The global pandemic has been relentless for many and disruptive for everyone. But change (even under protest) often brings the opportunity to reflect, grow, and blaze new trails. Today we begin a new series: Silver Lining Stories from the Pandemic, and we would like to hear from you. We invite you to share a personal story about something positive that has happened to you during the past year of lockdown — maybe even because of the lockdown. Did you start a new business or take a new career path? Did you spend more time with family, adopt a dog, learn a new skill, or renew old friendships online? If you would like to share your story, please contact us.
Our first story features Tau alumnus Will Stringer '10, who has spent the past year building a company with a mission to "democratize entrepreneurship."

Will and his company, Chisos Capital, are based in Santa Monica, CA, a location he chose for its proximity to the epicenter of venture capital and technology as well as the region's natural amenities -- beautiful beaches, mountains, and good weather. 

"It's been a wild 12 months of nonstop Zoom calls, emails, and Slack messages -- all from the confines of a guest bedroom office," Will said. "We've designed investment terms to get early-stage investment capital into the hands of startup founders and business entrepreneurs."

Will pointed out the obstacles that startup businesses face in the world of traditional financing. "Less than 1% of entrepreneurs receive venture capital, and less than 16% secure bank loans. The remaining 83% have to rely on personal savings or a wealthy network of friends and family," he said. "Chisos helps talented people raise money to start a business using past achievements and demonstrated ambition as collateral."
As technology becomes increasingly accessible, more innovative developers now have the opportunity to start and scale a new business. "The pandemic only accelerated that trend" he added, "and there is immense opportunity for talented entrepreneurs to solve the world's pressing problems. Some of them need only a small amount of capital to get started."

Will grew up in Colleyville, TX, graduated from Grapevine High School and pledged Kappa Sigma at UT Austin as a freshman in the fall of 2010. He graduated in 2014 with finance and business honors degrees. 

He said he chose to pledge Kappa Sigma because of the people. "During Rush, I enjoyed hanging out with and getting to know the rush captains and many of the active members." 

2010 proved to be a watershed year for Tau Chapter: signing the first pledge class of more than 50 (10 times greater than the class just five years earlier) and opening a world-class lodge.
Who inspired Will most among the alumni? "Tito Beveridge was the one who stood out to me," said Will. "As I was starting to learn about business and how to grow a brand in my classes at McCombs, Tito was a guest speaker at one of our Chapter meetings. It was one of the coolest entrepreneurial success stories I've ever heard." 

"The people and the possibilities" are the benefits he appreciates most as a Kappa Sig. "The people I spent time with as an active member were and continue to be some of my best friends," he said. "Seeing the accomplishments of so many great alumni -- Denton Cooley, Tito Beveridge, and Richard Rainwater, to name a few -- made me realize the possibility that I, too, could achieve big goals and accomplish important things."

His advice to Tau Chapter actives? "Don't settle for the status quo. Get out of your comfort zone and try new things that scare you -- especially now, while you're young," said Will. "Ask yourself, 'in 50 years, what is it that I will regret not trying or doing?' Whatever the answer to that question is, find a way to do it.” 
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