January 2017
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Richard Hendee

The beginning of each year brings the opportunity to start with a clean income statement. Why is that important? Because every dollar you can improve your gross profit margins by or reduce your operating expenses by goes right to the bottom profit line. To show what you can achieve take last year's income statement and increase your gross profit margin by just 1.0%, then reduce your operating expenses by that same 1.0% and see what your net profits could have been. Now imagine an increase in sales of 5.0% over last year coupled with the improvements in gross margins and reduced expenses, and you just might have a banner year in 2017.
Top 5 Challenges Most Business Owners Face

By Rainee S. Busby, CEO of Fokal Fusion and a Silver Fox Advisor
As you set out to be an entrepreneur you dreamed of being your own boss, setting your own schedule, creating financial freedom and loving what you do. Normally it takes years to achieve this dream, some never do.
Most entrepreneurs face 5 challenges that cause some to ask themselves if the sacrifices they are making are worth it.
Lack of Control - your schedule is not flexible enough to allow integration of work and life.
Too Little Profit - your revenue is at or near budget but adequate profit is elusive.
Wrong People - some of your employees don't fit your culture or aren't in the best role for their skills. People issues account for over 80% of business challenges.


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Silver Fox Advisors Officers for 2017 are Jim Griffing Chairman, Richard Hendee President, Bill Herman Vice-President and Donnie Roberts Treasurer/Secretary. Board of Directors are: Mary Kole, Mark Miller, Keith Okano, David Regenbaum, Al Spinks and David Wadler. Jim Griffing will serve as the Board Chair.
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