December 2018 

 Let Silk help in the Rejuvenation 
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EltaMD Sunscreen Line
Silk Carries the Complete EltaMD line of sunscreens and skincare

Decollette Pre  Icon IPL
Decollette Post Icon IPL
Frown No More!!! Dysport works in as quickly as 2 days!
Tear Trough Correction
            Under Eye Hollows/Tear Trough Correction               
After pic is post 3 treatments of Sculptra

Radiesse can immediately:

*Volumize mid-face or sunken cheeks

*Define your jawline

*Fill sunken temples

 *Rejuvenate hands

1ml Restylane to glabella
Imagine, No More Shaving  or Razor Rash
Hair-Free; Care-Free

Our Lasers Are safe on All Skin Types.  
Imagine, No More Shaving,
 Ingrown Hairs or Razor Rash
Silk offers the Fastest, most Effective Laser Hair removal on the market using the Palomar Vectus. Be Hair Free in under 30 minutes per session!

Joseph A Astaphan, MD

Get Your Energy on with a B12 injection just  $20
Improve cellular functions,
 better sleep, 
helps depression, and so much more...

EltaMD Sunscreen and Skincare
Providing sunscreens for active, healthy lifestyles and post medical procedures

Brand New UV Replenish SPF 44 
                                                  *100% physical actives- chemical FREE
                                                  *40 minutes water resistant
                                                  *Oil free, moisturizing hyaluronic acid

At Silk Laser, we carry the entire line of EltaMD sunscreens for face 
 and body,  as well as, their moisturizers and face wash

 Selphyl PRFM, platelet rich fibrin matrix,

 for Facial Rejuvenation 
as well as Hair Restoration in as little as 3 sessions.

$675 per vial  Holiday Special 2 vials for $1100

For Hair restoration patients receive 20% of a 3 month supply of  Nutrafol vitamins

Call 954-462-7455 or text to 954-554-5364 to schedule

MicroNeedling/CIT Collagen Induction Therapy featuring the DermaPen3 MD

Now, get the benefits of Stem Cells and Growth Factors without having to get any blood drawn!
Ask about adding an AnteAGE Stem Cell/Growth Factor Booster 
to your micro needling  treatment and take home kit!
What Can MicroNeedling Do for YOU?  It can help treat:

 Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Acne Scars, Improve Texture of the Skin, Decrease Pore Size, 

Improve Surgical Scars & Stretch Marks in as few as 3 sessions
Call to get a customized package today and start improving your area/s of concern. 
Packages are paired with stem cell products to increase improvement. 
Call to for details and to schedule a treatment 954-462-7455 or text to 954-554-5364
Laser Rejuvenation
Start  LOVING  Your Rejuvenated Skin with these Specials

Remove old sun damage d skin, refine pore size, increase collagen,
 diminish fine lines, and remove spider veins with our state of the art lasers

Apogee Elite LaserFacial
Full Face $275  (reg. $375) 
purchase a package of 3 for $725  (savings of $400)

  2 Laserfacials and 1 Icon Photofacial for $725  (savings of $375)

Icon PhotoFacial/Photo Rejuvenation
At Silk, we can undo years of sun damaged skin, pigmented lesions 
and unwanted spider veins in as little as 3 treatments

                        Individual sessions PhotoFacial of full face or décolleté Special $300 
(reg. $350)
3 treatment package of either full face or décolleté for $750  (savings of $300)
5 treatment package of either full face, décolleté, neck or hands for $999  (only 1 area per  treatment )
1 session full face and décolleté $495   
3 treatments of full face and décolleté for $1300  (savings of $800)

__________________________________________________________________________ _

Leave the Crow's Feet to the birds...
No More Angry, Furrowed Brows
Botox  $12 per unit injected by a Board Certified MD  

Crows feet are typically 25 units for both eyes
between the brows range from 20-30 units
Foreheads average between 12-20 units
*Join for savings on Allergan products.
There must be a minimum of 90 days between Botox treatments to be able to use or redeem Brilliant Distinctions coupons/rebates
*Ask about  Silk's Botox referral program
Book your appointment now 954-462-7455
Your are 15 minutes away from being line and wrinkle free

Dysport  $3.75 per unit 
Save an instant $75 off 100 or more units injected
Always injected by an MD
Smooth away years of forehead lines, eye wrinkles and furrowed brows 
*Get $20 off just for registering with Aspire Rewards 
*There must be a minimum of 90 days between Dysport treatments to be able to use or redeem Aspire Rewards coupons/rebates. 
*Ask about Silk's Dysport referral program
Call to schedule your appointment now 954-462-7455 or text to 954-554-5364
Bio-Stimulants/Dermal Fillers

With  Silk's  Saving s , it's easy to give yourself the gift of full correction.
Did you know that Dr Astaphan specializes in tear trough, also know as, under eye, orbital  hollows, correction 
using an advanced cannula technique?  Call now to see if you are a candidate. 
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Sculptra® Aesthetic
Discover anti-aging for the modern age.
Sculptra, a multi-session biostimulant, gradually allows your body to create your own collagen giving you a more youthful appearance without making you look like you've had a procedure. 

