deposits and set up automatic monthly payments online. Parents will receive a link via email to create their Ground.Work account. You'll be able to make your season deposits via a payment link no later than July 19. The pre-set monthly payment due date is the 1st of each month. However, if your payment due dates needs to change, we are able to accommodate.

If you need to adjust a payment due date, please reference this help article: 
I need to change the payment amount or due date. What do I do? You'll be able to request payment arrangements for the season via the Ground.Work application.

You'll receive an email with a link to setup your account. If you need help setting up your Groundwork account, please email

4.  SignNow is a cloud-based company which allows us to obtain electronic signatures on documents via parents' mobile devices or desktop. Parents may receive team related documents after tryouts that require Signatures via SignNow.

5. Tryouts vs Onboarding Clarification
  A. Players who DID register for Tryouts are NOT required to complete an Onboarding Registration.

  B. If you did NOT register for Tryouts, you WILL be asked to complete an Onboarding Registration at a later date.

  C. Only one registration is required, not both.

There are costs associated with building teams which includes court fees, coaches stipends for clinics/tryouts as well as ensuring all players and/or parents are processed into the various rostering and tournament systems. The Tryout or Onboarding fee ensures we are able to meet our team building obligations. Also In order to properly assign players to a team in Sports Engine they must be tied to a Sports Engine registration.

6. Uniform Fitting will be held August 15 at The Arena in Arlington!
More Details to Come!

Thank you for choosing 360 Volleyball Club!
Colleges in Attendance
Angelo State University
University of Denver
University of Texas at San Antonio
Stephen F Austin
Charleston Southern University
Tarleton State University Volleyball
Oklahoma Baptist University
Texas A&M Commerce
Louisiana Tech University
Ottowa University
East Central Oklahoma
University of West Alabama
University of Arkansas at Monticello
North Carolina A&T
University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
University of Louisiana at Monroe
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
St. Edward's University
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