Newsletter June 2020
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Up Coming Events
Pheasants Forever - 4 Person Team Buddy Shoot
Friday & Saturday June 5th & 6th
Silver Willow and Pheasants Forever have come up with a unique and safe shoot design that respects the laws and standards of the day.

To Register Please:
Contact Terri Bass from Pheasants Forever at 403.336.1145 (cell)
The Day and Co. Feature of the Month
Ez Pull Controller
Order your Personal Voice Controller
Please contact Josh to order at

Can be used on blue, skeet and duck pond to increase your score.
WIRELESS FOUR TRAP VOICE RELEASE CONTROLLER (MODEL TX-4S/VR) : is a voice release transmitter for up to four traps.
The TX-4S/VR comes with a lapel microphone. Using EZPull’s proprietary digital signal processing, the TX-4S/VR detects voice and gunshots to automate target release. TX-8/VR features Repeat Practice Target “locking” so target(s) are repeatedly released on each “pull” without pressing any buttons. When the microphone is removed, the unit operates in manual mode. Model TX-4S/VR_Pro for Target Manager card system, is compatible with EZPull’s “Voice Card” that enables a solo shooter to shoot on voice and reports on any station(as above) at the club.

For more info on how to use.

Welcome to the Silver Willow On-Line Store
Exciting News....after months of work, we have our shotgun online store launched.

Thanks to our team;  Joshua Day Laura Edinga Elynne Poisson , and photographer  Kurtis Kristianson , Spindrift Photography.
All our shotgun accessory products will be next.
Please visit: to order
Hard & Soft Gun Case Sale
15% OFF
All Hard & Soft Gun Cases On sale for the June!
A gun case not only makes it easier to transport your gun, but it protects it, as well. Gun cases generally fall into one of two categories:
hard cases and soft cases.
Hard Gun Cases
Hard gun cases offer more protection than soft cases. Typically made from plastic or aluminum, the hard exterior protects your gun from the elements and any other outside forces. The interior is lined with foam to protect the gun from impact. It also helps keep the gun safe from shifting around in the case. When you’re looking at the interior foam, the thicker the better. Some cases will come with model-specific foam for the perfect fit. If you’re flying with your firearms, you will need a TSA-approved hard case.

 Soft gun cases are lightweight and easy to carry on your hunting trip. Waterfowl hunters will often use soft cases that are waterproof and  designed to float . Soft cases can even serve dual purpose as a
cushion when the gun isn’t inside.
Choose  Day & Co.
 for all your shotgun and shooting accessory needs
If there is a type or style of shotgun you're interested in
call Josh or Don at 403-337-2490 or email them at  or
Guest Guided Opportunities
We are pleased to announce effective May 30th we are once again offering our Guest Guided Package (50 or 100 Clay's 2-5 people) for
Non -Members

This package is designed to accommodate non-members. Perfect for small groups of 2-5 shooters who would like access to our courses, the Duck Pond, or the skeet field. Includes a guide to escort your group, ensuring safety and providing pointers (if requested) on how to successfully hit more targets!
Available on Saturdays and Sundays only.
Call the clubhouse to make your reservation. 403-337-2490
Corporate Team Building or Private Events
At this point, we are suggesting these bookings plan into July
or later due to the COVID -19, unless one member of each team of up to 3 people, has a valid PAL willing to be a Team Leader. Then we can offer this anytime.

Our guided, private events and BBQ's are a great way to get everyone together.  W hether it is family and friends, staff team building, or giving back to your clients. 

Check out our extensive  "Book Your Event" page on the website and pick the Group Package Option that's perfect for your group!  

Contact Jessica today to book your event or for details
Direct Line: 587-834-2490
Tuesday to Friday
Blog Article - Luther Cutts



Most of us roll in to the shoot grounds, visit with our friends, have fun shooting the course, enjoy a meal and some more visiting and then head for home. Unless you have been helping with the shoot, you are likely not aware of the amount of effort required to make the event a success. It is my hope that when you have finished reading this post, you will have an appreciation for the work that goes into making your shooting experience the best it can be. 

Long before the first shooter arrives, the club hosting the shoot has spent considerable time planning out the shoot calendar for the year. The larger clubs have full calendars, and they frequently have most of their dates set up in October for the following year.

Welcome New Employee

Jack has actually been with us on a part time basis since last summer, however we never officially welcomed him as part of the team! We are happy to have him working with George outside. Jack is just finishing off grade 10 this year. What Jack likes best about Silver Willow is being outside and the variety of things he gets to do, and he likes working with his brother George.
On Jack's bucket list he wants to win a golf tournament this summer and to travel with friends in the future.
Paint The Barn Red
Paint the Barn Red is the story of rural life and agriculture in Mountain View County from the time of the first settlers in this community to the present. The finished product will be a coffee table, hard cover legacy book. Pre-orders are being received now at 45.00 per book on the website link below. Book sponsors are also being accepted, donation information is available.

The tale is told through each barns history and the paintings of these 50 iconic barns, representative of different eras and painted by 41 local artists.  
-Olds College Barn- (sold)
Painted by - Gwen Day
Summer Hours Apr 1 – Oct 31

Wednesday – Thursday
9:00 am – 8:00 pm
(ceasefire at 7:55 pm)
Friday, Saturday and Sunday
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
(ceasefire at 4:55 pm)

Blue Course - 14 Stations
Green Course - 10 Stations
Duck Pond - 5 Stand
Skeet Field
International Wobble Trap
Winter Hours Nov 1 – Mar 31

Thursday to Sunday
9:00 am to 5:00 pm or dusk

by reservation, call 403-337-2490
or book on line

Winter Course - 14 Stations 
Green Course - 10 Stations
Duck Pond - 5 Stand
Skeet Field
International Wobble Trap
30133-Rg Rd 20
Mountain View County
(403) 337-2490