October 2017
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Richard Hendee

Disaster Recovery Plan
In this time of a massive Recovery on the Gulf Coast from Hurricane Harvey we are all living through a Disaster that certainly none of us wanted to experience, and we are probably making up on the spot what we are doing to get our businesses back to some level of "Business As Usual."
As the old saying goes: "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." I would recommend that you document as much as possible what you are doing right now; after all this is over, you can go back and write a "Disaster Recovery Plan" for your business.
Wouldn't it have been a blessing if you had had such a plan right now to help you through this recovery? You and your employees could open your Disaster Recovery Manual and have a detailed action plan to follow.
What should be included in a Disaster Recovery Plan? Here are a few suggestions:
Breaking The Chaos In Small Businesses: Plan To Thrive Not Just Survive

By Lane Sloan a Silver Fox Advisor
As a business advisor, the responses I hear from small business owners to the question "are you doing any real planning" is often predictable. Of course, some small businesses do a good job of planning; yet, many times the answer is, "I should, but don't have the time." Others say, "We are too small to take on that kind of effort." Even others admit, "I don't really know how to go about planning." Finally, there are those who defend themselves for not planning contending, "I've read that strategic planning is dead in this fast paced world; I believe you have to go with the flow."
I too have read that some people view strategic planning as dead but in my opinion that is total nonsense. Every key decision you make or do not make becomes part of a (de facto) plan whether you conceive it strategically or not. The real question is, "Do you have any idea on where you want to go with the business and what you want it to become?"
Monthly Marketing Tip

By Mark Miller a Silver Fox Advisor
Do You Sell Or Do You Tell?
Sales people love to talk, especially about the features and benefits that have been "trained" into them. Have you ever talked too much and actually talked the customer out of the sale? Have you ever been a customer and wished the sales person would just stop talking? How did you feel when the sales person talked too much? Comfortable? Probably not. Remember, people buy from people that they are comfortable with. Selling is asking the right questions, not telling your prospects about features and benefits. You will gain greater trust with your prospect if You Sell (ask), Not Tell!


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