March 23, 2017
25 Adar, 5777
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From Rachel Zilbering, Principal

Although this winter was not particularly cold, it seems to have been the winter of colds and illness. When our teachers are out sick, we pitch in and cover classes because learning doesn't stop! This week, I had the pleasure of teaching Kindergarten for a few days. I  enjoyed davening, singing and dancing with some amazing five and six year old students!  The children confidently told me the routine and, of course, pointed out when I did something differently than their teacher!

The energy and imagination of Kindergarten students is contagious. I loved watching them during free play while they were building structures, playing hotel and cutting out elaborate snowflakes.  Hopefully everyone will be healthy soon, but in the meantime, I had a most memorable week. 


D'Var Torah 
by Samuel Shvartsman,
7th Grade

to read  this week's 
D'var Torah 
Parshiot Vayakhel-Pedudei


6th-8th grades Math Celebrates Pi Day
Mrs. Jane Dalton

Despite the snow storm, our middle school math classes celebrated March 14, known in math classes everywhere as "Pi Day, 3.14".  

What number do you have when dividing the circumference of a circle by its diameter?  Sixth grade discovered they were close to the value of Pi, which is 3.1415926535..., that crazy, never ending, irrational number used with circles.

Estimating the area of a circle drawn on centimeter square paper and then actually using the formula for the area of a circle, was the activity for 7th grade pre-Algebra students. How does one estimate without counting each and every square? We have our methods!  How close was the estimate to the exact area?  Ask a 7th grader.

The Silver Academy  Algebra class was challenged to find the area of irregular shapes by first finding the area of the large outside shape and then subtracting the area of the smaller inside shape, known to us as "punch-it-out" method.  Of course some of the shapes were circles!  

What would Pi Day be without a real pie? Each class ended with students eating a delicious pie of their own specially selected flavor!   Yum! Yum!

7th-8th grades Holocaust Study
Mrs. Lillian Rappaport

For the past several months, the 7th and 8th grade students have been immersed in the history and lessons of the Holocaust.   In examining this very difficult chapter in our Jewish history, students gained greater insights into how something like this could have happened; why the world stood silent; why, for the most part, the Jews could not protect themselves as atrocities occurred; and what are the lessons to be learned from studying the Shoah.  First and foremost, the most important lesson is to not be complacent---to take a stand and not be a bystander and observe as friends, neighbors, minorities, or anyone who is deemed "different," are being mistreated.   Through readings and discussions, the class learned that, as Jews and as citizens of the world, it is our responsibility to speak up and to stand up whenever we see injustice, hatred, and prejudice.  As a culminating activity to the Holocaust unit, and with the support of their English teacher, Mrs. Nussbaum, the students took part in the Schwab Holocaust Essay Contest by writing thoughtful essays answering the prompt:  
How can individuals and societies remember and commemorate difficult histories like the Holocaust?  What is the purpose of remembering?  What are the consequences of forgetting?
It is our hope that the students will incorporate what they have learned in their Holocaust studies to serve as Jewish role models and future leaders in a more tolerant, compassionate, and civilized world.



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Rena Staub Fisher, LCSW
Silver Academy Student, 1990-1994

3rd Grade - 1994

Front Row: Noah Leviton-Gorelick, Saskia Shuman, Michael Siegel, Adina Pliner, Laura Rockman, Shoshana Kurlantzick. Middle Row: Rachel Gewirtz, Kenneth Ellenberger, Rena Staub, Sasha Elbert, Rebecca Henshell, Gabriel Oran, Stacy Cohen, Roni Parsowith, Julia Frankston-Morris. Top Row: Mrs. Feinberg, Evan Kreiner, David Smith, Ethan Henshell, Oleg Kulgavin, Keren Shefet, Jordan Klein, Jacob Goldberg, Rabbi Gewirtz. Missing: Russell Saltz.


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1st and 2nd Grade enjoy performing a spiel!
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