Here is a nice layout video of what we have planned for our field day and where everything will be taking place! As you can see we will have a lot going on!
We are excited for the Mercer County Fair to start today! Good Luck to all Exhibitors!
August 9th 2019
Good Morning!

On Monday USDA will release a report that could tell more about the disaster story of 2019. Though tensions with China have changed outlooks, speculators are saying Mondays report is expected to be bullish. The Mercer County Fair starts today so that will be a busy week for us. Right now we have been busy preparing for the Field Day August 29th&30th and also doing tillage demos for customers in PP acres. Our next show is the Ohio Farm Science Review in mid September. We also have big news for the Ohio FSR, Fennig Equipment expanded our booth! Our Booth, (which is in the same location) is now twice as big as it was in years past. Of course you can look for us to be running our 9510 Deere Combine in the Demo Fields!

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Check out new videos Below!
Field Day Layout Video
Counting The Days, Tassel To Black Layer
The talk all season in the Midwest has been, "Man my corn looks great but too bad it is a month behind." Let's dig into how many days from tassel to black layer to see roughly when your corn will be mature. A lot of corn has tasseled in the last 7 days but there is more that will in the next 7 days. If your corn tassels on 8/7/19 black layer will be around the 1st of October. Average Frost dates in OH are any where from the 8th-18th of October which means we will be dancing with danger if we have an earlier than average frost.
Grain Fill Stages in Corn

July 2018 he grain fill period begins with successful pollination and initiation of kernel development, and ends approximately 60 days later when the kernels are physiologically mature. During grain fill, the developing kernels are the primary...

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Watch this video to learn more about how corn reaches maturity.
New Videos This Week
Finally we have some corn growing and we can do some in the field videos showing some of the trial and products we are playing with for next year. Enjoy these new videos, and stay tuned for more next week!

Cassie's Country Cupboard Weekly Recipe:

Extra Veggie Solutions
Do you ever have leftovers from a vegetable tray you took to a party? If you don’t want to munch on them for snacks, here are some ideas for using up the leftovers:
-Use pepper strips (plus some sliced onions and chicken) for a quick fajita dinner
-Steam carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower and top with cheese for a California blend side dish
-Add chopped veggies to a green salad
-Thinly slice carrots and stir fry with other veggies
-Finely chop veggies to use in an omelet
-Bring the tray to work and hope that a coworker doesn’t bring in donuts the same day!


What Are We Up To? Assemblies & Installs
Kurt and Mitch installed this Valmar 2455 on a Landoll VT this week. This is a 3 point hitch mount seeder.
This week is the Mercer County Fair and we have a full line up of equipment on display for visitors to see!
The Valmar 3 point mount seeder works great for a cover crop attachment that is not fixed on your tillage tool!
This Valmar 6056 was installed on a 30 Ft. Krause Excellerator!
Check out this weeks helpful Videos!
Just In: Hardi Navigator 60' Boom
Hardi Nav 1000 gallon 60' Boom. This unit is a great smaller sprayer that would make a great sprayer for any size farmer. New Hypro Pump! $7,900
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