November 17, 2016
Cheshvan 16, 5777
Good Things Happen Every Day 
at  The Silver Academy
Rachel Zilbering, Principal

This week, nearly all of our parents walked the halls of The Silver Academy for parent-teacher conferences.  I heard from a parent recently that her child reports each day as "awesome"!  While this is wonderful for a parent to hear, it is also understandable that parents like to hear more detail.  Conferences provided a meaningful time for parents and teachers to discuss student progress.

At roughly 1/3 of the way into the school year, the academic and social growth that our students are exhibiting is extraordinary.  Three months ago, our Kindergarten students were nervous and some had tears in their eyes.  Today, they are confidently walking through the school with their peers.  The progression of reading, writing, math and Judaic studies skills for all of our students is astounding. 

I thank The Silver Academy teachers, students, parents and families for keeping the enthusiasm and love of learning alive!

Shabbat shalom.
Kindergarten Students Leading Birkat HaMazon

Inside the Classroom

Ganeinu Explored the World!
Mrs. Tammy Reid (Morah Tamara)

We are exploring the story of creation in Ganeinu. The children are illustrating their own  Bereishit  books which depict the 7 days of creation. Pictured here we are painting leaves for Day 3, the creation of plants. As you can see, we  love  the feel of paint on our hands. We are also talking about taking care of the planet that G-d created for us. This means we are reinforcing the ideas of "reduce-reuse-recycle", turning off the lights when you leave a room, and shutting off the water promptly.

4th & 5th Grade Language Arts
Mrs. Jessica Wenzelberger

The fourth and fifth graders turned from writers to authors and illustrators this week when they published their very own children's books! The fourth grade read the story, Because of Winn Dixie, by Kate DiCamillo over several weeks. After reading the book, they chose their four favorite moments from the story and retold them as a children's book. The fifth grade created their books based on the story, Holes, by Louis Sachar. Once completed, these young authors and illustrators shared their books with their classmates. The newly-published books are now available to be checked out from Mrs. Wenzelburger's classroom library! 

D'var Torah for VaYeira
by Rabbi Moshe Yosef Gewirtz

It has become fashionable in some circles to criticize  Abraham for his readiness to slaughter his son at G-d's bidding.  But our great Torah sages, who were no less exemplary in compassion and love than are these modern scholars, have understood Abraham as possessing absolute clarity in what G-d wanted and humility to realize that any human conceptions of compassion, love or ethical behavior can not be greater than those of G-d, their originator .

Maimonides says that the clarity of prophetic communication is one of the lessons of "the Binding of Isaac". Abraham's behavior is either a result of such clarity or of a descent into madness. The Torah's own summation of the incident is positive. The angel informs Abraham that as a "G-d fearing man" he will merit to be the father of a great nation who will bring blessing to the entire world. When the Torah later describes Moses' prophetic clarity as even superior to that of Abraham;  as able to "speak to G-d, as one person speaks to another", and how the entire Jewish people witnessed a sample of this type of communication at Mount Sinai, we can be confident that  the Torah, as recorded by Moses, truly presents G-d's teachings.

Catching up with Classmates

Meir Miskin, Silver Academy Class of 2006:
I am happy to share my memories and experiences at the Silver Academy. I am a proud second generation alumnus, as my mother, Aviva Brojges Miskin, graduated from the Yeshiva Academy, which has since been renamed the Silver Academy. My parents made Aliyah from Harrisburg to Israel in 1987.  I was born in Jerusalem and spent my formative years in Israel. In 2001, when I was in the fourth grade, my siblings and I moved back to Harrisburg with my mother. Experiencing a new language, culture, and friends, I felt emotionally and psychologically vulnerable. I received individualized one-on-one English lessons from my teachers and staff members. I still recall to this day how proud I was reading my first book, "Curious George", to the first English! I assimilated extremely well at the school, becoming involved in the many extracurricular activities offered such as the basketball team, yearbook staff and Student Council.
After my graduation from the Silver Academy in 2006, I attended Susquehanna Township High School where I stayed connected with my peers through various Jewish youth organizations such as USY, Hebrew High and as a participant in the March of the Living program. Upon graduating from high school, I attended HACC for one year, then transferred to Temple University in Philadelphia where I graduated manga cum laude in May 2014, with a degree in Accounting. I then obtained my Masters of Accounting at the Fox School of Business at Temple University in 2015. Currently, I am a licensed Certified Public Accountant performing auditing services in Philadelphia for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), one of the largest accounting firms in the world.
I cherish my visits back to Harrisburg, where I still reconnect with my many friends and former teachers. Reflecting back on my years at the Silver Academy, I recognize that I would not have been able to achieve the accomplishments that I have thus far, without the invaluable education, experiences and support that I received there.
Do you love hearing what's going on with friends and classmates from your past years here at The Silver Academy?
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Students have fun in Music Class practicing songs for Hanukhah 
and Light and Learning Celebration

Studying Reflection and Angles 

Creating a Story Using the Newly-Learned Letter Gimmel

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