Silver Spring Presbyterian Church
Seeking to be a grace-filled family of faith
sharing Christ's love with all.

Our values:
Glorify God: Glorify and praise God through worship, discipling, sharing faith and serving with love
Show Compassion: Compassion expressed as care and concern for all
Share Hospitality: Inclusive hospitality through welcome, acceptance and fellowship
Nurture Relationships: Nurture relationships through respect, support and communication
Steward God's Gifts: Faithful stewardship of all God's gifts
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October 17, 2021

"SSPC Values Part 3: Share Hospitality"

Sunday’s sermon, “SSPC Values Part 3: Share Hospitality,” continues our 5-part sermon series entitled “SSPC Values and the Season of Commitment.”  Throughout October, we are focusing on some of the Bible’s most beloved and striking passages to illustrate the 5 values that guide our work and worship as we live into our Vision of becoming “A Grace-filled Family of Faith Sharing Christ’s Love with All.”  In John, Jesus has an extraordinary interaction with a Samaritan woman whom he has encountered at a well during the heat of the day. He initiates a conversation with a simple request for a drink of water. What follows is an exchange of hospitality and personal identity that produces faith, not only in the Samaritan woman herself but in many of her village neighbors as well.

In this remarkable exchange, Jesus knowingly breaks not just one, but several major cultural and religious taboos. This shocks his disciples, but Jesus clearly sees something in this woman that his disciples overlook. What does this interaction say about the power of hospitality as a means of transmitting faith? What are we meant to see in this exchange that might improve our own efforts to reach out more effectively to others, those within our congregation and in the community around us? How might that change our ministries here at SSPC?  Come on Sunday and find out!

Sermons in this series:
Sunday, October 3 John 15:1-11
Sunday, October 10       Luke 10:25-37     
Sunday, October 17       John 4:1-19, 27-30, 39-42   
 “SSPC Values Part 3: Share Hospitality”  [The Samaritan woman at the well]
Sunday, October 24       I Corinthians 12:27-13:13  
  “SSPC Values Part 4: Nurture Relationships”  [Love and the Body of Christ]
Sunday, October 31       Matthew 16:21-25  
  “SSPC Values Part 5: Steward God’s Gifts”  [Commitment Sunday]

See you in church!

To view our 9:00 am Traditional service this Sunday, click on the video above.
Sunday Worship Schedule
There are two worship services this Sunday-
  • 9:00 am Traditional Service in the Meeting House, and
  • 11:00 am Gathering in the Chapel
Season of Commitment
As most of you know, the theme of our Season of Commitment is “Moving Forward Together.” Each week in October we are highlighting one of the five Core Values our Session has identified as key to supporting our vision of “Seeking to be a grace-filled family of faith sharing Christ’s love with all.”
Last week, we discussed Showing Compassion and many ideas were shared from the members of the congregation. First, we talked about who needs compassion and developed a list:
  •       “everyone”
  •       “refugees”
  •        “neighbors”
  •      “those who suffer”
  •        “our own members”
  •        “nearby neighbors/the community”
  •        “people who don’t know God”
Then we made a list of what we can do as a congregation to better show compassion:
  •         “provide aid to the sick, feed the hungry, clothe the naked”
  •         “mentor young people in need of mentors”
  •         “visit those who are alone/lonely”
  •         “partner with relief organizations helping refugees”
  •        “support foster children”
  •         “listen, be aware of where there is suffering/need”
  •        “reach out/activities within the community”
  •        “explore partnerships with other churches and social agencies”
If you have more to add to this list or want to make an idea more specific, send a note to with “Showing Compassion” or “Glorifying God” in the subject field.
This week we’re exploring our value of actively Practicing Hospitality. Leviticus 19:34 makes it clear that, “You shall treat the stranger who sojourns with you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself.” 
While it’s a challenge during a pandemic, we at Silver Spring currently try to regularly Practice Hospitality by extending the hand of friendship to all who enter our doors, whether they’re a familiar face or a stranger. We may do this through a kind word, a warm smile, a place at our table or in our hearts. A great example of this was our recent Fall Faire when we opened our doors and joyfully welcomed people from near and far into our church home.
In worship this Sunday, we’ll be asked for our ideas regarding “What specific actions we should be taking as a church family – beyond what we’re already doing - in order to more powerfully extend and practice hospitality to all?”
Please pray, think and talk about it. You can share your ideas in person at worship this Sunday, via the “Chat” function on YouTube if you worship remotely or you can send any suggestions you may have to the email address
Please also prayerfully consider how your financial pledge for next year might enable bold ideas for living out our values by inspiring and informing our Session Committees as they put together our budget for 2022. 
Please join us in Moving Forward Together!
Halloween party
Halloween Party
Your fun-loving Fellowship Committee is hosting a Halloween Party on Saturday, October 30 from 10:30 am to Noon outside in the parking lot next to the Gym.  If it rains, we will be inside the Gym. This is a Preschool and youth event, plus kids at heart can join too. Everyone is requested to come in costume, and wear a Covid mask.  There will be a costume parade with prizes, games, dancing, and treats to take home.  There is no cost for the event, and no sign-up required.  Just come and join the fun.