Make time for Yourself
Great for the face, crapy upper arms, knees, and décolleté. 

1 vial $650 (reg. $700)

The Silk Butt Lift with Sculptra: a nonsurgical treatment 
to lift and volumize your buttocks  
Patient's new to  get $20 off just for registering 
 Call now for details and to schedule a complimentary Consultation 954-462-7455 or text to 954-554-5364


Revanesse® Versa

It's time for a Renewed and Improved YOU

Injected by a Board Certified MD Specializing in Aesthetics

Versa is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler

$575 for 1ml 

Save an instant $50 when you download the Prollenium Elite in the App Store

CALL NOW FOR A FREE CONSULTATION 954-462-7455 or text to 954-554-5364

Fill sunken temples, Rebuild lost facial volume, Define your jawline and chin
Radiesse $725 per 1.5ml syringe

Let Dr. Astaphan's years of experience 
 Instantly Bring the  Improved version of Yourself.  
Add volume and definition while looking natural.

Call now to schedule 954-462-7455 or text 954-554-5364
Let Silk and Restylane Family of Fillers Return to You to YOUR Youth. 
Go Ahead. You deserve it!

Get UpLyfted,  Refyned  and  Defyned  
with The Restylane Family of Fillers

Restylane $525 per 1ml   

Restylane Lyft $575 per 1ml 

Refyne or Defyne $595 per 1ml
Patient's new to get $20 off just for registering 

Call now to schedule 954-462-7455
Laser Hair Removal  
With our nd:yag, alexandrite and diode lasers, we offer laser hair removal for ALL skin tones!
From your head to your toes and anywhere in between, Dare to be Bare...Smooth by Silk
At Silk Laser, enjoy knowing that we have 12+ years of safely and effectively treating patients 
of all skin types with the appropriate lasers for laser hair removal! No contracts. Nothing to lock you into us.  
You'll continue treating because you are happy with our services. 

Have a question? Text 954-554-5364  

Vectus Diode Laser  
Our Vectus laser allows Dr Astaphan and trained technicians to quickly treat unwanted hair, even in the largest areas, such as the shoulders and back, without numbing cream,
 in  less than 30 minutes treatment time 
Per area pricing with the Vectus Laser listed below in the laser hair removal category

Pricing is based on a per session rate unless otherwise stated below 

  • Upper lip $50  
  • Chin only $75
  • Chin w/lip $105
  • Extended chin $175
  • Extended chin w/lip $205 
  • Full Face $235
  • Add-on areolas $50
  • Underarms $125, add-on underarms $75
  • Brazilian bikini $205 
  • Super savings! Pay $250 for Brazilian bikini & underarms laser hair removal with the Vectus laser ONLY!
  • Add-on linea nigra (happy trail) with bikini $50 extended linea negra $135
 Ladies' Vectus Diode Laser Pricing 
*Up to Full Back w/shoulders female $325
*Up to Full Chest w/abs female $325
*Full Arms $325 *1/2 Arms $200
*Full legs female $300  (reg $350 feet not included) 
*1/2 legs  (knees down) $225 Thighs $225 add on feet/toes $25
  • Beard $225 
  • nose $50  ears $60  
  • Ears and Nose combo $40 special
  • Front of the neck sculpting $125
  • Add-on back of neck $75
  • Groin/Bikini $205-add-on scrotum $75  
 Mens' Vectus Diode Laser Pricing 
*Up to Full Back w/shoulders $225 (reg $350)
*Up to Full Chest w/abs $225 (reg $350)
*Super Savings!  Back w/shoulder and chest w/abdomen (at the same visit!) $425.
*Add on neck $35
*Full Arms $350  *1/2 Arms $225
*Full legs male $465 (feet not included) add on feet/toes $50
now for a free consultation  954-462-7455 

Patients must come in shaved.  Specials and promos cannot be combined or receive additional discount.

VI Peel 
The VI Peel improves skin tone, texture, and clarity while reducing age spots, freckles, and melasma. 
 The VI Peel also softens lines and wrinkles and stimulates collagen production 
 to leave you with fresh, radiant skin.


The Original VI Peel or Acne Peel $250

CALL 954.462.7455 TO SCHEDULE
All of the above promotions expire 12/29/18 

Joseph Astaphan, M.D., D.D.S., Nara Morias, Certified Laser Technician and Licensed Esthetician, perform all laser + aesthetic treatments at Silk Laser + Aesthetics Centre. Silk offers our patients the most advanced techniques performed by a Medical Practitioners with the utmost comfort. At Silk, these procedures can be achieved with fabulous results and minimal downtime.

As always, we wish that good health, prosperity and abundance
surround your life!

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