October 31st, 2018   
San Jose neighbors used garden hoses to fight homeless camp fire

SAN JOSE -  Neighbors used garden hoses to battle a fire that threatened their homes.   The fire started in a nearby homeless encampment at the corner of Genevieve Lane and Tish Drive as firefighters battled flames shooting over the sound wall along southbound 880 in Central San Jose. Moments before, Steve Von Konski, and other neighbors were trying to put the fire out with garden hoses.  
"We were afraid of something like this happening," Von Konski said. "We have north wind and it could have been just like Santa Rosa. We could have lost the whole neighborhood."   KRON4

Homeowner: Ex-boyfriend doused her house in gasoline, set on fire
SAN JOSE - Fire crews opened an arson investigation for an early morning house fire. The homeowner told KTVU that her ex-boyfriend broke into her home and doused it in gasoline before setting it on fire.  Firefighters are calling the 1 a.m. fire at Hamilton Park Dr. suspicious and are investigating whether it was intentionally set. The homeowner, who did not give her name, said her ex slipped into her home from the backsliding door. She ran outside with her dogs. That's when her ex set her house on fire, she said.        KTVU         NBC Bay Area       CBS5

San Jose: 11 people displaced after fire ignites in home
SAN JOSE - A house fire in San Jose left 11 people displaced but did not cause any injuries.  The two-alarm fire was reported at 8:26 a.m. at a home in the 1100 block of East San Antonio St.   A second alarm was initially called because firefighters were told that there may be people trapped in the home, but crews arrived and determined that everyone had gotten out safely.        Mercury News   


Lloyd "Benny" Benson (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired 1986
Deceased: 10-2-2018

Jerry Williams (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired 1997
Deceased: 10-12-2018

Mauri Reeder (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired 6-1-1995
Deceased: 8-19-2018
Tom Davis (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired 2-5-1998
Deceased: 6-23-2018
Thomas G. Shultz (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired 1-25-1997
Deceased: 6-15-2018
Thomas A. Gianatasio (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired 2009
Deceased: 6-10-2018
Nicklas A Granoski (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired 1-6-1988
Deceased: 6-9-2018
Theodore Bohn (Ret.)
Battalion Chief
Retired 1981
Deceased: 5-12-2018
Terry Newman (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired 1-6-1988
Deceased: 3-28-2018
Elvin G Ragsdale (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired 11-11-1979
Deceased: 3-20-2018
William J. Stout 
Deceased: 3-14-2018
Pete Lovier (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired 2003
Deceased: 1-2-2018
Dan Bourbon (Ret.)
Battalion Chief
Retired 1993
Deceased: 2017



44th Annual Firefighter
Memorial Mass
Sat November 10, 2018
Holy Cross Church 11am


Sat November 10, 2018
Alameda Fairgrounds



Chris Smead

Craig Rose

9.22. SCC Fire  - Santa Clara Co Fire Station #2
Engine 27 and E627 were dispatched to this location 

9.24. CALFire - Tilton Ave
Battalion 13, Engine 27/E627 and Truck 35 for structure Fire. 

9.28 CALFire - Metcalf Rd.  
Engine 27 and E627 to  South County for a wire call

10.14  CALFire - Smith Creek Station (Mt. Hamilton)
Engine 24/E624 station coverage for Red Flag Warning.

10.19 Gilroy Fire - Luchessa.  
Engine 35 for response to structure fire 

10.19 Santa Clara Co Fire - Fire Station 1
Engine 27/E627 Fire Station backfill

10.27 CALFire Morgan Hill.  
Engine 27/E627 to Fire Station #4 - Coverage


2015 Year in Review

San Jose Fire Fighters 2015 Year In Review

2016 IAFF Media
 Award Winner


San Jose taps veteran firefighter as next fire chief

SAN JOSE -Robert Sapien Jr., a 30-year veteran of the San Jose Fire Department who has spent more than nine months serving as the city's acting fire chief, has been appointed to the position permanently.     Mercury News
PG&E Powerline sparks 30-Acre Wildfire In East San Jose; 2 Firefighters Injured

SAN JOSE -  Two firefighters were injured battling a grass fire that consumed more than 30 acres in the hills near Quimby Road on San Jose's eastern edge.
The fire was reported at 4 p.m. by multiple callers including flight tower personnel at Reid Hillview Airport about three miles to the east, said San Jose Fire Capt. Brad Cloutier.       CBS5   Mercury News  

Brush Fire Sparks Near Golf Course, Highway 101 South of San Jose
SAN JOSE - Fire Fighters from Cal Fire extinguished a 40-acre brush fire in south San Jose. The blaze started around two in the afternoon on Monterey Street. 
(video)   KGO     NBC Bay Area       


San Jose Fire Fighters Endorse Measure T

San Jose Fire Fighters join
Mayor Sam Liccardo, Fire Chief Robert Sapien, Police Chief Eddie Garcia the entire City Council, the Mercury News and many others in Supporting Measure T.

