October 18th, 2016 

Smoked Out: Are Firefighters in More Danger than Ever Before?
New construction materials are making firefighting more hazardous to the health and well being of first responders, as well as building tenants and homeowners.


Richard Nelson (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired: 1996  
Deceased: 9-11-16

William Lowe (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired: 1971
Deceased: 9-5-16

Donald Tyson (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 1985 
Deceased: 7-24-16

Guy Newgren (Ret.)
Battalion Chief
Retired: 1999  
Deceased: 7-23-16
Michael Spinelli (Ret.)
Fire Fighter*
Retired: 1994  
Deceased: 7-13-16
J.C. Walton (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 1973 
Deceased: 3-8-16
Tom Tiopan (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 1999   
Deceased: 10-28-15 
Gregory Martell (Ret.)
Fire Fighter 
Retired: 1999 
Deceased: 10-13-15 
Michael Cunningham (Ret.)
Fire Captain 
Retired: 2005  
Deceased: 10-28-15 



San Jose Fire Fighters along with FireStar video productions took to the streets to film a recruitment video for upcoming entry level FF testing.   


2015 Year in Review

San Jose Fire Fighters 2015 Year In Review

On Sale at  
Local 230 office


San Jose Fire Fighters Support Breast Cancer    
San Jose Fire Fighters hosted "Fighting For a Cure" Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser at Britannia Arms in Downtown San Jose. Proceeds from T shirt sales and "pink shots" from the event will go to support The Pink Fund  


San Jose Fire Fighters are proud to lead an unprecedented coalition who say YES to Measure F.

Mayor Sam Liccardo Endorses Measure F 

Mayor Liccardos Video Message: youtube    

  Growing up my dad would be gone for 24 hours at a time for work. To me this didn't seem odd or different because it was all I've ever known. As I got older I learned about this thing known as a 9 to 5 job where a person goes to work in the morning and comes home at night.... kaleimeetsworld

Why October is California's most dangerous month for wildfires
Every October in California, leaves and temperatures fall, pumpkins dot the fields and college football season takes stride. But despite the trappings of autumn, October is California's most dangerous month for wildfires, posing a deadly mixture of heavy seasonal winds, unpredictable weather patterns and bone dry vegetation.       Santa Cruz Sentinel 

Santa Cruz Regional 911 now accepts text
The Santa Cruz Regional 911 now accepts emergency texts from the hearing impaired and for emergencies best communicated quietly.    
Santa Cruz Sentinel 


EMS Chief rides with SJFD 
EMS & San Jose Fire ONE TEAM! EMS Director Jackie Lowther spent a shift with the Fire Fighters at Station 1 (Market St.) She was able to see first hand some of the major issues facing the SJFD like SCCo Jail Responses, and the Impact of the homeless and frequent users on EMS system

Having EMS directors like Jackie see first hand SJFD field operations ensures a healthy and productive education of our deployment, allowing all EMS Agencies to better serve the public. @sanjosefirefighters 
500 homes evacuated as Emerald fire continues to burn near Lake Tahoe
LAKE TAHOE - Firefighters evacuated 500 homes near Lake Tahoe, as crews continue to battle the blaze, Friday morning. According to Cal Fire, the Emerald fire was first reported around 1:30 a.m. and it quickly grew up to 200 acres. The fire has impacted the residents of El Dorado County, south of South Lake Tahoe    KGO 7


San Jose Fire Fighters Endorse  

HELEN CHAPMAN - District 6 

ASH KALRA - State Assembly District 27

Measure F - YES

San Francisco firefighters lead nation in trying to detect, prevent cancer
When crews go into a fire, they have respirators and oxygen tanks to help them breathe and protect their lungs. But it turns out there may be other risk factors for cancer in the clothes that firefighters wear.  (video)     KGO 7

