Newsletter July 2019
Up Coming Events
Stampede Grand Slam
July 12th, 13th & 14th
Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Prelim 100 clays on Friday
Main Event total of 300 clays
200 on Saturday and
100 on Sunday

Shooters can ONLY get the “pre-registration price” if they pay in full, before the day of the shoot. Otherwise Shooters will pay the day of the shoot price. If shooters miss the online deadline, they can call with their credit card or drop into the club house to prepay.
Announcing Silver Willow's first annual
Summer League
Starting July 11
Finishing up August 22
Every Thursday evening starting any time after 5:00 pm, last time out 6:00 pm . Shooting must end at 7:55 pm

$100.00 to enter please call to register or wait until July 5th and pay online.

Windup evening, August 22, there will be cash prizes based on number of league members.There will be one high score prize and a Lewis draw for the rest.

Members will use their own clay cards.
Our goal is to facilitate new members meeting other members. Members may also bring one non-member as a guest for the league. The member must be present with the guest for each evening of shooting, allowing guests to experience Silver Willow and meet other members.
A total of 400 clays will be shot over 7 weeks of which 200 targets must be shot on the green and 200 shot on the blue.
More details will be given out on the first night, July 11th. Thank- you for pre-registering before July 11th. Register online at (available July 5th)
Scores will be recorded on a spreadsheet and posted each week online.
Special Score cards will created for this event and will need to be handed in at the end of each evening.
Gil Ash - Shooting School Clinic
This is a GO !! Only a few spots left, book now !

NOTE * Clay prices will be on top of the lesson prices given below.
Last Months Events
Pheasants Forever
June 1st

Pheasants Forever Calgary is dedicated to the conservation of pheasants and other wildlife by restoring and enhancing the upland wildlife landscape. This event was set up in a 4 Person Team Buddy Format - Individuals on each team must alternate partners at each station. We had an amazing day, with 16 teams.   
Congratulations to our winners: Mike McMillan & Dave McMillan (Left)
Kelly Charanek & Ray Gonzales (Right)
Junior Learn to Shoot
June 2nd
This is an annual event sponsored by these kind donors: Federal Ammunition, Alberta Sporting Clays Assoc., Browning, Silver Willow and our awesome instructors who volunteered their time!

We had a great group of 42
Juniors (both boys and girls) ranging in ages from 12 - 17 years old . Many of the youth had never shot a shotgun before. Everyone went home with door prizes, and a certificate.  

Each Junior shot about 25 rounds and then enjoyed a BBQ hot dog lunch. The Juniors used a variety of shotguns from 410's, 20 gauge and 12 gauge feather lights.

Thank you to Don Terrio who did the safety talk and helped organize the shooting squads. 
Clays for the Cottage
June 20th
On June 20th Silver Willow hosted the 3rd Annual event for the Children's Cottage Society of Calgary. This event tested the skills of avid clay shooters and aspiring shooters alike! We had 240 participants on 24 teams. Sporting Clay's is North America's fastest growing sport and supporting children in your community makes it even more worthwhile! The day was rainy & overcast but everyone enjoyed themselves. This was one of the largest events ever hosted at the club. The volunteers, staff and board members worked tirelessly to put this wonderful event together and raise funds for the children in need in Calgary. What a worthy organization!!
A Huge Thank you goes out to our hard working outdoor staff,Marshall's & volunteers.

Each shoot this year, we will offer two "Golden Flash Targets" with a Jackpot pool opportunity. You will have the option to pay $10.00 to be included in this pool. There will be two hidden flash targets in each shoot, if you hit the target you will either win half the cash pot or split it with the one other shooter. The remainder of the 50/50 jackpot will stay in the pool until the next shoot and continue to build throughout the year.
The Jackpot as of May 25 & 26th is running at $370.00 rolling into the Stampede Grand Slam July 12th, 13th & 14th.
Guest Blog Article - Musings of the Rookie
Federal 400

