April 2018
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Richard Hendee

Membership In Trade Associations
Something I think a lot of business owners miss out on is not being a member of a trade association that supports the industry in which the business is involved. Let me explain.
Many trade associations are sources of information that can be helpful in running a business. These associations usually have research data and newsletters that might be useful in seeking information on market trends, industry specific facts and figures, regulator changes, or other particulars.
Further, these trade associations often have a government relations department that lobbies for legislation favorable to the industry, or conversely, acts as an advocate in preventing unfavorable legislation from being passed. These trade associations can marshal their members to make their desires and needs heard: lawmakers will listen when a large number of their voters contact them.
Major On The Minors, Minor On The Majors

By Doug Thorpe, a Silver Fox Advisor
Facing life each day, we all make this mistake. We spend time on the wrong stuff. Priorities get mixed up. Big things get forgotten or set aside while little things get all our attention; both emotional and physical. We major on the minors and minor on the majors.
Why do we do this? Mainly because the little things seem easier to knock out. We fool ourselves into thinking "I'll spend a minute finishing this or that, then I'll get to the big thing." Pretty soon the day is gone and none of the big stuff gets accomplished.
So we push it off for tomorrow. We wake up and do it all over again. The next thing we know, a major deadline has gotten missed.
How to fix it
I'm reminded by Chuck Swindoll, longtime spiritual guide and virtual mentor of mine, there are three ways to avoid majoring on the minors.
Silver Fox Advisors Present:

"Ins And Outs of Minor League Baseball - Sugar Land Skeeters "
Silver Fox Advisors Lunch & Learn
HOUSTON, TX - Silver Fox Advisors announced the April 2018 Lunch & Learn Program, scheduled for Thursday April 26, 2018, will feature Bob and Marcie Zlotnik. The Zlotniks will be speaking about the "Ins and Outs of Minor League Baseball-Sugar Land Skeeters".
Bob and Marcie Zlotnik are the Managing Partners of BZMZ Interests, LLC. Robert "Bob" has over 40 years of diversified business experience, primarily with service-related entrepreneurial businesses. BZMZ Interests has investments in the sports, finance and hotel industries among others. Previously Bob was the Co-founder, President and CEO of StarTex Power. StarTex Power was sold in 2011 to Constellation Energy. StarTex was a J.D. Power and Associates award winner, named by Inc. Magazine in 2009 as the #1 fastest growing privately-owned energy company in the U.S., and one of the 40 best places to work in the U.S. From 2008 to 2010, Bob was named an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist for the Gulf Coast region. He has also served on the board of directors of businesses in the power industry.
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Monthly Marketing Tip

By Mark Miller a Silver Fox Advisor
"Don't Blue-Sky The Job"
For years you've boasted & told your company story to countless job-seekers, hoping to attract the best. You want the best, but when do you want to find out if you are going to get the best? During the interview would be nice. However, we usually spend more time trying to convince the applicant to work for us then really finding out their true sales skills. Here's management advice that flies in the face of traditional sales hiring. Not only do I not want you to blue-sky the job, I actually want you to run a negative interview. That's right, a negative interview. Let the applicant know how tough it's going to be. Ask how they plan to start working the territory. Only those who talk about making cold calls will actually do them. Based on what you see and hear, ask yourself, "Is this the person I want in front of my prospects and customers?" t
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Lunch & Learn

Thursday, April 26, 2018
Guest Speaker:  Bob & Marcie Zlotnik, Managing Partners of BZMZ Interests, LLC

Topic: Ins and Outs of Minor League Baseball - Sugar Land Skeeters
Location: The Houston Racquet Club 
                 1079 Memorial Drive
                 Houston, TX 77024

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