July 2016
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The Silver Fox Advisor
Advising, Consulting And Mentoring Greater Houston Area Business Since 1986
From the Editor...

Richard Hendee

On July 28, 1986, a group of seventeen Houston leaders came together to form the Silver Fox Advisors. The group's purpose was to be known as "a single source of diversified advisory services for the business community."
Today, July 28th 2016, thirty years later, the Silver Fox Advisors is a group of more than fifty diverse business segment and industry corporate CEO's, senior consultants, business leaders, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and business advisors who "advise, consult, and mentor business owners, CEO Roundtables, and entrepreneurship programs."
Most businesses today simply can't afford to have the experience, expertise and talent on staff to address all the issues that are thrown at or, required of them, or the challenges that simply come at them on a day-to-day basis. Thus, having an organization like the Silver Fox Advisors available to the greater Houston area business community is a resource of great value.
Five Stages Of Grief Over A Bad Hire

By John Sweney, a Silver Fox Advisor
Your company values its culture and mission, so hiring someone who's not the right fit can be gut-wrenching. Several business books, including "Good to Great" by Jim Collins, talk about the value of hiring the right people to jump on your proverbial bus and making sure they are in the right seat. So it's not surprising that there's an emotional drain - much akin to grief - when a capable new hire turns out to be not a good cultural fit for the department or company.
Brookwoods Group, a leading recruiter and staffing company for marketing and communications professionals in Houston, Texas, has identified the five stages of grief that managers may experience when the wrong person has been hired.
Stage One: Denial
Every new hire has a honeymoon stage. Your new guy onboards, bringing an impressive track record and credentials that make his arrival seem like the arrival of the marketing messiah. For two and a half months, you're a genius. How did you find such an amazing employee, you rascal? Then something happens. It may be a little thing like he picks a fight with a colleague or ignores direction. You refer back to his résumé and credentials. Perhaps he just needs the issue brought to his attention and everything will be better. You talk with him. He is contrite and promises "never again."

A New Member's Perspective

By David Regenbaum, Chairman, Outreach Committee
Silver Fox® Advisors activities and achievements are exceptionally impressive. As a relatively new member of Silver Fox® Advisors it would be presumptuous of me to try to encapsulate all of the activities and achievements of the organization and its individual member Advisors in this newsletter article. I will restrict my comments to current activities and achievements in which I have participated or of which I am familiar.
Butch Madrazo's leadership skill was clearly demonstrated when he organized the team of Silver Fox® Advisors to judge the Better Business Bureau's 24th Awards of Excellence. Silver Fox® Advisors was recognized at the Better Business Bureau's Awards luncheon which was attended by over 1,000 guests. This mutually beneficial relationship with the Better Business Bureau extends over several years.
Silver Fox® Advisors has become a recognized source of judges for business competition awards. Howard London and several Silver Fox® Advisors assist in the judging of the Rice Business Competition. Silver Fox® Advisors provide winners of the competition with free counseling services and receives recognition in the competition's publications. In addition, Rollie McGinnis and Rick Schissler serve as judges of the HCC/Newspring Business Competition. Being judges at business competitions demonstrates the respect that Silver Fox® Advisors has earned in the business community and uniquely differentiates the Silver Fox® Advisor's brand.
Silver Fox Advisors
Silver Fox Advisors are current and former business owners, entrepreneurs and executives dedicated to assisting business owners to improve their enterprises through mentoring and consulting. Advisors have been sharing their knowledge, experience and skills since 1986. To work with a Sliver Fox Advisor, please visit our website at www.silverfox.org and select your advisor.
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