July 2017
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Richard Hendee

Leading The Conversation Or Listening To Learn?
Have you ever been in a meeting with peers or associates where there is someone who always wants to get his/her ideas or thoughts in on every issue or topic discussed? I think these kinds of individuals have a need to demonstrate to everyone that they have some sort of superior knowledge and they can talk on anything and everything at any time. Or maybe they just want to hear themselves talk. Whatever their need is that is being fulfilled, it can be very distracting from the purpose of the meeting and to the others in attendance.
Personally, I believe you can get a lot more out of a meeting whether in a group or a one-on-one setting by listening to the conversation and hearing what others have to say about a subject or matter. They may just have a different idea that can make you look at something in a way you never had thought about, or, you may just learn something new.
The Real Success 3 Step
(Part 3 of a 3 Part Series)

By Al Spinks a Silver Fox Advisor
Step 3. Reconnect to Life
The third and final step to real success requires that we take the information from the previous two articles and apply it to every nook, cranny, circumstance and situation in our life. We accomplish this by making a plan, dealing with distractions and taming our fears.
Make a plan
To make a plan, we have to understand and prioritize those aspects of life that are important to us. When I mentor clients or give workshops, I require the participants identify the most important areas of their life. Most responses list the following: finances, business/career, spiritual, mental, social, physical and family. There are no right or wrong answers!
I then have them prioritize these aspects from 1 to 7 with one being the most important. Note that these priorities should be reviewed on a yearly basis since they will change over time as one enters into different phases of life.
Silver Fox Advisors Present:
"A Salute To The 2017 BBB Pinnacle Award Winners"
Silver Fox Advisor - Lunch & Learn
HOUSTON, TX (June 2017) Silver Fox Advisors today announced its annual highlight Lunch & Learn Program, highlight program because the Silver Fox Advisors' Thursday July 27, 2017 monthly Lunch and Learn will feature presentations from three of the Better Business Bureau of Greater Houston and South Texas's 2017 Pinnacle Award winners. Richard Hendee, President of the Silver Fox Advisors, stated, "Owners of Kurk Homes, a full-service design based custom builder serving the Texas Gulf Coast and Hill Country since 1989; Texas Pools, who for the last 36 years has been creating beautiful and functional poolenvironments incorporating the latest in innovation and design; and Renters Warehouse, helping clients build wealth through real estate, will each share the story behind their success. Whether you have used these businesses' services or not, if you are a business owner yourself or you would just like to hear some great positive stories, you will want to attend this wonderful program.
Monthly Marketing Tip

By Mark Miller a Silver Fox Advisor
T hat doesn't mean they are bad people. In fact, it is written that you can lie to a sales person and still go to heaven. Think about it, when you're buying from a sales person, have you always told the absolute truth?
Prospects simply are afraid that they may be talked into a product or service they really don't want or could afford. Remember, people really do want to buy, they just don't want to be sold.
Your job as a professional sales person is to ask the right questions to get to the truth and have the prospect discover for themselves why they should do business with you.
So what is the bottom line?


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Thursday, July 27, 2017
Guest Speaker: Kurk Homes, Texas Pools, Renters Warehouse                       

Topic: "A Salute To The 2017 BBB Pinnacle Award Winners"
Location: The Houston Racquet Club 
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