Newsletter April 2021
Canada's Premier Shotgun Sports Facility
Summer Hours Of Operation Start April 1st
Wednesday & Thursday 9:00 am to 8:00 pm
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

We encourage Members to book on line: you can book up to two weeks in advance. Email [email protected] to have your account set up.

The Summer Blue Course
re-opens on April 1st
In 2013 we worked through a lengthy process to apply for and receive a new County Approved Development Permit. On accepting the stipulations allowing us to open the summer Blue course, we also accepted very ridged rules about our hours of operation.
As you read our hours for both summer and winter, please understand they are a bylaw, not a suggestion or a simple guideline. If people shoot past the 5:00 pm or 8:00 pm cut off, it is possible that there will be a report by a neighbor. If this happens we run the risk of being challenged on keeping our development permit, on staying open for business.
Please be aware of the above to help us protect your opportunity to shoot at Silver Willow.
Up Coming Events
Silver Willow Spring Opener Shoot
Saturday April 10th

120 Clays Super Sport -

**Although it is a registered shoot, anyone and everyone, is welcome to shoot it in what's called the "hunters class" and just join in the fun without being a part of one of the above associations.

Semi Auto/Pump Gun Shoot
Saturday May 1st

120 Clays (Fun Shoot)

Junior Learn-to-Shoot

SUNDAY MAY 9, 16, 23, AND 30

A fun, learn-to-shoot event for youth ages 12-17
  • Each afternoon offers three time slots – 1:30pm, 2:00pm, 2:30pm

Last Months Event
Lorne Howes Memorial Shoot for Cancer Research March 27th

Lorne’s family and friends, have banded together for 31 years to carry forward and celebrate the life of Lorne Howes. He passed away of Leukemia at the age of 30. He was a life long, best friend of owners of Silver Willow, Don and Gwen Day. 

From left to right, bottom row , Harvey Howes (Lorne’s Dad) and Joan Howes (Lorne’s Mom) next to her is Lauren his niece and name sake and on the top row in the red is Randy Howes, Lorne’s brother and his long time friend Steve

We would like to thank all the shooters who participated this year. It was a sold out event !! $30.00 of each registration fee was donated to the Alberta Cancer Foundation in Lorne's name. We raised almost $3,000.00 in total donations from the competing shooters. It is due to our local businesses who donate prizes and those who so generously donate extra cash, that make the Lorne Howes Cancer shoot such a successful and fun event!!
Thanks again to all those who participated.
Congratulations to Ryan Bannerholt with a HOA of 97/100
Fantastic Shooting!! Thank you Joe Hern from Highway 9, for donated this beautiful cooler.

New on the Green Course
As of April 1st 2021 we will have the "EZ" pull controllers (what is used on the blue course) available on the Green Course. For those members who have their own personalized voice controllers (which can be ordered at the Clubhouse) they can now be used on the Green Course. The Green course still has two traps at each station.
EZ Pull Controller
Black Box
(Insert Clay Card)
Voice Activated Controller
If you have questions, we will be happy to answer them at the Clubhouse
The Day and Co. Feature of the Month
Browning Sale
Our Browning 45% Off Pink Tag Sale Continues for the Month of April!
(In Store Products Only )
Choose Day & Co.
 for all your shotgun and shooting accessory needs
If there is a type or style of shotgun you're interested in
call Josh or Don at 403-337-2490 or email them at [email protected] or [email protected]
2021 Advertising Opportunities
We have advertising spaces available on both our shooting shelters & shooting stands for 2021.

We would like to install more of these types of shelters ( seen on the left) for protection from the weather and a nice sheltered place to wait for your turn to shoot.

The shooting shelter advertising sponsor ad costs is $1,500.00 initially. This is covering the first three years of advertising (this will include a large advertising sign on the back or the inside of the shelters) following the first 3 years there will be an annual fee of $175.00 per year for renewal.
The shooting station advertising is also available initial signage cost is $250.00 covering the creation of the sign. The annual fee is only $175.00 due on January 1st each year. Please contact us if your company would be interested.

For more information contact the clubhouse at 403-337-2490 or email us at [email protected]
Canadian Firearms Safety Course
Non Restricted Course

Saturday, April 17th - registration
deadline - April 14th
Course time 8:00 am till 4:00 pm
(at minimum), 
Individual testing 4:00 - 7:00pm (approximately) 
$195.00 + GST, includes: coffee, tea and water.
OR register for both courses at $295.00 + GST

Upcoming Course Dates - 
May 15th & June 12th
Restricted Course
Sunday, April 18th - registration deadline - April 14th 
Course time 8:00 am till 12:00 pm (at minimum), 
Individual testing 12:00 - 2:30pm (approximately)
 $150.00 + GST, includes: coffee, tea and water. 

OR register for both courses at $295.00 + GST 


Perhaps the most discussed aspect of shotgun shooting is the manner in which a shooter establishes the forward allowance, or lead, required to hit a moving target. Forward allowance is essentially how far in front of a target the projectile(s) must be directed to account for target movement during the time of flight of the projectile(s) from the muzzle of the firearm to the target. While it applies to all kinds of firearms, in this context we will only be considering shotguns.
From a technical perspective, determining forward allowance is a mathematical problem that requires a significant amount of data input to achieve a firing solution – things to be considered include:
  • Target speed
  • Angle to the target’s trajectory from the firing position
  • Distance to the target

Just a Reminder
Guns and Alcohol Don't Mix!
We Do Not have a Liquor License at Silver Willow.
Please abide by our rules.
If you get caught you will loose your membership,
if we get caught we will be Closed Down!
Feature Artwork for the Month
" Creekside Spring Colors "
12 X 16 - Original Acrylic painting on Canvas.
Unframed and ready to hang
Life does not get easier or more forgiving,
We get stronger and more resilient!
Summer Hours Apr 1 – Oct 31

Wednesday – Thursday
9:00 am – 8:00 pm
(ceasefire at 7:55 pm)
Friday, Saturday and Sunday
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
(ceasefire at 4:55 pm)

Blue Course - 14 Stations
Green Course - 10 Stations
Duck Pond - 5 Stand
Skeet Field
International Wobble Trap
Winter Hours Nov 1 – Mar 31

Thursday to Sunday
9:00 am to 5:00 pm or dusk

by reservation, call 403-337-2490
or book on line

Winter Course - 14 Stations 
Green Course - 10 Stations
Duck Pond - 5 Stand
Skeet Field
International Wobble Trap
30133-Rg Rd 20
Mountain View County
(403) 337-2490