March 2016
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From the Editor...

Richard Hendee

Business Plans 101 . Business owners who have sought financing to grow their businesses have probably heard Bankers say, "Give me a copy of your business growth plan, and I will take a look at your request." Typically the business owner has not put a formal business plan together but has some general ideas of what he/she wants to do. Now faced with the need to put this business plan together, the business owner sits down at a computer and "Googles" something like "how to write a business plan." Did you know that that query will result in 79,500,000 links that have something to do with writing a business plan? All these links are probably pretty good, with some being better than others. Most will include a general template to follow, but at the end of the day the business owner is the one who knows the specifics of his/her business best and what the growth plan is all about.
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Learning And Leading

By Lane Sloan, a Silver Fox Advisor
You will never become a leader without getting into the fray of trying to lead. Likewise, you will become a much better leader by continuing to learn how to do so.
Leadership has many similarities to sports activities. I learned how to swim on my own in a small lake because I wanted to water ski. While I can swim, I can't compete with individuals who practiced swimming daily taking lessons from a coach. And then they go to competitions watching and talking with fellow swimmers on how to improve their style before, during, and after the race. Their learning is just far greater than mine.
Like swimming lessons, there is a lot of academic and experiential information on how to improve your leadership. That is why in my book, Develop a Leadership Plan: Become a Great Leader, has a chapter on Leadership Insights. Here is a brief summary from the book on what I think are leadership essentials.
"One of the basic insights involves distinguishing the leadership role from the managerial role.   Ultimately both roles need to be fulfilled, but I have found comparing the two to be incredibly valuable. It is also helpful to get an appreciation for the interaction of leadership and followership. There is no leader without followers .

Why A Company Would Improve?


The Art Of Learning From Failure To Get Better
By Hank Moore
Corporate Strategist
Success is just in front of our faces. Yet, we often fail to see it coming. Too many companies live with their heads in the sand. Many go down into defeat because it was never on their radar to change.
A colleague recently complained about her corporation: " Things are much the same at this company, and I don't see much changing unless leadership does."
The answer is that companies need not roll over and accept less than the best. And yes, it takes courage to get management unstuck in their ways. 92% of all problems in organizations stem from poor management decisions.
The Biggest Mistakes Which Many of Us Have Made
Abilities, Talents
* Making the same mistakes more than twice, without studying the mitigating factors.
* Taking incidents out of context and mis-diagnosing situations.
* Rationalizing occurrences, after the fact.
* Appearing self-contained, therefore precluding others from wanting to help me.
* Inability to cultivate other people's support of me at the times that I needed it most.
* Attempting projects without the proper resources to do the job well.
* Not knowing people with sufficient pull and power.   Thinking that friends would help introduce me or help network to key influentials.
* Failure to effective networking techniques early enough in my career path.
* Inability to finely develop the powers of people participating in the networking process.
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