Well, I just finished the Federal 400 at Silver Willow and as the adrenaline fades, I’m too tired to mow the lawn {smirk} so it seems like a good opportunity to share the journey once more. As a bit of a spoiler, since I type mostly with one hand and two fingers, the other hand is holding a celebratory glass of rum and coke.
I’ve been looking forward to this shoot because Silver Willow is always a great experience both for facilities and for the show they provide. I’ve been working on my technique for… ever, and more so leading up to the shoot. In particular, I’ve been wondering, if I can hit a target, why can’t I hit it every time. If I keep my plan and pre-shot routine the same every time, the pair I’m shooting is the same every time. If I change my plan or my hold point or break point, it becomes an entirely new pair – and consistency suffers.  

Corporate Team Building or Private Events
Our guided, private events and BBQ's are a great way to get everyone together. W hether it is family and friends, staff team building, or giving back to your clients. 

Ch eck out our extensive  "Book Your Event" page on the website and pick the Group Package Option that's perfect for your group!  

Contact Jessica today to book your event or for details
Direct Line: 587-834-2490
Tuesday to Friday
The Day and Co. Feature of the Month
The Day and Co. Feature of the Month
Browning Gun Safe Sale
Buying a safe for your home will give you security and peace of mind. What many people don't realize is that a safe is increasingly becoming a desirable piece of furniture that will be appreciated for its beauty and style. No longer assigned to the basement or garage, a safe can add character to your home office and living spaces.

5% OFF
All Browning Gun Safes on Sale for the month of July!
They are delivered right to your door.
Choose  Day & Co.
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If there is a type or style of shotgun you're interested in
call Josh or Don at 403-337-2490 or email them at  or
Book An Instructor
Any time of year is a great time to refine your shot-gunning skills or
to just learn the sport!
Private and semi private lessons are available at $100.00 per hour for one person or $110 per hour for two people. Gun rental, ammo and clays are extra. A minimum of 1.5 hours per lesson is recommended. Check out our website under Education and Instruction for all the details.
To book a lesson online, simply  Click here  Silver Willow is very proud to offer Canada's largest roster of NSCA Instructors. 
After an Instruction, clients get 10% off any in store product with the exception of guns and shells.
Canadian Firearms Safety Course
Non Restricted Course
Saturday, July 13th-  registration deadline - July 10th 
Course time 8:00 am till 4:00 pm
(at minimum), 
Individual testing 4:00 - 7:00pm (approximately) 
$195.00 + GST, includes: lunch, coffee, tea and water.

OR register for both courses at $295.00 + GST

Upcoming Course Dates - 
Aug 17th & 18th
Restricted Course
Sunday, July 14th - registration deadline - July 10th
Course time 8:00 am till 12:00 pm (at minimum), 
Individual testing 12:00 - 2:30pm (approximately)
 $150.00 + GST, includes: coffee, tea and water. 

OR register for both courses at $295.00 + GST 

Class of 2019
Silver Willow Sporting Club gives two bursary’s each year at the
Hugh Sutherland Graduation ceremonies in Carstairs. One is for further Education in the arts and another is for anything to do with outdoors or land science. Gwen and Don were able to attend this year’s ceremonies to give the awards on June 27th.
Feature Painting
Big Hill Springs 8 X 10 - Original Oil painting by Gwen Day

Be like a rock, stay grounded, connect with your roots, turn over a new leaf, bend before you break, enjoy your unique natural beauty &
always keep growing!!
Hours of Operation
Summer Hours Apr 1 – Oct 31

Wednesday – Thursday
9:00 am – 8:00 pm
(ceasefire at 7:55 pm)
Friday, Saturday and Sunday
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
(ceasefire at 4:55 pm)

Blue Course - 14 Stations
Green Course - 10 Stations
Duck Pond - 5 Stand
Skeet Field
Winter Hours Nov 1 – Mar 31

Thursday to Sunday
9:00 am to 5:00 pm or dusk

Call if the weather is colder then -15 C before you drive out

Winter Course - 12 Stations 
Green Course - 10 Stations
Duck Pond - 5 Stand
Skeet Field

30133-Rg Rd 20
Mountain View County
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