July 1st, 2018   
Car Narrowly Misses Firefighter, Slams Into Fire Truck in San Jose 
SAN JOSE -  A driver behind the wheel of a sedan slammed into the back of a fire truck in San Jose, narrowly missing a firefighter who was working outside of the rig, according to the city's fire department.  (video)   NBC Bay Area    KGO   

San Jose: Two-alarm fire displaces 3 residents
SAN JOSE - Three adults were displaced after a fire ripped through their Berryessa neighborhood home.  The blaze ignited in the cluttered garage of a home on the 2700 block of Westberry Drive about 7:30 p.m., Driven by the wind, the flames quickly spread to the second floor.  (video)   Mercury News     


Thomas A. Gianatasio (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired 2009
Deceased: 6-10-2018
Tom Davis (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired 2-5-1998
Deceased: 6-23-2018

William J. Stout 
Deceased: 3-14-2018
Pete Lovier (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired 2003
Deceased: 1-2-2018
Dan Bourbon (Ret.)
Battalion Chief
Retired 1993
Deceased: 2017
Gerald A Hubbard (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired 2-5-1986
Deceased: 8-19-2017
Oliver Anastacio (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired: 8-8-1972
Deceased: 8-15-2017
Edward N. Silva (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired: 10-3-1973
Deceased: 7-26-2017
Bob Currall  (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired: 12-3-1993
Deceased: 7-19-2017
John Whitaker (Vol)
Fire Associates of 
Silicon Valley
Deceased: 7-11-2017
Joseph M. Nufer   (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired: 1-2-1974
Deceased: 3-27-2017
Francis Swanson (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 4-6-1986
Deceased: 3-8-2017


Chris Smead captures SJFD arriving to a gas fed fire on Almaden Exp. 



Chris Smead

Craig Rose


July 12th, 2018


2015 Year in Review

San Jose Fire Fighters 2015 Year In Review

2016 IAFF Media
 Award Winner

Toxic pool chemicals sicken 35 people in San Jose
SAN JOSE - Toxic pool chemicals that mixed together have sent at least 35 people to the hospital.
The incident happened around at the Shadow Brook Swim Club on Shadow Brook Drive in San Jose.
Firefighters say a pool worker mistakenly mixed the toxic chemicals together and it created a dangerous cloud of gas.  The pool worker became ill almost immediately after being exposed to the mixture. 
The victims reported symptoms of nausea, vomiting and trouble breathing.      (video)  KRON4  

String of suspicious fires burn near Coyote Creek in San Jose 
SAN JOSE  - Firefighters were busy putting out a string of suspicious fires near Coyote Creek. The first fire sparked near Capitol Expressway and Tuers Road. Fire Captain Mitch Matlow told ABC7 News the department is considering the fires suspicious in nature because at least four fire ignited within minutes and miles of one another.  (video)      KGO

Fire at Previously Burned, Abandoned Building in San Jose
SAN JOSE -  Bright orange flames were shooting out of the roof of an uninhabited building building in the 700 block of W. San Carlos Street in downtown San Jose around 2:23 San Jose early Officials said there were transients inside the building when the fire started but no one was injured.   (video)  KGO   NBCBayArea    

2-Alarm House Fire Forces 12 to Evacuate 
SAN JOSE -   A two-alarm house fire was knocked down in San Jose after it forced twelve people, including two children, to evacuate.  The first report of the fire came in around 3 p.m. in East San Jose on Stone Glenn Court. Fortunately, no one at the residence was injured.   The fire began in a backyard and quickly spread to the house, officials said. It also burned a small portion of the neighbor's home. At one point it threatened power lines, and PG&E was called to assist.     ( video)   NBC BayArea    

San Jose Illegal Fireworks Crackdown Features Website To Report Neighbors 
SAN JOSE - After years of trying to crack down on illegal fireworks in the city, San Jose city has come up with a new plan: a website where people can report fireworks scofflaws.   City officials unveiled another city-wide anti-fireworks ad campaign in Vietnamese, Spanish, and English, with the tag line: snap, click, report.     ( video)   CBS    

Fire Fighters Tackle IronMan Austria 
for Burn Foundation

Four San Jose Fire Fighters from Engine 16 raised over $4,000 for the San Jose Fire Fighters Burn Foundation as part of a fundraising effort as they prepare for the IRONMAN AUSTRIA on July 1, 2018. 

