January 31st, 2019
What, Me Worry?
The constant drum of impending catastrophic doom that comes from watching too much news has cast a definite pall over January. Between the government shut down, weird weather and Victor Oladpio’s season-ending injury, it’s nearly more than a person can take. Here’s the silver lining: It’s the final days of Devour Indy, which includes several OneZone members in the restaurant genre. Make reservations and read up on policy updates that affect your business.
So Many Bills … and Limited Time & Resources. We have known since May 26 that school safety would be at the forefront of this year’s legislative session. That was the day after the national news was leading with video of Noblesville West Middle School in Hamilton County when a 13-year old brought weapons to school and used them on a classmate and teacher. Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb announced school safety as one of his legislative priorities for 2019, and OneZone has followed suit. Not to disappoint, eight school security bills are moving through the Indiana House and another six through the Senate, addressing issues ranging from mental health to personal responsibility. Click here to read a summary of those bills as they stand today.
A Bias by Any Other Name … Is Still a Bias. As one of our top legislative priorities for 2019, we are supporting the passage of a hate crimes bill. According to OneZone President Mo Merhoff, it’s long past time to put an end to any appearance of intolerance. Read more in her latest opinion piece for OneZone. Meanwhile you can still sign up to support Indiana Competes  – a growing coalition of individuals, businesses, and organizations calling for the passage of strong and unambiguous bias crimes legislation in 2019.
Calling All Political Wannabes . If you find yourself constantly kvetching about local governing bodies (or, perhaps you have the desire to be stopped by angry people in public places to tell you how ill-fit you are to serve as a municipal official), you might be interested in running for public office. You have two weeks to make a decision as deadline to file is Friday, February 8. The most recent list of local candidates includes two candidates (an R and a D) vying for a seat to represent Carmel’s newest city council district, but does not yet include Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness, though there’s no question that he is running. What’s your next step? Check out the Indiana candidate guide here .