Wednesday Afternoon Bible Study
We meet every Wednesday afternoon at 1:00 pm in the Parlor (please wear a mask). Our study is on The Women of the Bible Speak by Shannon Bream. For any questions, please call Carolyn Dorward (717.737.6481) or Ruth Stoll (717.697.6560).

Dining Out Group
Join us for lunch at Culhane's Steakhouse on Monday, October 25th at 12 noon. There is a sign-up sheet in the Gathering Place, or contact BJ Lopez at 717-737-8443. We welcome you to join us! Culhane's is located off of I-83; the address is 1 Laurel Road, New Cumberland.

Fall Work Day: Save the date for Saturday, November 20 - 8 am to Noon

Fall Faire Appreciation
Thank you to all who participated in this year's Fall Faire whether donating items, helping with setup and cleanup, directing an area, making apple dumplings and soups, baking, helping with traffic control, managing the hay ride or serving the day of the Faire. Thanks, also, to those in charge of collecting and counting the monies and delivering the proceeds to the bank, an important job for sure.

A special shout out to Sam Corbin who saved a lot of backs with his heavy lifting and who worked tirelessly to help with clean-up. Special thanks are in order for the office staff who do so much of the behind the scenes work to help things flow smoothly and keep up our spirits. And, of course, thanks to Tony Kren who has worked diligently for a year selling items on EBAY and Ellen Frey who offers her expertise on Facebook Market Place.

Much appreciation to those who stayed after the Faire to restore the church to its pre-sale condition, a massive undertaking in just a couple hours. Kudos to Mark McGaffin for arranging for a Goodwill truck and driver to cart away all the leftovers, a wonderful service benefiting their stores and eliminating our stress of how to dispose of items.

A full accounting will be given after all bills have been paid and all sales completed. Blessings, Claudia Brown

A big thank you to everyone who came out last week to help to make apple dumplings. We had dough makers, dough rollers, apple peelers and corers and dumpling assemblers. We are also very grateful that, for many years, we've had someone who has paid for, picked up and delivered the apples, as well as a generous monetary donation from two other church members that helps to greatly defray the expense of ingredients.
Thank you to everyone who contributed - Kackie Barnhart and Jenny Bell

Stamp Out Stigma
Our total state of well being is dependent on our physical, mental, spiritual, social and intellectual health. In order to be considered “well,” it is imperative for none of these areas to be neglected. Many times, because of the stigma involved with mental health issues, we fail to reach out for help. If we have a physical illness we seek the help of a physician. If we are suffering mentally, we are reluctant to reach out for help because “no one will understand.” We lose confidence. We lose hope.

Faith communities would like to Stamp out Stigma regarding mental health issues. As we learn more and more about the mind and body, it becomes clear that spirituality, religion and faith can help many individuals live well with mental health conditions. The Silver Spring community is equipped with a Health Ministry and a Stephen Ministry. None of the members of these ministries are counselors, but they are trained listeners. They will offer encouragement, emotional support and help with finding service and support resources in our area.
Earth Care - Did you know?
A tip for recycling:
To be sure you do not waste a recyclable product or contaminate a load of recyclables, check with your local solid waste utility. Ask or check online what materials they accept and what you need to do to prepare the materials. Much of this information is on the website of your waste utility.

