September 17th, 2018   
Tesla collides with San Jose fire engine, leaving 2 hurt
SAN JOSE - Officials are investigating the cause of a crash involving a San Jose fire truck and a Tesla that left two people hurt. The crash happened around 1 a.m. on SB Highway 101 near Coyote Creek.  Firefighters were responding to an accident when a black Tesla rear-ended one of the trucks.
 (video)     KGO     Local 230 Instagram       

Stop Illegal Fireworks group frustrated with crackdown results in San Jose  
SAN JOSE -  Many residents in San Jose are frustrated over the results of a crackdown on illegal fireworks during the Fourth of July holiday.  
In a memo from the acting fire chief to the city, only six citations were issued, 88 warnings were given and nothing was confiscated despite 1,100 complaints.  KTVU (Video)    KTVU  


Mauri Reeder (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired 6-1-1995
Deceased: 8-19-2018
Tom Davis (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired 2-5-1998
Deceased: 6-23-2018
Thomas G. Shultz (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired 1-25-1997
Deceased: 6-15-2018
Thomas A. Gianatasio (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired 2009
Deceased: 6-10-2018
Nicklas A Granoski (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired 1-6-1988
Deceased: 6-9-2018
Theodore Bohn (Ret.)
Battalion Chief
Retired 1981
Deceased: 5-12-2018
Terry Newman (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired 1-6-1988
Deceased: 3-28-2018
Elvin G Ragsdale (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired 11-11-1979
Deceased: 3-20-2018
William J. Stout 
Deceased: 3-14-2018
Pete Lovier (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired 2003
Deceased: 1-2-2018
Dan Bourbon (Ret.)
Battalion Chief
Retired 1993
Deceased: 2017
Gerald A Hubbard (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired 2-5-1986
Deceased: 8-19-2017
Oliver Anastacio (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired: 8-8-1972
Deceased: 8-15-2017



Chris Smead

Craig Rose


2015 Year in Review

San Jose Fire Fighters 2015 Year In Review

2016 IAFF Media
 Award Winner

San Jose Vies for FAA Funding to Replace Aircraft Rescue Facility
SAN JOSE - The City is trying to secure federal grants to replace its 58-year-old aircraft rescue and firefighting facility, which has fallen into disrepair. The City Council  will look to apply for a slice of $1 billion in discretionary funds that Congress made available in the 2018-19 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) budget.       SJ Inside

Patriot Day 2018

SJFD - Patriot Day
SJFD Memorial Bell Ceremony -  Acting Fire Chief Robert Sapien broadcasts a message to all San Jose Fire Fighters over the air as we remember the events of September 11th, 2001.
Members of Fire Station 1 led by the SJFD Honor Guard conducted the ceremony in front of the Fire Fighters Memorial Bell at 5:46 am. This marks the time American Airlines Flight 11 struck the North Tower on that fateful day 17 years ago.       YouTube

Santa Clara County touts drone ban above wildfires and jails
SAN JOSE - Anyone who flies a drone above a wildfire zone or jail facility in Santa Clara County can now be charged with a misdemeanor under a new ordinance aimed at stopping drones from interfering with firefighting efforts and dropping contraband on jail grounds, officials announced Thursday.   East Bay Times
Photographer Chris Smead captures the work 
of your San Jose Fire Fighter's. This time crews responded to a local Weinersnitchel to extinguish a fire in the walls.
While protecting lives and homes we also help keep the San Jose economy up an running by quickly responding, locating and mitigating hazards like fires and hazardous material releases.  Csmeadphotography

Fire at Oakland homeless encampment displaces 37, firefighters say

OAKLAND - Officials with the city and the American Red Cross are scrambling to try to make shelter arrangements for 37 people who were displaced by a fire at a homeless camp near Interstate Highway 880 in Oakland     
Disastrous fire season has Cal Fire running out of money

SACRAMENTO - California's firefighting agency is running out of money in the midst of a disastrous and deadly fire season and needs another $234 million to make it through the middle of next year.  Ken Pimlott, director of the state Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, or Cal Fire, said in a letter to legislators that the agency is down to its last $11 million after spending $432 million in 
  July and August alone. The budget year doesn't end until June 30, 2019.   SF Chronicle


