August 2018
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Richard Hendee

Disaster Recovery Plans
It has been one year since Hurricane Harvey devastated the State of Texas. Certainly, the greater Houston area endured much of the grief and damage, but our neighbors to the South, in and around Corpus Christi, and to the east in Beaumont and Port Arthur, also experienced what nature can do to change lives in the short term and, in too many cases, forever.  
As business owners dealt with the real time and aftermath of the effects of Hurricane Harvey, most were living and testing their own Disaster Recovery Plan, if they had one, or making it up, as they lived the processes, if they didn't have one.
The business owners who I have spoken to who did have a Disaster Recovery Plan have told me that although their Plan worked, they simply did not anticipate what they actually experienced. Most were, however, happy that they had a Plan that they could execute.
Silver Fox Advisors Presents:
"Houston 2036: Visions For Houston On Our 200th Anniversary"

Silver Fox Advisors Lunch & Learn
HOUSTON, TX - Silver Fox Advisors announced the August 2018 Lunch & Learn Program, scheduled for Thursday August, 23 2018, will feature Brett Perlman. He will be speaking about "Houston 2036: Visions for Houston on our 200th Anniversary".
Brett Perlman's 25-year career has spanned senior positions in business, government as well as corporate board work and service to his community.
He is currently CEO of the Center for Houston's Future, a non-profit that focuses on developing consensus-based solutions to important social issues for the entire Houston region.
Before his appointment, he was a Fellow at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and at the Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative (ALI), an innovative program composed of experienced global leaders focused on developing new approaches to the world's most pressing social issues. 

Community Outreach Update

By Rainee Busby, Outreach Committee Chair
How The Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Program Is Changing Our Business Landscape
Silver Fox Advisors are always looking for ways to help small businesses in Houston.  We highly recommend you check out this amazing program Goldman Sachs offers at no cost to qualified small businesses across the US and UK.  Yes, that's right - no cost!!  I had the pleasure of attending almost 5 years ago - amazing!   
Goldman Sachs 10k Small Business Program (GS10K) is a philanthropic initiative launched in 2009.   They have pledged $500 million in various aid to small businesses in the US and UK.  They will provide 10,000 small businesses with business/management education, mentoring, access to capital and more. 
The GS10K program was built in conjunction with Babson College in Massachusetts.  The U.S. News & World Report has recognized Babson's MBA as the No. 1 program in entrepreneurship for the 25th consecutive year as part of its Best Graduate Schools ranking.  The GS10K program can be viewed as a mini-MBA that gives you an opportunity to significantly sharpen your business skills.

Monthly Marketing Tip

By Mark Miller a Silver Fox Advisor
Cold Calls Are Not Forever
Many sales people hate cold calls but unfortunately, we all have to make them. If a sales person sees cold calling as the only way to get business, most sales people will eventually get out of the business. Cold calling is a killer. Think about it. You are calling on people who don't want to see or talk to you. And if they do talk to you, they want the information first and fast. They might not even be nice about it. I'm not saying for you to stop making cold calls, but develop a prospecting system that gives you at least 10 different ways to obtain business besides cold calling. If you do, Cold Calls Will not be a forever thing . t
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Upcoming Events

Lunch & Learn

Thursday, August 23, 2018
Guest Speakers:  Brett Perlman

Topic: Houston 2036: Visions For Houston On Our 200th Anniversary
Location: The Houston Racquet Club 
                 1079 Memorial Drive
                 Houston, TX 77024

Mark Your Calendar TODAY for this August 23, 2018 Lunch & Learn  
You can buy a table for eight for this event for the price of seven individual tickets. ACT NOW!!!!
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