CROP Hunger Walk: When you walk in the CROP Hunger Walk, you are raising money to help fight hunger but you are also walking in solidarity with all of those people around the world who are walking for food, for water and for firewood each day. The walk is October 17 at 117 W Keller St, Mechanicsburg, starting at 1 pm. Sign up to be a Walker or sponsor! Please see Bryan Corbin or visit CropHungerWalk. Proceeds go to Church World Service, New Hope Ministries, and Meals on Wheels! Come walk with us!!

New Hope Ministry
Needs for New Hope Ministry this month include: Instant rice, pasta/rice sides, Hamburger Helpers (Chicken and tuna also). Items can be placed in the bin outside the Chapel. Thank you for your help in meeting the needs of our local community!

ROAR at Home Week
The week of Monday, September 27 through Saturday, October 02, 2021 was a productive work week. There were many opportunities to participate in this ROAR at Home week. Ten volunteers spent all or some of the week concentrating on two large projects.

The first project was to remove wood siding from the gable ends of the garage at the Retreat Center, do some re-framing, install sheeting and then the vinyl siding system. That work was completed in three and one half days. This work involved erecting scaffolding and ladders and careful work at some height.

The second project was to erect two walls in a classroom to form a 10’ X 18’ storage room for chair and table carts, risers for the choir and some miscellaneous items. This work included framing the walls, setting them in place, plumbing the walls, drilling holes in the floor and installing tap-cons to secure the walls.  Drywall panels were installed on both sides of the walls. Finishing work continues on those partitions. Trim work and paint will complete that project.

Shrubbery at the back of the Meiting House was trimmed back to maintain a neat appearance.

All in all the ten volunteers contributed over 300 hours during the work week. This was a huge investment of time and talent dedicated to improving and maintaining the facilities of Silver Spring Church. I am very grateful to the volunteers who took the time and energy to complete these projects.

Notes prepared by Terry Reed for the Mission Committee
On Sunday 10/17, we will walk to end hunger, one step at a time. The Crop Walk is at 117 W Keller St, Mechanicsburg. It starts at 1 pm. It will be followed by a lunch. Come eat to end hunger. If you would like to sign up to walk or sponsor a walker, use this link: CropWalkEndHunger

October 24, 2021: CORE from 6-8
October 31, 2021: Halloween Movie Night - 6-9
November 7, 2021: Fellowship Fall Bonfire! Starts at 3
November 14, 2021: CORE Night Out from 6-9 - Dave and Busters

Email for more info or to subscribe to email and/or text announcements.
Prayers of healing: Ken Pfaff, Jim Henry, Harriet Shoop, Florence Bellis, *Don Whitman, Ken Swatt, Susie Truckor, Betsy Eichelberger, Beryl Levosky, Louise Weldy, Walt Pomeroy
(*Cards/notes are welcome for Don Whitman who now resides at the Church of God home in Carlisle - his address is 801 N. Hanover Street, Carlisle 17013)

Prayers for our military members: Justin Ledvina, Josiah Scandle, Wyatt La Pointe, Brandon Johnson

Thank You
Dear SSPC family,
We wish to thank you for all the cards, calls, visits and treats. You are an amazing group of people! God bless you all.
Bob and Sandra Gaffney
New baby


Congratulations to Delaney Janson Carpenter and her husband John Carpenter, on the birth of their first baby, Julia Evelyn Carpenter.
Julia was born October 9, 2021. This is Lisa and Russ Janson's 5th granddaughter! Congratulations to all!
Aug 2021 financials

October 3
9:00 am Traditional = 100
11:00 am Gathering = 42
YouTube views = 78

October 10
9:00 am Traditional = 61
11:00 am Gathering = 28
YouTube views = 96

Ushers: Tom Gross and Steve Gross

Lay Liturgist: Gary Hollinger

Deacon Servers:
Beth White and Roxanne Dagino

Downtown Daily Bread, Oct. 22:
Carol and Jonathan Service
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