February 2016
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From the Editor...

Richard Hendee

Business 101 . Many of the businesses I have dealt with over the years have not done some basic Business 101 tasks, and in numerous cases this omission has come back to haunt the owners. The specific Business 101 task that I am referring to in this article is a Business Organizational Chart. If your business was a one person firm when you started out, overlooking an organizational chart was not a big deal; however, as any business grows and employees and managers are added, an organizational chart is a key document that should be completed, updated, and expanded as conditions warrant.
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Are Managers And Leaders Really Different?

By Lane Sloan, a Silver Fox Advisor
When I taught Strategic Leadership, the students had to read John Kotter's 1990 article on "What Leaders Really Do." Kotter was very effective in setting out different functions for leaders and managers such as leaders align people as opposed to managers who organize and staff. Over the years, there has been debate on whether one can perform both roles as though they are two distinct types of people.  According to Kotter, the essence of the difference is managers deal with complexity whereas leaders focus on change. So on this basis one might think leaders and managers are different. Over time, managers seem to have lost their gravitas as we deal in a world of accelerating change.
Recently, I saw that the New Cambridge Advanced Dictionary defines a leader as "a person in control of a group, country, or situation".  Control is a rather funny word to use for leaders. Control is really more of a managerial notion on controlling resources including staff and not per se the foundation of leadership where people follow naturally a vision. We seem to be running amok on intermingling the concept of managers and leaders without a clear understanding of their similarities and differences.
Flip Sides, Second Acts And Successful Careers
By Hank Moore
Corporate Strategist
It used to be said that people have three careers in them. Those who are particularly successful have many more. It's all about evolving. What we start out as is different from what we progress into, both for companies and individuals.
Have you ever had reunion business relationships? It's amazing how the circumstances change things the next time around. The people who denied your friend requests on Linkedin are now pursuing you as a celebrity on Facebook. As they know and trust you, they want to associate with you. It's all perspective and the building of a multi-tiered Body of Work, stellar reputation and track record.
One of the great music figures was Burt Bacharach. His role model was George Gershwin. Bacharach started his music writing career by taking "work for hire," tailoring songs to particular performers. He wrote a lot of flip sides to hit records and was recognized as a consistent hit maker. The Bacharach repertoire expanded, and he developed his signature musical style, along with lyricists such as Hal David.
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