August 2017
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Richard Hendee

Would You Be A Customer Of Your Business?
Have you ever had an experience at a business where you have purchased a product or service and afterwards said, "Wow, I am going to shop there forever!!" Conversely, have you had an experience shopping at a business where your encounter was so bad that you said, "Wow, I am never going to shop there again!!" I think we can all identify.
When I have had either of these types of experiences, I sit back for a moment and ask myself, "What do the people who use my business say after the sale is complete or the service has been provided?" I would hope they would say, "Wow, I am going to shop there forever!!" But then I ask, "How do I know that for sure?" I may not have any direct personal contact with every customer who uses my business, so I must be sure that I have the right employees who understand my business culture and practice the elements of that culture every day with every customer.
Operational Audits

By David Regenbaum, AMI Institute, LLC and a Silver Fox Advisor
Written processes and procedures are essential to a business's well-being and growth. However, as the business develops, as technology changes, and as personnel changes take place, the operational processes and procedures of a business need to be examined to determine if they are still correct, necessary, and effective. While financial audits are important to determine the financial well-being of the business, an operational audit is equally necessary to measure the ongoing efficacy of the business operations.
An Operational Audit can be defined as a future oriented, systematic, and independent review of the effectiveness, efficiency and economy of an organization's policies, procedures, operations and activities.
The Objectives of an Operational Audit are -
Silver Fox Advisors Present:
"The Shifting Sands Of Health Reform"
How Business Leaders Can Prepare for the New Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017
Silver Fox Advisor - Lunch & Learn
HOUSTON, TX (July 28, 2017) - Silver Fox Advisors announced their August Lunch & Learn Program, scheduled for Thursday August 24, 2017, will feature Janice Suchyta, J.D., an attorney and health care executive specializing in health law policy, corporate transactions, and cybersecurity legal issues. Richard Hendee, President of the Silver Fox Advisors, stated, "Ms. Suchyta has worked in the non-profit sector and in private practice assisting clients with health care regulatory compliance, security and privacy issues, corporate transactions, and labor/employment law matters. She is also a lecturer on health policy and health care reform at the University of Houston, School of Nursing.
Ms. Suchyta is a graduate of the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and received her law degree from the University of Detroit-Mercy School of Law. She is a frequent speaker to business groups and conferences on health care reform. In addition, Ms. Suchyta has provided commentary on health care reform to media outlets, including CBS Radio in Houston.
Monthly Marketing Tip

By Mark Miller a Silver Fox Advisor
Many sales people hate cold calls but unfortunately, we all have to make them. If a sales person sees cold calling as the only way to get business, most sales people will eventually get out of the business. Cold calling is a killer. Think about it. You are calling on people who don't want to see or talk to you. And if they do talk to you, they want the information first and fast. They might not even be nice about it. I'm not saying for you to stop making cold calls, but develop a prospecting system that gives you at least 10 different ways to obtain business besides cold calling. If you do, Cold Calls Will not be a forever thing.


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Lunch & Learn

Thursday, August 24, 2017
Guest Speaker: Janice Suchyta, J.D.

Topic: "The Shifting Sands Of Health Reform" How Business Leaders Can Prepare For the New Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017
Location: The Houston Racquet Club 
                 1079 Memorial Drive
                 Houston, TX 77024
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