The Time for Safety Upgrade is Now . . . . 


Battle Scars
An example of the physical toll fighting fire can take on San Jose Fire Fighters.  Here a firefighter received multiple 2nd and 3rd burns to his ears after battling this fully involved house fire on Mt. McKinley Drive. - Four  adults and 2 dogs were displaced as a result of this blaze
Costa Mesa brings ambulance service in-house, officials say it will be more efficient
COSTA MESA - With the roll out of a major change to ambulance service, the Costa Mesa Fire Department's offerings could be called both new and improved.  After contracting with Care Ambulance, a private company, for about 10 years, Costa Mesa now takes patients to the hospital in its own ambulances. The switch is expected to allow the city to recover about $1.2 million more annually that previously went to Care.      OC Register


Op-ed: How voting for Proposition B will help Houston firefighters
Houston firefighters have watched their pay dramatically erode. As city politicians found ways to increase pay for police officers by 37% since 2011. HFD pay has risen by only three percent in that time.     Houston Chronicle

Fact check: A look at key claims in the firefighter pay 'parity' debate       Houston Chronicle

'It really hits home': Sacramento firefighter reacts to daring rescue
SACRAMENTO -   A Sacramento firefighter is recovering at home after being pulled from the roof of a commercial building Wednesday.
"Shock, disbelief a little bit," is how Sacramento Fire Department spokesperson Capt. Keith Wade described the moment a fellow firefighter nearly fell through the roof of a children's store in the Arden area.      KCRA


Auto Extrication Training
Saturday Training: Your San Jose Fire Fighters never rest, today the crew from Station 13 (Pearl Ave) participated in Vehicle Extrication Training.

Firefighters work under the golden hour concept which attempts to get a trauma patient to a medical and surgical team within 1 hour of a traumatic accident. 
Today's result: 1st door off in 2 1/2 minutes.... roof off in 12 minutes.  Fully Opened up in 15 minutes      Instagram

Is California's firefighting strategy making future fires worse?

As ashes cool on a sequence of wildfires - Delta, Carr, Mendocino Complex and so many more - there's a statewide sigh of relief, a collective sense of gratitude as real as the hand-painted signs thanking the firefighters who contain those dangerous blazes. 
But a different sentiment is stirring among many experts: California is a place forged by fire, they say, and our fierce fire-fighting policies are, paradoxically, creating a fuel-filled landscape that burns hotter and faster than ever.       Mercury News



            FIRE INCIDENTS 

           First Due      San Jose Council District  


9.23.18   Quimby Ave    Station 8    SJ District 31
Multiple calls for a fire in the east foothills. A TIER response was dispatched.  Engine 31 requested air support from CalFire due to structures being threatened. SJFD arrived on scene & the call was upgraded to a TIER 2. CalFire sent out a full (high) response with aircraft support. The call was upgraded to a TIER 3, and a Mutual Aid task force was requested via RedNet. Total of 52 acres were burned during this event. S/O and SJPD were requested for traffic control. PG&E was requested for wires down.  Two firefighters were injured and transported to local hospitals. Fire watch rotations were established for the rest of the night.

9.24.18  Page St       Station 4    SJ District 6
Multiple calls reporting a house on fire.  The first arriving fire unit reported fire to the rear of the structure.  The fire was under control after 45 minutes. 


9.26.18  Alum Rock    Station 2    SJ District 5
Multiple reports received from law enforcement agencies of a vehicle collision that caused a gas leak.  Engine 2 requested a structure response.  Battalion 2 advised that this was a significant gas leak that affected as six houses in the area requiring residents to evacuate.  The incident was placed under control after 3 hours when PG&E secured the leak and residents were allowed to return to their homes.

9.29.18  Loch Ness Wy    Station 8   SJ District 24
Full First response after receiving multiple calls stating a house was on fire.  Engine 24 arrived on scene and reported a working fire in the back of the house.  Due to a report of someone trapped in the house, B2 requested a 2nd  Alarm.  The fire was knocked down and under control after 1 hour. Two civilian patients were transported to a local hospital.


10.4.18   Westwood Dr    Station 6    SJ District 6
Full first response after receiving multiple calls regarding a structure fire.  Engine 6 arrived and reported heavy fire in the back side of the house.  A 2nd  alarm was requested and the fire was eventually knocked down and under control after 1 hour.

10.7.18  101/Cochrane   Station 27   SJ District 2 
Multiple calls reporting a large fire NB 101 North of Coyote Creek Golf Drive. Calfire was started to respond with an IZONE response from San Jose. While en-route, Engine 35 reported a column of smoke closer to Cochrane.  The fire was called 100% contained and under control after 5 hours and burned an estimated 62 acres. Fire watch was set up on a rotation throughout the night.

