August 12, 2021
Kitsap County
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With the recent surge of COVID cases in Kitsap County, how comfortable are you with attending
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Inslee Announces New Vaccination Requirements for State Employees
On Monday Gov. Jay Inslee announced a requirement for most state workers, and on-site contractors and volunteers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of employment. State employees and workers in private health care and long-term care settings will have until October 18 to be fully vaccinated.

The requirement applies to state workers, regardless of teleworking status. This applies to executive cabinet agencies, but the governor encouraged all others such as higher education, local governments, the legislative branch, other statewide elected officials and organizations in the private sector to do the same.

“It is the mission of public servants and those providing health care to serve our fellow Washingtonians. These workers live in every community in our state, working together and with the public every day to deliver services,” Inslee said. “We have a duty to protect them from the virus, they have the right to be protected, and the communities they serve and live in deserve protection as well.”

The announcement comes as Washington is experiencing a severe increase in COVID cases and hospitalizations in every county, due to the Delta variant, with the overwhelming majority of cases and hospitalizations being among unvaccinated Washingtonians.

12 Ways You Can Still Make Summer Business Sizzle
If you think it's time for all things pumpkin spice, think again! There's still time for you to leverage summer to increase your sales and promote your business. From contests to summer bucket lists, check out these ideas to make the most of the waning days of warmth in the PNW.

Find out how the you can make summer business sizzle in this week's Chamber blog from Christina Metcalf.

Heat Wave Returns to Kitsap County
With an excessive heat warning in place and forecast temperatures in the 90s, Kitsap County Emergency Management officials encourage residents to make use of one of the several cooling stations that will be open Thursday and Friday.

"Excessive heat is dangerous, and we live in an area where many residents don't have air conditioning," said Elizabeth Klute, the County Director of Emergency Management. "We work with our community resources to identify and make available sites where residents can get relief from the heat."

Currently there are 14 sites listed on the County's Inclement Weather Page. These include Kitsap Regional Library branches, Poulsbo City Hall and the County's mobile command center among others. Check that site often as information is updated when new sites are opened.

While temperatures won't reach the heat dome levels back in June, precautions should still be taken. The heat safety graphic below shows simple tips to help beat the heat. Click on the graphic for more information and to identify and prevent heat-related illness.

Vehicle License Plates
in Short Supply
New aluminum license plates are temporarily in short supply in Washington, so some residents purchasing cars will be getting 60-day paper registrations for the back window until supplies can meet the demand.

In Kitsap County this will affect customers at Kitsap County's licensing desk in the Auditor's Office and in the county's five privately owned licensing offices. The paper licenses will be displayed the same way paper licenses are placed when a customer buys a car from a dealership.

Truck, trailer and motorcycle transactions are not affected at this time. The state has asked local licensing agencies to prioritize transactions from dealerships for whatever permanent supply of permanent plates remains on hand.

"We are hopeful that this shortage is brief, but the state is indicating the disruption could last into November, Paul Andrews, Kitsap County Auditor, said.

The State's Department of Corrections slowed plate production as a safety protocol in response to Covid-19. In late July DOC hired more staff and outsourced some production to another state, but an aluminum shortage is delaying delivery of new plates.

Kitsap County licensing locations can be found at the auditor's website at

​A letter sent by the state Department of Licensing to some Kitsap County residents with personalized license plates was a mistake.

The Washington State Department of Licensing letter warns that personalized plates transferred to another vehicle will be canceled. If the letter is dated August 4, 2021, recipients can ignore it. 

“Those plates are not being canceled,” said Paul Andrews, Kitsap County Auditor. “We understand the Department of Licensing is reviewing how this mistake happened.”

The Department of Licensing sent the letter to more than 40,000 people throughout the state, including Kitsap County.
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