October 1st, 2015 
2 San Jose Residents, 1 Firefighter Injured By 2-Alarm House Fire      
Two residents and a firefighter suffered injuries in a two-alarm fire Saturday in San Jose.  The fire was first reported at 4:29 p.m. on the 3100 block of Marten Avenue, The fire started in a bedroom of a one-story, single-family home and spread to the attic.  It blew out a window of the bedroom forcing flames to shoot out and melt the vinyl of an adjacent home          NBC Bay Area   


Gordon Wallace (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired: 6-8-80

Deceased: 8-2-15  
Sebastian J Catania (Ret.)
Retired: 10-1-86

Deceased: 8-1-15  
Michael Rosingana (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 7-4-03
Deceased: 7-10-15  
Rick Wardell (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired: 1-21-11
Deceased: 7-10-15  
Robert L Webb (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 5-7-85
Deceased: 7-9-15 
Harvey E. Webb (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 11-6-91
Deceased: 5-8-15  
Leslie Harms (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired: 1-5-03
Deceased: 4-10-15  
Randy Wiens (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 8-10-04
Deceased: 3-28-15   
Harold S. Funk (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired: 1-14-79
Deceased: 12-7-14  
Larry Cunningham (Ret.)
Battalion Chief
Retired: 5-7-94
Deceased: 12-12-14 
Ralph H. Donnelly (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 1-15-94
Deceased: 11-4-14    
Darryl Weeden (Active)
Fire Captain
Deceased: 11-27-14   
Kay B. Ashby (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired: 6-7-89
Deceased: 11-5-14 
Kenny Hernandez (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired: 8-9-08
Deceased: 10-21-14      


2015 Heroes Gala
San Jose Firefighters Burn Foundation hosts the Heroes' Charity Gala honoring a select group of Burn Survivors from the who have demonstrated perseverance, grace and a positive attitude while recovering from their burn injuries.   Burn Foundation 

Join the Golden State Warriors in Celebrating Local Heroes Night. A Commemorative Warriors Heroes giveaway is included with every special event ticket.

San Jose: Jacobson upgraded from interim to permanent fire chief  
Curtis Jacobson, a veteran firefighter who has spent his entire 23-year career protecting his hometown, was appointed chief of the San Jose Fire Department on Tuesday after spending most of the year helming the agency as its interim leader.         
Contra Costa Times   

FAMILY HONORS: For retired BC Jose Guerrero 
FAMILY HONORS: The family of a retired battalion chief for the San Jose Fire Department will be honored with the La Familia Award at next month's Hispanic Foundation Ball.      Mercury News    

Mountain View: Fire chief working on erasing boundaries between cities   
Fire Chief Juan Diaz is working on a project that involves dropping the boundaries that prevent Mountain View firefighters from responding to emergencies in neighboring Los Altos and Sunnyvale, even when they are closer.         
Mercury News   

Special team connects chronic 911 users to housing, social services, other assistance   
San Diego Paramedics are part of a six-member team seeking to reduce 911 calls made by frequent users.
The data gathered in Street Sense have enabled the community paramedics to target mega users, who make 25 or more 911 calls in six months.
      San Diego Times Union
In Vicious Fire Season, an Endurance Test for California Crews    
In this relentless wildfire season, when fire crews and resources are stretched thin from the foothills of the Rockies to Alaska's wilderness, the latest enemy confronting firefighters is not flame. It is grinding exhaustion       NY Times

CPF Firevision - A Frightening Fortnight   
Recapping a deadly two weeks in the 2015 Fire Season, as the Valley and Butte Fires claim at least five lives, destroy hundreds of homes, and command the efforts thousands of California firefighters.    
  CPF Firevision
Firefighting inmates in California fill a void, gain a lot    
There are 196 inmate fire crews that perform more than 3 million hours of emergency response work annually, making the program an essential tool in the state's firefighting system. Inmate firefighters make up about one-third of the Cal Fire crews responding to wildfires throughout the state.        
San Jose Mercury News

FEMA suggests bulletproof vests for firefighters   
A federal agency is suggesting all first responders wear a bulletproof vest to keep safe.
FEMA is asking firefighters and emergency personnel to wear bulletproof vest.     Body Armor News

Zadroga Act that helps 9/11 attack victims and first responders not extended by Congress    
The Zadroga Act that helps victims and first responders of the 9/11 atacks with related health problems expired at midnight Wednesday.  The federal health benefits affects around 70,000 people.        WABC 

Denver firefighters talk about suicide prevention  
Suicide prevention is usually not mentioned in an employee handbook or in regular workplace meetings.
However, the Denver Fire Department has made it a priority. "It's OK to talk about these things," Denver Fire Chief Eric Tade said. "There is no need to internalize them."        9 News Denver 

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