December 2017
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Richard Hendee

Customer Survey
Now that the Christmas season is here my mind occasionally wanders to the Christmases of my childhood. Back then I wondered if Santa had truly been watching me all year long to know if I should be on his "Good List" or his "Bad List", or could my parents be keeping track and sending Santa a form with boxes checked. If that were the case, Santa was getting his information from third parties and not directly from the source! If a box checking form was going to be used, I figured I was the one who should be filling in the boxes!
This "Good List"/" Bad List", and who is keeping score and reporting to the big guy, scenario can be carried out in the business world as well. Please let me explain.
2017 - Is Your Business Read For Year-End?
It's Coming Soon!

By Jim Griffing a Silver Fox Advisor
As the end of the year draws near, in addition to holidays and food, this is an important time to think of planning moves that will help lower your tax bill for this year and possibly the next. Actions can still be taken to affect your 2017 taxes, but many need to be made before December 31.
We have compiled a checklist of actions based on current tax rules that may help business owners save tax dollars if you act before year-end. Our next correspondence will provide a similar checklist to help with individual year-end planning. Not all of these actions will apply to your particular situation, but you or a family member's business could benefit from many of them. Please review the following list and contact us at your earliest convenience if we can help advise you on which tax-saving moves would work best for you.
Monthly Marketing Tip

By Mark Miller a Silver Fox Advisor
You Only Have One Chance To Make A First Impression
When meeting a prospect for the first time, they immediately start to form an opinion of you. How you are dressed, your speech, your tone of voice, your body language, and many other factors besides what you actually say. In fact, the verbal portion of the encounter is one of the least important factors used when the first impression is formed. "It's not what you say but how you say it." The fact is that 93% of the factors used in forming the impression are influenced by the physiology and tonality of a person. Only 7% of the influence is based on the actual words used.

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