Volume 2.0 | November 2017
  Silicon Insights

For a typical design there may be some design corners where ATPG tool/algorithm may find hard to generate patterns for fault detection. This leads to loss of coverage or increase in pattern count. Read more,,,
The Layout team encounters always the challenge of being the last in the chip design flow – so everything that is late or missed ahead in the design flow, falls on the layout team to “save the day”   Read more ...

Chip stocks closed in record territory after this year’s gains pushed the Philadelphia Semiconductor Index beyond levels not seen since the peak of the technology bubble more than 17 years ago. Read More...
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Changing Dynamics in the Semiconductor Industry

Sankalp Keynote presentation at D&R IP-SoC Shanghai
16nm IO Solution

  • Compliant with ANSI/TIA/EIA-644- A-2001 and IEEE 1596.3-1996 Standard for LVDS Scalable Coherent Interface architecture
  • SVT, LVT devices for operation under both core & IO supply

Mixed Signal Design Services

  • Power Management 
  • Data Converters
  • Clocking Systems
  • Interface Solutions
  • Mixed Signal Modeling
  • Mixed Signal Verification

 About us

Sankalp Semiconductor offers an integrated portfolio of services and solutions to its customers in key semiconductor domains including digital, analog, high-speed physical interface IP, Embedded Memory Compiler and EDA modelling. Sankalp Semiconductor is a preferred semiconductor design service partners to multiple Fortune 500 companies in the Automotive, Consumer, Networking, wireless, IoT and Medical electronics and Foundry space. The company enables its customers achieve their time-to-market window by delivering first pass silicon designs and engage with product engineering teams across the globe to design System-on-Chip. Sankalp Semiconductor is based in Sunnyvale, California, with multiple development and services centers and offices in India, USA, Canada and Germany.
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