San Jose Firefighters honored 
Councilmember Chappie Jones honored San Jose Fire Fighter Matt Tuttle as a District 1 hero at the West San Jose Neighborhood Nights.  Matt is President of the San Jose Fire Fighters Burn Foundation. The event was held on Aug. 29th with the San Jose Earthquakes at Avaya Stadium. Great work and service to our community  SJFD Facebook

Bird Poop Started Skyline House Fire

SAN DIEGO - A fire that caused $100,000 in damage to a home in Skyline was caused by, of all things, bird excrement.  Yep, bird poop was the culprit, plus a little help from the weather, SDFD spokeswoman Monico Munoz said.  "The bird excrement heats up and with just the right amount of wind and moisture, it starts a fire," she said. "Some strange phenomenon."  
  SD Times 
Pilot shortage has Cal Fire tankers sitting on runways during wildfires

SACRAMENTO - California's long and deadly wildfire season is wearing down its firefighting pilots and causing Cal Fire to ground as many as six aircraft at a time because of staffing shortages. Schedules obtained by The Sacramento Bee show a rising number of grounded aircraft as the summer fire season progressed because pilots were unavailable to fly the planes.  
  Modesto Bee 


Las Vegas shooting report: Radios, responders were overwhelmed
LAS VEGAS - Communications were snarled and police, fire and medical responders were overwhelmed by 911 calls, false reports and the number of victims during the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, according to a report released  by U.S. and local authorities. The report by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Clark County Fire Department and Las Vegas police provided an overview of first responders' actions on Oct. 1 and ways authorities can improve.    Las Vegas Sun 

Complaints of Delayed Dallas PD Response to Dallas Firefighters

DALLAS, TX -  Dallas firefighters complained about a delay in police emergency response over the weekend that left firefighters to deal on their own with a knife wielding suspect.  
"It was one of those runs where you think it's going to be the last run you ever make," said Dallas Firefighters Union President Jim McDade.

8.26.18 CalFire  - Morgan Hill Fire Station #4
Engine 27/E627 for station backfill 

9.3.18 Calfire - Morgan Hill Fire Station #4
Engine 27/E627 for station backfill


            FIRE INCIDENTS 

           First Due      San Jose Council District  


8.23.18   Singletary Ave    Station 7    SJ District 6
San Jose Fire Communications dispatched a Full First response after receiving reports of a house on fire. While still en-route more reports of the fire was spreading to another house. B1 requested a 2nd alarm response. Engine 7 arrived reporting a working fire. Fire was knocked down after 45 minutes.  Red Cross was requested for 5 displaced individuals. Animal control was requested for 2 dogs with self-inflicted injuries.

8.23.18  S. 6th    Station 3    SJ District 3
Fire Communications received one call from the site reporting a fire from the drawer under the oven. A structure response was dispatched. The first unit arrived on scene and reported smoke from the charlie-delta corner. The balance of the Full1st response was dispatched. The fire was knocked down after 15 minutes.

8.23.18  Monterey Rd    Station 26    SJ District 7
Full First response after receiving a report of a restaurant on fire.  Engine 26 arrived on scene and reported a working roof fire.  The fire was knocked down after 30 minutes.

8.24.18  Monterey Rd    Station 3   SJ District 3
Full 1 st response to reports of smoke coming from a kitchen window. The first arriving unit reported smoke coming from the rear. PG&E assisted with securing utilities. The fire was placed Under Control after 30 minutes. Red Cross was requested for displaced residents. 

8.25.18   Story Rd    Station 21    SJ District 5
San Jose Fire Communications sent a Full 1 st  response to multiple reports that the Weinerschnitzel was on fire. Truck 2 arrived reporting light smoke from all sides of the building. Fire was placed under control after 35 minutes.

8.25.18   Carola Rd    Station 14    SJ District 01
Multiple calls reporting a cottage in the back yard on fire.  Truck 14 arrived and found a working fire from a detached cottage unit to the rear of the main structure.  The fire was knocked down after 30 minutes.


8.25.18   Carola Rd    Station 14    SJ District 01
Co unty Communications reported a man fell down a ravine at Santa Teresa County Park.  Engine 27 was dispatched. as San Jose Dispatch called the patient to try to narrow down their location, and remained land lined until they were located.The USAR, and USAR task force attached. The patient was located after 40 minutes.  Over hours later the victim was extricated from the ravine.


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