This grueling event is a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, followed by a 26.2 mile run. This all day, 140.2 mile event, begins at 6 in the morning and typically ends long after the sun sets. 

Devastating fires, drought conditions prompt concern in South Bay over illegal fireworks  
SAN JOSE Fireworks are certainly part of the July 4th holiday tradition, but some South Bay neighbors say illegal use has brought more fear of fire than fun.
Even with last year's decent rain, fuel conditions all around the Bay Area never fully recovered from California's drought.
.     ( video)   ABC    

Sonoma County grand jury report faults government response to firestorm
Widespread communication problems among public agencies responding to the October firestorms impeded everything from evacuations and public warnings to sheltering systems and inter-agency coordination, according to a new report by the Sonoma County Civil Grand Jury.         Petaluma360 

Black firefighter on inspection duty in Oakland hills gets videotaped, reported to police
OAKLAND- A black firefighter conducting city-mandated inspections around homes in the Oakland hills was reported to police and, on a separate occasion, questioned and videotaped by a resident who found him suspicious, even though he was in full uniform with his fire truck parked nearby.     SF Chronicle 

Firefighters make dramatic rescue in Santa Cruz Mountains
SANTA CRUZ-  Santa Clara County firefighters spent more than two hours Wednesday night rescuing a man whose car plunged down an embankment in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  The accident happened shortly after 9pm on Locust Drive in unincorporated Los Gatos.    Mercury News 


Long Beach, Calif. man, 77, set blaze to lure firefighters, shot one dead, police say  
LONG BEACH - A 77-year-old man set a fire to lure firefighters to his Southern California retirement home so he could shoot them, authorities said. The attack killed one firefighter and wounded another.    CBS   Newsweek

Fresno mayor kills tax plan aimed at improving police, fire staffing and park facilities    
FRESNO-  Fresno Mayor Lee Brand abandoned his plan to add a public safety and parks sales tax measure on the November ballot.   "It is with a mixture of both regret and hope that I am announcing the withdrawal of the parks and public safety ballot measure I introduced to Council," Brand said in a news release.      Fresno Bee

Grand Jury Report Slams Response Dispute Between OCFA, Sheriff's Department
ORANGE COUNTY  - In light of a debate between the Orange County Fire Authority and Sheriff's Department over which should be the lead agency on search-and-rescue calls, a grand jury report released  called on the county to create a permanent "air operations safety council."  MyNewsLA

City moves ahead with false fire alarm fees
CHICO - The Chico Fire Department will soon begin charging for repeated false fire alarms after the City Council voted in favor of amending city code to address the issue.  The department has received more than 1,400 calls in two years that turned out to be false fire alarms, accounting for more than 5 percent of total calls received in 2016 and 2017. Some of those calls come from repeat offenders, including Chico State University, with the department responding to as many as 50 false alarms at one property.       Chico ER

Study: More firefighters died by suicide than in the line of duty in 2017
A recent study found that more firefighters and police officers died by suicide in 2017 than all line-of-duty deaths combined. USA Today  reported that 103 firefighters and 140 police officers died by suicide in 2017, compared to 93 firefighter and 129 officer line-of-duty deaths, according to the Ruderman Family Foundation , a philanthropic organization that fights for the rights of people with disabilities.    Fire Rescue1  

            FIRE INCIDENTS 

           First Due      San Jose Council District  

6.6.18    Benninghof    Station 24    SJ District 8
San Jose Fire Communications dispatched a full first response after receiving a report of a bathroom fire. Engine 24 arrived and reported light smoke showing.  E24 advised that in the second story bathroom, there were flames visible into the attic space.  The fire was knocked down at 2228 hours and under control at 2240 hours.  No injuries were reported and all appropriate notifications were made. 