10.8.18   Mt. McKinley Dr.   Station 2  1  SJ District 5
Multiple calls with reports of a house on fire. Engine 21 arrived and reported a fully involved house fire. Fire was placed under control after 45 minutes. Red Cross was requested for 4 adults and 2 dogs that were displaced.


10.13.18 Chapala Rd. Station 21 SJ District 8
Fire Communications received a call regarding a male who was suspended approximately 30 feet above ground after tree branches fell while he was cutting a palm tree.  Engine 21/E621 and a code 3 ambulance were dispatched and upgraded to a RESCUE response with the addition of USAR 34. E21 arrived and confirmed a RESCUE and requested MUTAID from County Fire for their truck with a platform.   The patient was extricated after 1 hour and pronounced deceased on scene.  


10.14.18 Queens Ln   Station 5 SJ District 3
Call from the Caltrans Maintenance Yard reporting that several employees were experiencing eye irritation and coughing but they were refusing medical.  The HIT unit was dispatched with the first due Squad and Engine; an additional Engine, Battalion Chief and Med30 were dispatched shortly thereafter.  The first arriving fire unit set up Hazmat zones and fire unit assignments.  There was one patient transported with inhalation complaints.   The event was under control after 1.5 hours; no cause was found for the signs/symptoms experienced by the employees on site.


10.15.18 E. San Antonio St  Station 8 SJ District 3
Full First dispatched and upgraded to a 2nd  Alarm when the RP advised that there may be people trapped upstairs of the  home.  The first arriving fire unit reported heavy smoke from the Delta side of the attic. Red Cross was requested for the 11 displaced residents.  One patient was transported to a local hospital with minor burns.

10.15.18 E. San Antonio St  Station 8 SJ District 3
Multiple calls reporting a fire. Some callers reported a dumpster on fire, and some callers reported a detached carport on fire. A structure response was dispatched. The first unit arrived and reported smoke from the Charlie side of the building. The call was upgraded to a Full1st response. In total, 3 carports were on fire. No vehicles were involved. The arson investigator responded out. 


10.16.18 Teresi Ct.  Station 10 SJ District 1
A structure response was dispatched to multiple calls of a palm tree on fire in the back yard of a residence.   Engine 10 arrived and found that the tree fire had spread to the main structure.    One civilian occupant was rescued from the structure.    A 2nd  alarm was called as fire was found in the attic of the structure.    The fire was placed under control after 2 hours.    There were no reported injuries.   Red Cross responded for several displaced occupants.

10.17.18 Foxworthy Dr. Station 13 SJ District 9
Call reporting a gas leak, the first arriving unit reported a sheared off 3 inch pipe with audible gas from the rear of the building. SJPD was requested for evacuations and traffic control.   PG&E assisted with securing the gas leak. 


10.19.18 Everglade Ave.  Station 16 SJ District 5
structure response to a report of a trailer on fire in the back yard of a residence.  Additional 911 calls came in stating that the fire was endangering the main house. Engine 16 arrived and found a working fire from the trailer and live power lines down on the ground and requested a 2nd
alarm.  The fire did not extend to the main structure.  The fire was placed under control after 1.5 hours. 


10.20.18 SB 101  Station 27 SJ District 2
Multiple 911 calls and locations were received of a vehicle collision numbering up to 20 vehicles.  Engine 27/E627 arrived, verified the location and began to check for injuries.  A Level 1 Ambulance Task Force was requested for a total of 4 patients.  All units were clear of the event within 1 hour.  

10.21.18 Hamilton Park Dr.  Station 14  SJ District 1
Report of an intentionally set mattress fire that spread to the rest of the house.   Engine 14 arrived and found a single story house with a working fire inside.     Red Cross was requested for the displaced occupant.    There were no reported injuries.    The fire cause investigator responded to the scene.    San Jose Police took over for further investigation.

10.23.18 Monterey Hwy.  Station 18  SJ District 18  
Communications received a call for a vehicle accident.  A second ambulance had been requested while the unit was still enroute based on subsequent information indicating there were multiple patients.    The first arriving fire unit reported that there were five patients and upgraded the call to a rescue response. There were a total of 2 patients transported to local hospitals and one fatality

10.23.18 E Julian St.  Station 1  SJ District 3
Full first response after receiving a call for a structure fire.      Truck 1 arrived and reported heavy smoke coming from the structure.    Red Cross was requested for 14 adults and 1 child, and board up was ordered.   


10.27.18 280 at 7th
 St  Station 8  SJ District 3 3
Call from a SJPD unit on scene of a multiple vehicle accident.  Subsequent reports indicated that there was a person trapped under the vehicle and the call was upgraded to a Rescue Response. The USAR Task Force and Ambulance Task Force were requested to assist with the extrication of the patient found trapped underneath the vehicle and for the number of potential patients. A total of four patients were transported to local hospitals with one fatality


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