January 2016
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The Silver Fox Advisor
Advising, Consulting And Mentoring Greater Houston Area Business Since 1986
From the Editor...

Richard Hendee

2016 marks the 30th Anniversary of the founding of the Silver Fox Advisors. July 28, 1986 was the actual date the Silver Fox Advisors entity was legally formed, and a formal celebration will be held on July 28, 2016 at the Silver Fox Advisors Lunch and Learn event. However, events will be happening throughout the year.
As part of this 30th Year Anniversary milestone Silver Fox Advisors will be rolling out a new look logo, an updated web-site, new marketing materials, and a new look for many things the organization does and makes available.
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Why Create A Personal Charter Statement:
Creating The Life You Intend To Live

By John N. Younker, PhD
"Your actions are your only possessions."
- Lao Tse
This is an excellent personal development statement to ponder as we watch the previous year dissolve into dust and we ponder the coming year. Most of us make traditional, personal, one sentence performance goals, annually, like "I want to lose weight" or "I vow to start going to the gym twice a week." It is a tradition to start the New Year with things you want to achieve, but under the influence resolutions are often unrealistic.
It is time to take a personal inventory to make this year your most productive year ever. You may be asking yourself, "How am I going to do that?" You, my friends, are going to write your Personal Charter Statements. A large number of corporations use mission statements to define the purpose of the company's existence. Sony wants to "become the company most known for changing the worldwide poor-quality image of Japanese products" and 3M wants "to solve unsolved problems innovatively". A personal mission statement is different than a corporate mission statement, but the fundamentals are the same.
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The Statistics Tree

Understanding Figures and What They Symbolize, Relating Directly to Your Business Success

By Hank Moore
Corporate Strategist
Business bases much of what it does on statistics. Most often, they're financial numbers or sales goals. More importantly are the Big Picture statistics that affect every aspect of business growth and success. The way in which the bigger issues are interpreted has direct bearing on strategy and implementation.
Here are some of the most significant statistics that relate to your ability to do business:
Only 2% of the businesses have a plan of any kind. What many of them think is a plan include some accounting figures or sales goals. That is not a full-scope plan. Of the companies who continue to operate without a plan, 40% of them will be out of business in the next 10 years.
Only 2% of those who call themselves Consultants really are just that. That 2% includes all the doctors, lawyers, accountants and engineers...those of us who actually advise. Most so-called consultants are vendors who peddle what they have to sell, rather than what the client companies really need. The answer is for companies to utilize seasoned advisers, rather than coaches and other vendors.
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Silver Fox Advisors
Silver Fox Advisors are current and former business owners, entrepreneurs and executives dedicated to assisting business owners to improve their enterprises through mentoring and consulting. Advisors have been sharing their knowledge, experience and skills since 1986. To work with a Sliver Fox Advisor, please visit our website at www.silverfox.org and select your advisor.
Upcoming Events

Lunch & Learn


January 28, 2016

The Federal Reserve Bank of Houston - What It Does and Why It Matters

Presented by: Daron D. Peschel, Sr.
V.P. Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Time: 11:00 am - 1:15 pm

Location: The Houston Racquet Club
1079 Memorial Drive
Houston, TX 77024
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