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Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign!

The new Open Carry law now in effect brings with it new signage requirements in order to prohibit the open carry of handguns. Texas Law Shield Independent Program Attorney Edwin Walker gives an overview of the new 30.07 sign that prohibits open carry and how it differs from the 30.06 sign that prohibits concealed carry of handguns. To avoid breaking the law, know the difference!

"Why Do I Carry This Book While On Duty?"

Fifteen-year law enforcement veteran and firearms instructor Trent Lozano explains that this book is such an important tool, he carries with him on duty. If you own or carry a firearm, he encourages you to have this book as a reference—he does!

Are you up-to-speed on the new gun laws now in effect? Are you willing to bet your freedom on it? The 2016-2017 edition of Texas Gun Law: Armed And Educated is now available, with more than 50 pages of newly-added content explaining the monumental changes in Texas firearms laws approved in the 2015 legislative session, including Open Carry and Campus Carry. Not knowing the law (or simply thinking you do) can land you on the wrong side of the law. Don’t make that mistake.

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The laws regarding firearms can be complex and confusing. Not knowing the law (or only thinking you know the law) may just land you in hot water. Stay updated on the latest gun law. Click here to register for a seminar or workshop and bring a friend.