6.7.18  Westberry Dr   
  Station 23   District 4
Reports of a house fire, Full First response. Engine 23 arrived to a 2 story house with a working garage fire.  B2 requested a 2nd Alarm. The fire was placed under control at 1 hour. Red Cross was requested for 3 displaced individuals. One patient treated on scene. . 

SJC Airpot     
 Station 20   SJ District 6
San Jose Fire Communications received a call from the SJIA tower reporting, an inbound 737 with landing gear stuck in the down position just after take-off from San Jose.  The plane had an unknown eta as it was flying around trying to problem solve.  Station 20 requested a third alarm to the airport.  An ambulance task force was requested.  The aircraft landed safely after 20 minutes.  

Quimby Rd    Station 31    District 7 

Single unit to smoke in the area of Quimby/Murrillo. Engine 31 upgraded the response to an I-Zone response for smoke seen midway up the hill. The first arriving unit advised that there was a 20x20 pile of debris on fire. CALFIRE was notified due to the area being an SRA. CALFIRE assisted with E1684 and E902. 

6.11.18 SB 280     Station 3  SJ District 7
SJFD Communications dispatched a single unit to multiple reports of a fire on the right hand shoulder of the freeway. The first arriving unit requested two more engines for assistance. A TIER response was requested & CHP assisted with traffic control. The fire was placed Under Control after 45 minutes. 

6.12.18     Tuers Rd 
     Station 26  SJ District 7
San Jose Fire Communications dispatched a single unit to reports of a vegetation fire. The first arriving unit reported a ¼ acre fire and requested a TIER response. The fire was placed Under Control after 48 minutes.  

6.12.18    Sierra Rd       Station 19  SJ District 4
San Jose Fire communications dispatched an I-Zone response to reports of a vegetation fire on Sierra Rd. Engine 19 E619 arrived reporting 50x100 light flashy fuel. B2 requested a tier response. All units were clear of the scene after 70 minutes.

6.13.18 Mt. Hamilton Rd   Station 2   SJ District 5
TIER response to multiple reports of a grass fire.    Cal Fire dispatched a Medium response as this was reportedly in a State Response Area.    Engine 221 arrived on scene confirming a 100 x 100 vegetation fire and possibly an additional fire further ahead.    It was confirmed that there were three total fires at the location. 

6.13.18 Milburn St   Station 21   SJ District 8 
Full first response to reports of a house on fire. Engine 21 arrived and reported smoke coming from the garage and attic space. It was confirmed that there was a working vehicle fire in the garage. The fire did not extend into the living space of the house. PGE was requested, as well as a precautionary ambulance.  Board up was requested, as well as Red Cross for 4 adults.


6.14.18  Shadowbrook     Station 22 SJ District 10
Call for multiple patients with symptoms at a pool.  Engine 22, and the HIT Taskforce were dispatched.  Ambulance Task Force 2 was requested for a report of up to 20 patients. While en-route, B29 requested four additional San Jose ALS units to respond.  E22 arrived on scene reporting approximately ten patients exposed to pool chemicals.  IC stated this was a level one MPMP.  IC upgraded the activation to MPMP2 for 20 patients needing transport. Decontamination was completed at 1.5 hours.  35 patients total were transported in 11 ambulances.  

Millpond Dr         Station 26  SJ District 7
Full 1 st  response to reports of a structure fire. The first arriving unit reported a working kitchen fire. Board up was requested to secure the structure. PG&E assisted with securing utilities.

6.16.18  N 17th       Station 8  SJ District 3
San Jose Fire Communications received a report of a basement fire and sent a full first response. Engine 8 arrived on scene reporting an exterior fire that was extending to the basement.

