SikaAxson US, a division of SikaAG, is the leading supplier of advanced technologies in the tooling and composites sector. Our Marine products are some of the most technologically advanced marine systems on the market. We manufacture top quality epoxy laminating and infusion systems, polyester repair fillers, epoxy and polyester fairing materials, and state-of-the art extrudable epoxy modeling paste for a wide variety of marine applications. 
SikaAxson US proudly manufactures the following brands:

Epoxy Laminating & Infusion Systems
  • Ideal for marine composite parts and structures by laminating or infusion techniques
  • UV-resistant systems available
  • Suitable for use with glass, Kevlar, and carbon fiber
  • Excellent mechanical properties
Our recently released Infusion Epoxy System, ProInfusion:
  • Offered with a choice of 4 hardeners: 3 for room temperature and 1 for high temperature projects
  • Enables the mixing and matching of the hardeners to tailor the reactivity and Tg to the needs of the specific project
Polyester Fillers & Fairing Compounds
  • Styrene-free and FAR 25.853a fillers available
  • Long shelf lives and batch-to-batch consistency
  • Products for marine usage above & below waterline
  • Applications include filling porosity, fairing large FRP surfaces, and finishing/repair of parts and molds
Epoxy Filling & Fairing Compounds
  • Used for fiberglass, wood & metal hull structures
  • Systems for bulk and final fairing
  • For use above and below the waterline
  • Easy to sand, blush free, excellent sag resistance
Epoxy Paste
  • SC 175 and SC 390: reduce time to mold / part production with single layer application and excellent surface quality
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Improved dimensional accuracy and stability
  • Low dust and easy to machine
Polyurethane Modeling Boards
  • Labelite™ foam boards, with density ranging from 5 to 28 lb/ft³ have very fine cell structure and are ideal for large dimensional models, design models, and tool path checking
  • MP-1055 Model Plank®, 41 lb/ft³, is a non-abrasive board with good surface finish used for master models, plugs, mock-ups, and prototypes
  • Pourable resilient mast chock that seals and supports the mast at the partners
  • Ensures secure and correct mast position at the partners all season long
  • Dramatically reduces leaks at the partners
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