You may have missed a significant announcement last week.

The Liberals announced that they are giving $20 million this year to help International Planned Parenthood provide more abortions overseas.

If you missed it, it wasn’t because the Liberals tried to hide it. They’ve been pre-positioning it for weeks. 

Rather, it is because Conservatives, as Opposition, are saying nothing.

I recognize that there are differences of opinions on topics like abortion, but this announcement should raise many concerns:

  • Couldn’t this $20M be used to pay back some of the benefits the Liberals took away from our soldiers
  • How can this government justify $20M – with indications it will be even more in the future – to help fund abortion overseas, while they rack up billions and billions here at home in debt?
  • The Liberal government is aligning itself against our US neighbours by funding Planned Parenthood. What ramifications will this have on our relationship with our most important trading partner?

Our relationship with the US, fiscal management and benefits to our military. These are all issues that matter to conservatives.

As the Official Opposition, our Party needs to speak up and hold the Liberals to account – and we must be fearless in speaking out on sensitive topics.

I want to build a big, vibrant Conservative Party that welcomes many people from many different backgrounds -  and I want social conservatives to be part of the team so their voices will be heard at the table.

When life issues are “out of bounds” for us as Conservatives, the Liberals are able to implement their agenda without any accountability or challenge.

Liberals don’t run from life issues. Neither should we. 

Commentators in the media, and even some within our own Party, want the debate on life issues shut down. Their typical talking point is that Canadians don’t care about these issues.

Please donate today to show them that they are wrong - that Canadians do care about life!