August 2016
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From the Editor...

Richard Hendee

Are your personal life and business life in alignment? The answer to that question is probably the most important response that you as a business owner will ever make!
If you know what having your personal life and business life in alignment is and what it means when your lives are aligned then you know what I am referring to. However, if your lives are not aligned or if you have no idea what having them in alignment means, then the course you are on will likely take many turns and the road will probably be pretty bumpy.
This process of aligning your personal life and your business life is certainly not a new concept, but it may be new to you, or if it isn't and you have not embraced it, now is a good time to give this process serious consideration.
Tips For Hiring, Retaining, And Dismissing

By Harlene Anderson, Ph.D, a Silver Fox Advisor
Owning or managing a company doesn't guarantee that you know how to hire and retain the right people or dismiss those who do not fit. Business owners and managers can be very knowledgeable about strategies for running a company yet lack the soft skills critical to improving the bottom line. Implicit in all of the tips below is the importance of building and sustaining good relationships. In my experience, successful companies with satisfied owners, managers, employees, and customers know this value.
Hire the Best Person for the Position
"Don't hire someone you think you can change."
Job description. The job description is the foundation for hiring and retaining talent. It's also critical to the dismissal process. A job description should include title, purpose of the position and primary responsibilities as well as the knowledge, training, experience, and skills required of the position. A lot of detail is usually not necessary, as details can be addressed in an interview.
Cut The Weeds
Focus On Priorities and Strategy
Avoid Time Zappers
By Hank Moore, Corporate StrategistTM
One of the by-products of being high-profile is that you get hangers-on. Most mean well and want to associate with someone successful. Some are groupies, and some are outright users. The art is to discern and marginalize the weeds from your path.
One mean-weller kept hounding me. He wanted to introduce me to people to form "strategic partnerships." Turns out that they were people with their hands out, thinking that somebody (anybody) could magically open doors for them. I tried to set boundaries with that person. He would not respect perimeters.
One of his "strategic partners" called me and conferenced in the introducer. This was not a scheduled conference call, and I felt blind-sighted. Neither one asked if this was a good time to talk or apologized for calling with no warning. In a rapid-fire sales delivery, he proceeded to talk, starting out selling stock in a venture, then shifting from one idea to the next. I patiently listened and tried to get away. This person had already called me weeks before but could not remember who I was or what I was all about. This was a "dial and smile" sales call, and it was one-sided and self-focused, all about him.
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