Newsletter March 2020
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Membership @ Silver Willow
It is renewal time. Your membership will be automatically processed  March 1st.
Membership prices remained the same as 2019.
 Thank you for your loyalty to Silver Willow, it is truly our privilege to serve such amazing clientele.
Please Note:
If you are not planning on renewing your annual membership for 2020, please contact the clubhouse at  403-337-2490  or email us  to let us know, as we have people on the waiting list for membership.
Up Coming Events
Lorne Howes Memorial Shoot for Alberta Cancer Foundation
Saturday March 21st
(Fun Shoot)

( Note: If you participate in the "Lewis" you can now pay for it when you Register On-lin e)
Silver Willow Spring Opener
Saturday April 11th

( NCSA/CNSCA Registered Shoot – 200 Reg Targets )

  • NEW DATES to note !

  • April 16 - Instructor Refresher/Continuing Education Session
  • April 17/18/19 - Level I Instructor certification Course
  • May 23 - FITASC Sporting Referee clinic
  • May 24 - 100 target FITASC Sporting event ( the link to register and pay for this will be on the Silver Willow website shortly)
Please email Luther Cutts if you are interested in the above courses and opportunities.

Last Months Events
Pump Gun & Side by Side Shoot - Feb 22nd

This shoot provides shooters with the chance to dust off one of their less-frequently used, and sometimes family treasured, shotguns and have some fun with it!
Congratulations goes out twice today to Jason De Jong who was both Pump Gun Champion with a HOA of 117/140 and Side by Side Champion with a HOA of 70/76.
Jason with Ellie accepting the win for the Pump Gun Shoot.
Jason holding his Side by Side Gun.


Each shoot this year, we offer the "Golden Flash Target" with a Jackpot pool opportunity. There is an option to pay $10.00 per person to be included in this pool. There will be one or two hidden flash target/s in each shoot, if you hit the target you will win half the cash pot or in the case of two targets split it with one other shooter. The remainder of the 50/50 jackpot will stay in the pool until the next shoot and continue to build throughout the year.

The Jackpot as of the Pump Gun Side by Side Shoot is now at $1380.00 rolling into the Lorne Howes Memorial Shoot
March 21st 2020!
The Day and Co. Feature of the Month
March is Gun Cleaning Month
15% OFF
All Gun Cleaning Supplies for the month of March!
Choose from our large selection of assorted cleaning supplies.
We offer a selection of Clenzoil products. We now carry their NEW cleaning pads!
4 Reasons Why Cleaning and Maintaining Your Shotgun Is Important!
Choose  Day & Co.
 for all your shotgun and shooting accessory needs
If there is a type or style of shotgun you're interested in
call Josh or Don at 403-337-2490 or email them at  or
Canadian Firearms Safety Course
Non Restricted Course
Saturday, March 14th  - registration
deadline - March 11th (FULL-please call clubhouse to be on the wait list)

Course time 8:00 am till 4:00 pm
(at minimum), 
Individual testing 4:00 - 7:00pm (approximately) 
$195.00 + GST, includes: lunch, coffee, tea and water.

OR register for both courses at $295.00 + GST

Upcoming Course Dates - 
April 4th & 5th
Restricted Course
Sunday, March 15th - registration deadline - March 11th 

Course time 8:00 am till 12:00 pm (at minimum), 
Individual testing 12:00 - 2:30pm (approximately)
 $150.00 + GST, includes: coffee, tea and water. 

OR register for both courses at $295.00 + GST 

Book an Instructor
Want to improve your score or just learning the sport? 
Private and semi private lessons are available at $100.00 per hour for one person or $110 per hour for two people. Gun rental, ammo and clays are extra. A minimum of 1.5 hours per lesson is recommended. Check out our website under Education and Instruction for all the details.
To book a lesson online, simply Click here  Silver Willow is very proud to offer Canada's largest roster of NSCA Instructors. 
After an Instruction, clients get 10% off any in store product with the exception of guns and shells.
Corporate Team Building or Private Events
Our guided, private events and BBQ's are a great way to get everyone together. W hether it is family and friends, staff team building, or giving back to your clients. 

Ch eck out our extensive  "Book Your Event" page on the website and pick the Group Package Option that's perfect for your group!  

Book before March 1st for your event in 2020 and receive $200.00 in store credit for your event.

Contact Jessica today to book your event or for details
Direct Line: 587-834-2490
Tuesday to Friday
Blog Article - Luther Cutts

To the new shooter, the variety of shotgun ammunition available can be overwhelming. There are so many different brands, and so many different combinations of shot size, payload and velocity that is can be troubling, even for the seasoned shooter.
It is our hope that this segment will demystify the shotgun ammunition selection process.

The size of the individual shot pellet is described in the form of a number. For target shot shells, the most common pellet sizes are 7-1/2, 8, 8-1/2 and 9. 7-1/2 is the largest of the group, and 9 is the smallest. Shooters must decide whether they want a dense pattern (smaller shot) or more energy per pellet (larger shot). The general rule is that closer targets warrant smaller pellets while longer-range targets require the larger pellets.

Employee Farewell
We would like to thank Kurtis for the last 2 & half years of service to Silver Willow & our clients. Kurtis has moved on to new endeavours!!

We all wish Kurtis the very best in the future.

We hope to see him out shooting with his buddies and still taking his iconic photos for Silver Willow.
Feature Artist - Gwen Day
" The Old Red Granary " located on Silver Willow property, painted in "Plein Air ". 6 X 6 on Cradled Wood Panel $130.00
Joke of the Month
What did the Buffalo say to his son when he was leaving
" Bison"
Summer Hours Apr 1 – Oct 31

Wednesday – Thursday
9:00 am – 8:00 pm
(ceasefire at 7:55 pm)
Friday, Saturday and Sunday
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(ceasefire at 4:55 pm)

Blue Course - 14 Stations
Green Course - 10 Stations
Duck Pond - 5 Stand
Skeet Field
International Wobble Trap
Winter Hours Nov 1 – Mar 31

Thursday to Sunday
9:00 am to 5:00 pm or dusk

by reservation, call 403-337-2490
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Winter Course - 14 Stations 
Green Course - 10 Stations
Duck Pond - 5 Stand
Skeet Field
International Wobble Trap
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