May 2017
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Richard Hendee

Do You Have Control Of Your Business
Does Your Business Have Control Of You?
In my forty-five years of dealing with small and mid-size businesses I have seen few business owners who "have control over their businesses." Instead, I have observed many businesses that "have control over their owners." What do I mean? Few business owners do much in the way of planning. Business owners who do planning (short term, near term and long term) have control because they know where their businesses are going and how they are going to get there. That's not to say they have some sort of crystal bowl where they can see what is going to happen each day, but they have a general plan in place that provides them direction on how to manage the big picture, and, if they need to made adjustments due to unforeseen happenings or changes in market conditions, they can more easily make those adjustments, without complete changes of direction
The Real Success 3 Step
(Part 1 of a 3 Part Series)

By Al Spinks a Silver Fox Advisor
In this series of articles I will share with you a simple 3-step process on how to create and sustain real success. I'm speaking of the type of success where we can systematically achieve our goals even in the face of insurmountable odds and distractions.
The word success has many definitions. defines success as:  "The attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence." However happiness and fulfillment seems to be missing from this definition. We've all heard of individuals who have an abundance of wealth, favor and eminence but still aren't happy.
I define real success as: "Identifying, attaining and maintaining the desires of your heart." This definition realizes that wealth, favor and eminence may factor into our success but they are typically a means to an end and not the end result sought after.
"I Love Everything About Human Resources - Except The Humans: Impacting The Bottom Line Through Unemployment Cost Control"
Silver Fox Advisor - Lunch & Learn
Silver Fox Advisors announced their May Lunch & Learn Program, scheduled for Thursday May 25, 2017, will feature Bob Scott, Founder and President of Unemployment Cost Control Specialists (UCCS), Inc./ PreHire Solutions, Inc. Richard Hendee, President of the Silver Fox Advisors, stated, "Since 1992 Mr. Scott's company has worked with employers nationally to eliminate unnecessary unemployment expenses. The services provided by UCCS include unemployment claims management, hearings representation, management training, policy review & implementation, tax account auditing and consultation regarding employee-related issues."


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Lunch & Learn

Thursday, May 25, 2017
Guest Speaker: Bob Scott, President Unemployment Cost Control Specialists, Inc.                                         

Topic: "I Love Everything About Human Resources - Except the Humans: Impacting the Bottom Line Through Unemployment Cost Control"
Location: The Houston Racquet Club 
                 1079 Memorial Drive
                 Houston, TX 77024
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