6.17.18  Raposa Ct    Station 24  SJ District 7
Full first to a reported house fire.  Engine 24 arrived and found a garage fire had extended to the attic of the structure.  Red Cross was requested for four people displaced by the fire

6.19.18 Almaden Ex  Station 7  SJ District 3
Multiple reports of an apartment fire at the Italian Gardens Apartments. Units arrived on scene at 2349 reporting a fire in the hallway. Later it was reported to be a gas fed fire from a gas leak.  PG&E was requested to secure utilities.

6.20.18  Monterey Rd   Station 27  SJ District 2 
Single unit to smoke showing on the west side of the freeway. A TIER response was dispatched after the engine en-route reported a large amount of smoke. The first arriving unit reported a 2-3 acre grass fire with 3 different bodies of fire. At 1357 hours a TIER 2 was requested as well as a CALFIRE Response. Fire was placed Under Control after 2 hours

6.22.18   SB 101  Station 16  SJ District 2
San Jose Fire Communications dispatched a single engine to a report of a vehicle fire. The vehicle fire was caused by an accident and now extending into the hillside.  While en-route Engine 26 requested a TIER response due the multiple calls reporting fire climbing the hill.  E26 arrived on scene at 0845 hours reporting a vehicle fire extending into light flashy fuels.  One person was treated for minor injuries on scene.  CHP assisted on scene.  

6.21.18  Murtha Dr    Station 21  SJ District 5
Full First response to multiple reports of a house fire.  Engine 21 arrived on scene to a confirmed house fire.  County ambulance responded with two ambulances, and two patients were transported. 


6.21.16 West San Carlos St   Station 30  SJ District 6
Engine 30 was dispatched to a report of an outside fire in the area.  Additional calls were received of a building on fire and the event was upgraded to a full first.  E30 arrived and found flames through the roof of a vacant warehouse.  A 2nd alarm was called.  The fire was placed under control after 1 hour.

6.22.16 West San Carlos St  Station 29  SJ District 4
Communications received a call reporting possible smoke inside a building. A structure response was dispatched. The first unit arrived on scene, and reported nothing was showing on initial arrival. Upon investigating, they found a hazmat placard on one of the doors, and light smoke coming from one of the doors.  Further investigation found an overheated generator in one of the doors, creating a lot of smoke. The call was reduced back to a structure response. All appropriate notifications were made. 


6.27.16 Senter Rd  Station 24  SJ District 7
Fire Communications received multiple calls reporting a fire in the creek area of Capitol and Tuers. Engine 24 was dispatched, and while en-route, reported smoke showing from the station. They requested a Tier. E24 arrived on scene and reported heavy fire in the brush and trees, with light flashy fuels. The call was upgraded to a TIER 2, plus an additional 3 engines. Communications started to receive calls reporting a fire in the area of 2650 Senter Rd. A separate event was started, and it was determined that there were multiple fires that were intentionally set along the creek between Capitol and Umbarger. PD was requested for traffic control, as well as to apprehend the suspect. Arson responded to the scene. 


6.30.18  Durness Pl    Station 26   SJ District 7
Fire communications received multiple calls reporting a house on fire, including a call from Reid Hillview airport seeing smoke from their location. A Full1st response was dispatched. Engine 26 arrived on scene and reported a working structure fire. At 1518 hours, a 2nd alarm was called, for 2 homes that were involved. Red Cross was requested for 6 adults and 2 children from one of the homes.  *article above


6.6.18 CalFire
Engine 27/E627 for Backfill coverage for Morgan Hill fire Station 1

Engine 35 Backfill coverage for Morgan Hill fire station 2.

6.10.18 CalFire
San Jose Fire Communications dispatched Engine 28 at the request of CALFIRE for a report of a bicyclist down on a trail.    E28 requested an additional unit to respond due to a report of another bicyclist down.   E27/E627 responded along with B13.   


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