Senior citizen terror: Blaze at city-owned high-rise with no sprinklers injures three
Two senior citizens were being treated for serious burns and another for smoke inhalation they suffered in a blaze in a 15- story, city-owned senior living facility that isn't equipped with a sprinkler system.
    My NewsLA 
Metal Scrap Yard Had History of Violations Before Toxic Fire
Now the focus of a U.S. EPA Superfund Response Team cleanup that could cost more than a million dollars, advocates say the Maywood site exemplifies a statewide danger that residents don't even know exists: hundreds of businesses using poorly regulated, potentially dangerous materials operating anonymously right next door to homes.
  NBC4 LA 
Salinas false fire alarm fees raised for repeat offenders
Fees for initial false fire alarms have been lowered while fees for repeat offenders have been raised in hopes of reducing the fire department's costs for responding to the hundreds of false fire alarms that occur every year, mostly due to lack of maintenance.     The Californian 
'How did it happen?' That starts the important teen conversations at Burn Camp.
Jaired Heinrichs was 14 when he got burned. He was home in the small Canadian village of Rosengart, Manitoba, about a mile from the border with North Dakota, setting fire to a pile of wet leaves outside. Growing impatient at the slow pace of the burn, Heinrichs went to the garage and filled a jug with "that much gas," he said, holding his fingers about an inch apart.          NY Times 
How firefighting is killing you
Aside from the well-known fire fighting dangers lurks other forces that will reduce your health and possibly your lifespan        Fire Rescue 1


Structure  Fires                                       First Due 

10.5.16 N. 6th                                                  Station 5

Fire Communications dispatched a Full First Alarm Assignment to a report of a garage fire. E5 arrived at 1349 hours and reported a working fire in a detached garage. The fire was contained at 1412 hours. There were no reported injuries.

10.8.16 Pettigrew Ct.                                       Station 8
Full 1st response after receiving a call from a resident reporting smoke from a separate living space in the Victorian home.  Engine 8 arrived on scene and reported smoke from the structure.   E8 reported a working attic fire in need of aggressive salvage.  An additional truck as well as a squad were requested for salvage.  All appropriate notifications were made, board up was requested, and San Jose Police was requested for traffic control.  

10.10.16 N 32nd St.                                      Station 34
Full first response after receiving one call from a passerby reporting a house fire on the corner. Multiple units reported smoke showing while enroute and located a bedroom fire in a converted garage that had spread to the house.

2nd Alarm

10.13.16 BrightWillow Cir.                           Station 5
Full 1st dispatched after receiving multiple calls for a vehicle on fire inside an attached garage. Engine 5 confirmed a working fire at a two story residential structure upon arrival.  The fire was contained after 30 minutes and placed under control after 1 hour. PG&E, REDCROSS and boardup were all requested. 


10.14.16 SB 101 @ Tully                          Station 16    
Rescue response for multiple reports of a solo vehicle rollover. Engine 16 arrived on scene and confirmed a solo vehicle rollover with county ambulance and     CHP on scene. Engine 16 reported four patients total, two patients self-extricated and two patients entrapped in the vehicle. The two entrapped patients were extricated after 25 minutes. A total of 4 ambulances responded and all patients were transported to local hospitals.

10.15.16 Moorpark Avenue                    Station 14
Engine 14 dispatched to a vehicle accident. As Engine 14 was arriving, communications received an update that one subject was trapped. Engine 14 was able to confirm and the call was upgraded to a Rescue Response. The patient was extricated after 30 minutes and three patients were transported to local hospitals.

10.15.16  SB 101                                      Station 8
Communications dispatched a single unit to a report of a 2 vehicle accident. Engine 8 arrived on scene and requested a rescue response for a 2 vehicle accident with 3 patients with one trapped in the vehicle. The patient was extricated after 25 minutes.

10.1.16 NB 680/101                                      Station 16   
Multiple calls reporting a vegetation fire in the area of the 280/680/101 interchange and multiple fire units were dispatched to the various locations reported.  The first arriving fire unit reported approximately 2 acres burning and requested a TIER response.  The fire was knocked down and placed under control after 1 hour.

10.6.16 Mt Hamilton Road/Quimby Road           Station 2
En18405 Mt Hamilton Road/Quimby Road @ Grant Ranch Park Calfire requested two San Jose Fire Engines and one Battalion Chief for a working fire on the backside of Grant Ranch Park. Engine Company 2, Engine Company 31 and Battalion 2 were all dispatched.

10.8.16 Hillcap Avenue                            Station 18
Communications dispatched a single unit response for multiple reports of an outside fire. E26 arrived on scene and requested a tier response for an acre vegetation fire, slow moving uphill at 0401 hours. The fire was contained at 0521 hours.ol.

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