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March 4, 2018

Want more business? Go to a Chamber of Commerce mixer!

March Mixing Mantra (repeat 3 X):

March Mixing Makes Me More Money...
March Mixing Makes Me More Money...
March Mixing Makes Me More Money...

Be "In the Know" 

  • Go directly to each Chamber's website
  • Once there find the 'calendar' or 'events' link
  • Plan your week or month ahead
  • Follow link below for your chamber's Events!

Mixing will Increase your business. 
The Chamber Link is where you plan on it!

All Chamber Ambassador Rally 2019, March 7 & 8

Corporate Training Solutions

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51st Annual Celebrate Campbell, March 16

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Business Expo and Mixer, March 21

California Artisan Cheese Festival , March 23 & 24

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2019 Spring Wine Walk, May 4

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Comcast Business

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